2020 Blog Calendar

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2020 Blog Calendar

Blogging is tough stuff. Being a Mom Blogger is more competitive than ever. It can be a rewarding + lucrative way to stay home with your kiddos + make a living as long as you treat your blog like a business. Making your blog stand apart from the rest + making it successful requires smart + careful planning.

The 2020 Blog Planner

The 2020 Blog Planner provides you with everything you need for smart + careful planning that can lead to a successful blog. The planner has information + sheets on how to:

  • Create an editorial calendar
  • Brainstorm topics
  • Schedule posts
  • Prepare each post for success
  • Re-purpose content so you don't have to work so hard
  • Build your list
  • Monetize your work so you get paid many times over

Preview the Pages Inside the 2020 Blog Planner

page preview of the 2020 Blog Planner

Grab your 2020 Blog Planner today.