Girl mom is a relatively new term. We hear a lot about boy moms — moms that have all boys — but what about moms that have all girls?

Girl Mom. 

There is tons of information on raising + parenting boys or raising + parenting kids, in general, but what about raising girls? Raising girls in today’s world is different than raising boys. Girl Mom Chaos provides information, resources, tips + advice on raising strong, confident girls today. 

I’m Kristie — a girl mom — mom to 3 girls. I’m also a professional copy + content writer. I write + share this girl mom content for you as much as I do for me. I want my girls to grow up to be strong, confident girls + eventually women who can make this world a better place.

First, let’s get our daughters through today. Check out my resources for raising girls, for being a mom blogger or my Mommy + Me Shop.

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