I’m Kristie. Mom to three girls (Yes, you read that right. And, no, we are not going to try for a boy!).

I might (just might) have an addiction to PJs (which I affectionately refer to as my house pants so if I wear them all day it doesn’t sound as bad as saying I wore pajamas all day), bottles of nail polish, graphic t-shirts + subscription boxes.

I’m here to share recipes, provide product/service reviews, parenting help + advice so you won’t feel like you’re going it alone in this fast + furious world of raising little girls (or boys).

I love reading, traveling, doing things with my family + writing. I’m an Army wife + a full-time content writer. I’m passionate about writing content + helping others write content for their own blogs.

I’m from Florida but am currently living in Northern Virginia near Washington D.C. I’m a Florida girl trapped in a Virginia world. I blame my husband for this 🙂

I enjoy working with brands + companies I believe in. I’m open to advertising + sponsorship opportunities, as well as product + service review opportunities.

I am a freelance writer so feel free to send freelance writing opportunities my way or opportunities for sponsored posts.

If you think you have a product or service that is a right fit for my blog, reach out to me at girlmom@girlmomchaos.com. (Please make sure you’ve checked out my blog + what it’s all about before asking.)