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12 Non-Toy Easter Basket Ideas for Girls

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I’m in never-ending clean out mode. My girls seem to accumulate so much crap, for lack of a better term.

I’ve taken on the mission of getting rid of all the extraneous stuff to give them gifts that are NOT toys. This can get especially tricky for Easter baskets because along with the no-toy goal, I also try to cut back on the sweets + candy junk.

Here are some non-toy + non-candy Easter basket gift ideas for girls:

1. Personalized Towels

Each girl is getting her own personalized bath towel. I’ll have the Etsy seller embroider her name on the towel. These are full size bath towels since all three girls are getting too long for the cute little hooded kid towels.

2. Mermaid Blankets with Doll Mermaid Blanket

My girls each have a blanket (affectionately known as their Bs) that they sleep with. When it’s time for lounging on the couch or floor in the living room, I’m adding a mermaid tail blanket with a matching one for their dolls.

3. Tickets

I’ve been giving all three girls more experience gifts, too. I haven’t decided which experience is going to land in their Easter baskets but past experience gifts were tickets to Bubble Guppies Live + Toddler Tea Time at our local tea place, Tea with Mrs. B.

4. Water Bottle

My girls are also at the ages where they need nicer water bottles than the average sippy cup. The two older ones take them to school for snack + lunch. Something along the lines of Camelbak for kids but I haven’t decided if that is going to be the one that actually goes into the basket yet.

5. Lessons

Give the gift of lessons or a class that your little girl would enjoy. Ice skating, painting, dance or a sport are all options.

6. Gardening Supplies

Spring is just around the corner so it’s a great time to give a gardening kit to your girls. A little bag with gardening tools, packets of seeds + bulbs for planting are all great gardening supplies for girls.

7. Alarm Clock

My oldest gets up for Kindergarten + the middle daughter goes to preschool. Both are obsessed with alarm clocks so they know when it’s morning + time to get up.

8. Audiobooks

We’re a family that loves to read. We have shelves + shelves of adult + children’s books. We don’t necessarily need any more at this point so we’ve started using audiobooks for the kids.

They can listen to them on their iPads. There’s a sleeping one that they love + does help to calm them before going to sleep.

9. A Swoop Bag

I usually use a garbage bag (I know, bad Mommy) but a swoop bag makes cleanup fun for the kids. They can easily scoop up the toys that are scattered ALL. OVER. THE. FLOOR. + store them until it’s time to scatter them again.

Most swoop bags double as play mats so they can technically play on the mat when it’s open, draw string the toys inside when they’re done + store it away. In theory, anyway 🙂

10. Bird Feeder + Seed

Spring means birds are returning from the South (as a Florida girl, I wish I was returning from the South, too). Give the kids a bird feeder that they can hang from a tree or one that sticks to the outside of a window.

Supply them with seed to add to the feeder. You can even buy craft kids so the kids can make their own bird feeders.

11. Subscription Boxes

Give the gift of a subscription. Of course, choose subscription boxes that don’t send toys but instead send knowledge or experiences (such as Little Passports or Green Kid Crafts).

12. Mommy + Me Nail Polish

My girls (+ I) love to get our nails done. We mostly paint them at home so a Mommy + Me nail polish set is a great Easter basket idea for girls.

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  • Ayesha

    Love this list. I was just trying to think of what to put in my daughter’s Easter basket that isn’t candy or a toy that’ll be forgotten in a day or two.

    • girlmom

      Thanks for checking out the list. I hope you found some ideas for your daughter’s Easter basket. I’m tired of throwing out toys + pieces of toys that they play with for a few days + then forget about, too. In my case, it’s times 3!

  • Cendu

    Love this list! You’ve got a lot of great ideas in general that could apply well with all kids, I’ve got a little boy so I’m gonna steal a few of the gender neutral ones. Thank you!

    • girlmom

      Absolutely! Most of these definitely work for boys, too. Many of these can even apply to other holidays, such as Christmas, birthdays, etc. Thanks for checking out the list!

    • girlmom

      Thank you! I’m tired of cleaning + throwing out junk + pieces of toys + they certainly don’t need a bunch of candy! We started giving fewer toys + more experiences at Christmas + the girls seem to really like it.

    • girlmom

      Yes, my girls are big fans of towels + nail polish here too. In fact, I just did my nails + one of my daughter’s nails with a Mommy + Me set we have from a birthday party. FUN!

    • girlmom

      Thanks for checking out the list. My girls LOVE to be outside + with spring coming (allegedly) they love to help me + their dad plant flowers + plants! I’m also considering kid knives so they can help in the kitchen.

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