Kid-Approved Summer Activities
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5 Kid-Approved Fun Summer Activities

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Summer is the perfect time for families to try new kid-friendly outdoor activities. You can have fun + help develop your child’s mind, too. If you’re looking for creative activities that make the most of the warm weather, check out these 5 inspiring ideas.

#1 Dig for “Fossils”

Digging for “fossils” is the perfect activity for sunny days. Although it takes a bit of preparation on your part, your kids will long remember the fun they had with this activity.

Collect some plastic dinosaur toys + bury them in a sandbox or plastic swimming pool filled with sand. When the kids dig the “fossils” up, you can use it as an educational opportunity to teach them about different kinds of dinosaurs.

#2 Driveway Drive-In Movie

Watching a driveway drive-in movie is a memorable treat on a summer evening. Consider inviting other children in your neighborhood to attend + you may even want to build “cars” out of cardboard boxes for the children to use as movie seats.

In order to make sure things go smoothly, research what equipment you need ahead of time so that you can have everything ready. In particular, research the equipment you need to project the movie properly so that it can be seen easily.

You might need a screen + a special projector that could be purchased or rented from home supply or electronics stores. To make the night truly festive, serve classic cinema treats, like pizza, popcorn, slushies, or candy + include some healthy options, too.

#3 Local Scavenger Hunt

Kids may think they know everything about where they live, but surprise them by offering a local summer scavenger hunt that introduces them to new places. Historical sites, museums + tucked away parks are perfect spaces for kids to explore while checking them off their scavenger hunt list.

Some cities offer scavenger hunts that cover the entire city + kids can return their completed hunt list to a local office for a prize or certificate. If your city doesn’t offer this, make up your own. Go online + find art walks, local eateries + nature preserves that can open your child’s eyes to the awe-inspiring world surrounding them.

You can also hold a summer scavenger hunt in your own backyard (literally). You can adapt it to the amount of time you have available. Scavenger hunts have at least two teams; consider pairing up a parent with a child if you have young kids.

A scavenger hunt for children usually has a time limit of 15 or 20 minutes + teams are given a list of 10 to 15 items to find or things to do. To keep things simple, create a list of things that you already have in your backyard. For example, the team may need to find a smooth leaf or a pink flower. The team that finds the most items is declared the winner + awarded a small prize.

#4 Summer Matinee

Going to see movies can be expensive, but some theaters offer cheaper prices with summer deals to keep kids entertained. Try taking your youngsters to the earliest movie available on a weekday, or look for summer matinee specials that offer even lower rates for kids.

Theaters across the country often show films that have already been released on DVD during the summer so that kids can enjoy them on the big screen. Prices are sometimes as low as $1. This is a cheap, easy way to entertain a couple of hours inside an air-conditioned building.

#5 Pool Party

“Just add water” is a great motto, especially if what you need is a plan to end summer boredom. Organize a pool party at a neighborhood or community pool to keep kids busy and happy for hours. Invite neighborhood children to meet at the pool on a certain day, set a time that works for you and bring some snacks.

Your primary concern should be safety, so ensure kids wear sunscreen to avoid burns in the summer heat. It’s also imperative that children are supervised at all times. Always ensure that an adult is present. The adult should be a strong swimmer and know CPR. It’s also a good idea to have enough adults to supervise all the kids. Don’t leave a single grown-up overwhelmed with more kids than one person can possibly supervise.

These easy activities can help you + your family have fun in your backyard this summer. Best of all, these ideas are mostly free + easy to set up. Have a wonderful summer!

XOXO, Kristie

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