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10 Valentine’s Day Activities for Young Kids

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My little people range in age from 11 months to 5 years. My oldest daughter is learning the months of the year in kindergarten so she is always asking us what month it is + what holidays take place during the month.

She’s going to flip her lid when we get to February + she gets to do stuff for Valentine’s Day.

Here are 10 activities you can do with your young kids to celebrate Valentine’s Day with them.

1. Make Heart Ice Cubes

Use these adorable ice cube trays to create heart ice cubes. Your kiddos will get a kick out of drinking + watching you drink with heart ice in your drinks all day long.

2. Cookie Cutter Painting

Using a heart cookie cutter, give your child some red, white or pink paint + some paper. They can dip the cookie cutter in paint + make their own masterpiece.

3. Heart Tree

This is a simple but fun craft for kids of all ages. Grab a tree branch from your front or back yard. Cut out different color hearts from construction paper. Glue the hearts onto the tree branches. Once the hearts are dry, place the branch in a vase to display.

4. Musical Hearts Game

It is similar to musical chairs but without the chairs. You can buy big foam hearts at your local craft store or cut hearts out from sheets of foam or even construction paper. You might want to tape construction paper hearts down with painter’s tape or masking tape so they don’t move.

Make a circle with the hearts. Put on the music + have them move around from heart to heart. When the music stops they have to find a heart. Take one heart away + start over again. The last one standing wins.

5. Valentine’s Theme Sensory Bin

You can use the bottom of one of those shallow plastic storage bins to create a Valentine’s theme sensory bin for the kids to play. Start with dyed rice (pink or red is fun). You can also use white rice.

You can add items such as gifts bows, heart cookie cutters, plastic bowls + spoons to the rice in the tub so kids can experience different textures, scoop, pour + play.

6. Valentine’s Day Paper Chain

You can buy Valentine’s theme scrapbooking paper from your local craft store. Cut the paper into strips that are approximately 2-3″ wide + long enough to make a ring out of it.

Fold each strip to make a ring. You can staple the overlapping ends together as you loop through another loop to create a chain.

This makes a great garland decoration for your home so you can make the chain as long or as short as you would like.

7. Handprint Heart Doilies

This is an easy project for babies + toddlers. Plus, it makes an adorable keepsake!

Take two paper heart doilies and glue them together so that the edge of one overlaps the edge of the other (side by side). Paint your baby or toddler’s hand red or pink + press their right hand onto the right doily. Repeat for the left hand + the left doily.

8. Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt

A good old-fashioned scavenger hunt is fun for all ages. Of course, if your kiddos aren’t reading yet, you’ll have to help them out a bit with the clues. Britni over at Play. Party. Plan. offers a free printable + instructions on how to set up this Valentine’s Day themed scavenger hunt.

9. Heart Hopscotch

Cut out hearts big enough to create the hopscotch board. Write the numbers 1-10 on the hearts and tape them to the floor using painter’s tape or masking tape.

You can use a small stone, coin or even a plastic lid from a playdough container for tossing.

10. Jello Dig

Put objects in a big plastic tub. You can use the shallow bottom of a storage bin for this activity too. Space the objects out. Mix + add 3 packets of Jello to the tub. Allow Jello to “harden” according to the instructions on the package.

Your kiddos will love digging through the Jello to “uncover” the objects.

Warning: Some dyed Jellos can stain your baby or toddler’s hands. It’ll wash off–eventually 🙂

XOXO, Kristie
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