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7 Things A Mom REALLY Wants for Mother’s Day

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Don’t get me wrong. I love the little trinkets my girls make at preschool + school. I love that my husband takes all 3 girls to the store to pick out flowers, plants or trees to add to our yard BUT (+ it’s a pretty big BUT here)…

What I really, really want for Mother’s Day is…

1. A Nap

Yup. I want to sleep. I want a good old-fashioned nap without any screaming, yelling or running in the background. Without anyone coming in one hundred million times to ask me a question.

I cannot remember the last time I had a nap–a real nap. That whole sleep when the baby sleeps crap never worked for me so I don’t think I’ve had a good nap in approximately 5.5 years.

2. A New Pair of Rothy’s

I L-O-V-E my Rothy’s. (BTW: You save $20 + so do I if you use my link). Since they are a little pricey, I won’t necessarily buy them for myself but I will totally let my family buy them for me as a gift! They’re comfy, adorable + washable. I mean, I’m not sure I could ask for anything more in a stylish flat.

3. Dinner

My husband often takes me out with the kids for dinner on Mother’s Day, which is GREAT. For all of those dinners that I have to cook on all the other days, though, I love subscriptions like Hello Fresh.

All I have to do is pick my menu. Hello Fresh delivers all of the ingredients I need, along with the recipe, for whipping up delicious meals that make me look like a culinary genius.

Seriously, there is no thought process here.

4. A Weekend Away (Alone)

I love to travel with my family. I love to travel with my husband but what I really want is to lock myself in a hotel room or an Airbnb (BTW: save up to $40 off you first stay) condo (preferably on the beach) + well, do whatever the hell I want!

5. To Read

I LOVE to read + it’s a hobby that I lost shortly after my first daughter was born. I made myself get it back about 3 years ago (or so). I joined a book club for moms + we read a book a month + meet over dinner to “discuss” it.

(We discuss it for approximately 1 minute. It’s really all about eating + drinking.)

I read for anywhere from 10-60 minutes before I fall asleep at night but what I really want for Mother’s Day is to read in silence without 501 interruptions + at least one child popping into my bedroom every minute and a half.

6. Silence

My girls asked me the other day what my favorite thing to listen to is. I said silence. My 5-year-old did not know what to do with that information but I was dead serious.

Sometimes, when I drive in the car + I am by myself, I don’t even turn on the radio. I like to listen to the big fat NOTHING while I am going wherever I am going (usually Bunco or book club or some MoMs event if I am alone).

7. Mani/Pedi

Can you believe I used to get my nails + feet done about once every two weeks? That’s twice a month. I know, that’s just crazy talk.

Seriously, though, a good couple of hours soaking my feet in a spa tub, getting the scary rough skin off my feet, flipping through a magazine…ahhhhhhh…it sounds like heaven to me.

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