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3 Healthy Habits For Girls

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Since want your daughters to grow up healthy, as a parent, you have to set the example. We know more than ever about maintaining good health, yet chronic, preventable diseases are affecting more people than ever. If you want your girls to grow up practicing healthful habits, set a precedent early. Here are three healthy habits for girls to help them maintain lifelong well-being.

1. Get Up + Move Instills Healthy Habits For Girls

Teaching your girls the importance of physical activity can help set them up for a lifetime of good health. Technological advancements have stimulated a downturn in youth participation in outdoor recreational activities, but as a parent, you can change that.

Encourage your daughters to head outside + play! When physical activity becomes a part of your daughter’s daily routine at a young age, chances are she is going to continue the habit into adulthood. Discuss how exercise creates a strong + healthy body + encourage her to participate in physical activities, such as team sports.

According to Cleveland Clinic, one of the best ways to motivate reluctant kiddos is by making exercise a family affair. Regular trips to the park or games in your backyard are great ways to improve the health of your whole family!

2. Oral Hygiene

Why do you brush your teeth before bed? Perhaps because your parents taught you the habit. Many of the healthy habits you incorporate into your daily routine have their roots in parental teachings + the same goes for raising your own girls.

When you teach your daughter the importance of proper oral hygiene, she learns not to question her routine as she grows. When it comes to oral hygiene products, make sure you select toothpastes that feature fluoride as an active ingredient.

According to North Austin Dentistry, fluoride toothpastes strengthen tooth enamel + help protect against cavities. As such, these products give your daughter’s teeth the best chance of developing the strength needed to last her a lifetime.

3. Choose Whole, Natural Foods

Perhaps one of the most important healthy habits you can teach your daughter is eating the right foods for good health. According to a study by the Washington University School of Medicine, nearly 70% of U.S. adults are overweight or obese.

You don’t want your daughter to be a part of this statistic so teach her healthy dietary habits early. Take your daughter to the grocery store with you + teach her how to select healthy foods. Let your girls help you choose produce items + if your supermarket has a bulk section, allow them to shovel rice, beans + flour into bulk bags.

When you get home, encourage her to help with the cooking + explain to her the importance of choosing whole, nutrient-dense foods. When you choose to feed your family a healthy diet, your girls are likely to incorporate the same eating habits as they grow into adulthood. 

Teaching your daughters these three healthy habits for girls early on sets them up for a lifetime of good health. Until their teenage years, girls often rely on their parents’ advice to make informed decisions about many of her daily habits. Make sure you’re setting a good example + your girls are likely to follow suit!

Healthy Habits for Girls
Healthy Habits for Girls
Healthy Habits for Girls
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