12 Cool Things to Include When Building a House
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12 Cool Things to Include When Building a House

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Every homeowner has a list of items that she would love to add to her house one day. Whether that be a luxurious in-ground pool, a room addition, or a smart home feature, your house should be a reflection of your personality + needs.

Check out these 12 cool things to include when building a house or renovating a home to create your dream home.

1. Smart Fridge

While it’s an expensive investment, a smart fridge is an invaluable addition to any home. The touchscreen tablet on the exterior of the fridge allows you to pull up recipes, access music + entertainment, ask Alexa + much more.

Most smart fridges come equipped with a camera, enabling you to look inside of your fridge when you’re not even home. Are you at the grocery store + can’t seem to remember if you need to buy milk? Simply pull up the app on your smartphone + take a peek inside your fridge.

2. Home Automation

In addition to the smart refrigerator, there are a variety of other home automation products that can simplify your life + add convenience. Bluetooth-connected appliances + automatic faucets allow for multitasking and can even save you money on utilities.

Automated thermostats save money on energy costs + keep your house at the perfect temperature for any time of the day.

3. Home Theater

One of the latest trends in interior design is a home theater system. This specialized room in your house is ideal for screening movies, binge-watching your favorite Netflix shows + catching the big game.

Because of the sound-proofing capabilities of a home theater, your other family members will love that you can shut the door + block the noise from the rest of the house.

A home theater is an addition that grows with your family. Young children will delight in family movie nights, while older teens will appreciate having a dedicated place to hang out with friends.

4. Wine Cellar

Wine enthusiasts get significant use out of a home wine cellar. This space can be used to simply store wine, or it can be turned into an entertainment room with a few cozy seating arrangements + a wet bar.

A dedicated space engineered to keep wine at the optimal temperature is the ultimate in-home luxury. Plus, it can increase your home’s value!

5. Central Vacuum System

Forget about lugging around the vacuum, plugging it in + hooking up all the accessories to get all the crumbs + cheerios off the floor. Central Vacuum Systems are now back in house style. Just hook the hose + handle up to the central vacuum system unit in the walls around your home + vacuum.

Unlike the previous 50s’ version of this convenient home amenity. new central vacuum systems have cool features like baseboard suction so you can just sweep the dirt + grime to the baseboard + it sucks it all up from there.

I don’t know about you but nothing annoys me more than all the dirt + crumbs that seem to line up along baseboards. With a home central vacuum system, vacuuming just got a heck of a lot easier.

6. Outdoor Fireplace


Add an outdoor fireplace to your patio, front or back porch. Build your fireplace in the middle + add log holder built-ins on each side (or even one side).

The family can really enjoy sitting around the fireplace pretty much year round. You can roast marshmallows for s’mores, read, have family game night or sir + relax.

7. Outdoor Kitchen


Build an outdoor kitchen. A fridge, sink, grill, oven + wine fridge are just some of the cool features you can add to an outdoor cooking space. It’s great for family time outdoors or for entertaining, such as kids’ birthday parties.

Having an outdoor kitchen alleviates the constant going in + out of the house to cook, prep food, grab drinks, etc.

8. Under Staircase Storage Drawers

You know that space under the staircase that faces out into the foyer or room where your stairs are? Why not turn that into usable space with pull-out drawers for storage.

When pushed n, the drawers look like it is part of the wall + wall trim. When pulled out, it is huge drawers where you store shoes, toys, hats + gloves + other miscellaneous items that you don’t want lying around the house.

9. Bookcase Stair Drawers

The same holds true for actual steps or stairs on a staircase. Turn these into drawers that pull out. Store books in the stairs instead of cluttering up a book shelf in a room.

When the drawers are pushed in, it looks like a regular step or stair.

10. Under-Cabinet Outlets

Kettle Valley

Instead of installing outlets in the kitchen back splash, add outlets under the cabinets in the kitchen instead. Just like under-cabinet lights, under-cabinet outlets save space while simultaneously adding convenience.

11. Mud Room

When we do our home renovation + addition, this is first on my list. Create a mud room at an entrance point in your home. Everyone can have a cubby + drawer for storing shoes, coats, hats, gloves, backpacks + other personal items.

Instead of dropping everything on the floor as they enter the house, your kids + husband each have their own little section of the mudroom to store their items in an organized fashion.

Some homes combine the mudroom with the laundry room.

12. Upstairs Laundry Room

This is another must-have on my future home plans. We are moving our laundry room from the basement to the upstairs (third floor in our case) so that the laundry room is closer to the bedrooms where the three girls are going to sleep.

This eliminates dragging laundry up + down the stairs. Dirty laundry can go from the kids’ bedrooms to the laundry room. Clean laundry can go from the laundry room to the kids’ bedrooms.

We’re adding a master suite to the main floor (which is the second floor in our home) so we are likely going to put in a full-size stackable washer + dryer in our master suite so we can still do our laundry without lugging it up + down any stairs.

Your house should be a haven of relaxation + entertainment. Any of these cool things to include when building a house can deliver convenience + fun to the place you call home. Some of them are just plain cool 🙂

XOXO, Kristie
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