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A Girl Mom Review of Clever Count Photo Book

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Our copy of Clever Count Photo Book from Clever Publishing landed in our mailbox yesterday. I opened it this morning to share with my girls before my oldest went off to school.

There is so much to love about this book that I am not even sure where to begin! I will admit, though, that my first impression was that the pages are way too busy with pictures, but…wait for it…

Teaches Numbers + Colors

While the main focus of the book is to teach numbers + counting, secondary, it teaches colors. Each page is dedicated to counting + to a color.

So, Page 1 is red. They count from 1-10. Both pages are full with items that are red.

Scavenger Hunt

The count from 1-10 also associates with the objects on the page so it’s like a scavenger hunt for counting.

Find the 1 red drum.

Find the 2 red planes.

Find the 3 red roses.

And the counting goes up from there to 10.

If your kids receive Highlights Magazine (my kids do + they LOVE it) then it is a little like those pages where they have to find 14 balloons (or whatever) in the picture.

My girls spent all morning going through the pages of the book.


The size of the book is perfect for smaller kids, ages 0-3. It’s larger than a standard book but is not as small as a lot of toddler books. The size helps them hold onto it in their laps while they work through the pages.

Plus, the large pages make it possible to see the objects, numbers + the color words that are on the pages.

Soft Cover

While it is a board book on the outside, it has a bit of a cushy cover. This is a nice feature in a toddler book because, well, let’s face it, they throw it, use it to hit their sister + when they swing it around + hit themselves with it, it doesn’t hurt.

Even I thought, oh, it feels so nice + soft on the outside.


Overall, I give the Clever Count book an A. My girls absolutely love it. The 1 + 3-year-olds wanted me to read it to them. Then, the 3-year-old went through it several times on her own (She doesn’t read yet, but she can identify colors, objects + some of her numbers + letters.).

It’s a nice big, bright, colorful book that is a great tool for teaching colors, numbers, counting + objects to your toddlers.

XOXO, Kristie
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