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3 Actions to Take if a Dog Bites Your Child

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Pet owners have an obligation to control their pets so that they do not bite anyone. However, pet owners are sometimes negligent + accidents do happen. Here are some things that you can do if a dog bites your child.

Seek Medical Treatment

CureJoy suggests that while you may think that a dog bite can heal on its own, it is better to get help as soon as possible. In a worst-case scenario, your child may need rabies treatments.

While that is unlikely, it is better to know upfront what you are facing. Many bites can fester before becoming infected if they are not treated appropriately. It is better to be safe than sorry.

The worst that happens is that you are out the time + possibly some money. However, either your insurance or the dog’s owner may cover the cost of the medical treatment .

Call the Police

Embrace Pet Insurance explains that like any type of accident, you want a report of the accident that documents what occurred. You can get this by promptly reporting the dog bite to the police.

You can then use this documentation as the basis to file an insurance claim or a lawsuit. You may have no other way of knowing whether a dog has bitten before or even whether it has been vaccinated except if you file a police report.

Additionally, if the owner knows that law enforcement is involved, it just might be the motivating factor to take the highest possible safety measures to make sure that the dog does not bite anyone else in the future.

Consider Legal Action

Ahlander Injury Law recommends that you might be able to seek financial compensation for medical bills, lost wages + pain + suffering. The liability for a dog bite depends on the state in which the bite occurred.

In some jurisdictions, the dog’s owner will be liable for a dog bite no matter what. Other states assume that a dog is not dangerous until it bites a person once.

After that, the owner would be liable for any damages from pet bites. You should immediately consult a personal injury attorney to find out whether you would be entitled to compensation for the harm caused to your child.

While your child may be the victim of an aggressive dog, you can still take proactive steps to both protect your legal rights and ensure the safety of others in the future.

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  • Carkie

    Hiring an experienced personal injury attorney is the best way to make sure your child gets the full amount of compensation they deserve for their injuries, pain and suffering, and that the child’s future interests are protected.

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