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    7 Strategies for Dealing with Defiant Daughters

    Parenting is not for the faint of heart, especially if you have a stubborn or downright defiant daughter. You need to be prepared + more determined than she is to help her get through the issues that arise.

    Having a game plan in place is crucial for your success and hers. Consider incorporating these parenting strategies for dealing with a defiant daughter.

    Defiant, stubborn daughters tend to test your patience + stretch your parenting skills to the limit on the reg. This is just part of raising girls, for the most part.

    All girls ten to go through at least two defiant stages:

    Around age two or three, when they learn the “n” word + go around saying no to EVERYTHING.

    Then, it comes back around again when they hit their teen years, when they say “no” as they practice making mature choices + decisions (or sometimes not making mature + good choices).

    If your daughter has been diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) by a doctor, you can encounter similar issues. However, there are differences related to frequency + severity due to the cause of the defiant behavior.

    Under these circumstances, it’s even more important to have solid foundations, plans + consequences in place.

    Whether your daughter is going through one of the common defiant stages, dealing with ODD, or has another major issue, it’s important to address the problem early. In fact, at the first sign of defiant behavior, model + teach your daughter acceptable ways to react + respond to situations she faces.

    7 Strategies to Help with a Defiant Daughter

    #1 Build a solid foundation

    It is never too early to begin teaching your daughter good manners, conflict resolution, problem solving skills + social etiquette. The earlier you begin, the easier it is.

    Even before your babies are born, they are learning about the world around them – including actions, reactions, expectations + consequences, or causes + effects. Don’t be afraid to start building the foundation when she is a baby.

    Establish boundaries, rules + consequences. Establish these boundaries + rules to address your expectations for your daughter + for your own behavior, as well. When setting up consequences for your child(ren), try to correlate the consequences with a specific issue.

    Write down the consequences so your daughter knows what is going to happen if she chooses to disobey or ignore rules. Depending on what your child responds to, you may restrict or disallow the use of an item, especially if it contributed to what she did to break a rule or disobey.

    #2 Master your self-control

    Your daughter uses you as as role model. Model a calm, cool + collected attitude (even when you are ready to lose your $#@!). Defiant children can be emotional + explosive so you can’t be.

    In order to deal successfully with her outbursts, you must control your own thoughts, emotions, actions + words. If you need to, take time to calm down before addressing the behavior issue.

    When you talk with your child, keep your tone of voice low, firm + decisive as you discuss family beliefs, values, expectations + rules.

    #3 Enforce consequences

    When a child knows that consequences are not enforced, they are less likely to follow the rules or stick to the boundaries. Being consistent with enforcing rules can make a HUGE difference.

    Whatever the consequence is (losing her iPad for a day or not being allowed to have friends over), consistently enforce it when she done something to lose her privilege.

    #4 Hold on to your power

    A defiant daughter wants the last word. She also wants you to give in to her wants + way of thinking. Refuse to argue with her.

    End the conversation on your terms. Don’t let her wear you down. You have to be more determined than she is.

    #5 Refuse to negotiate

    Negotiation is a tool used by kids to get their way + get out of dealing with their responsibilities. No matter how much your daughter cries or complains, she must fix her mistake + then accept the consequences for her actions.

    #6 Reinforce the positive

    Instead of giving attention when she does something wrong, praise + reward her positive behaviors. Point out when she does something well or makes a well-thought out decision. Don’t skimp on the positives if you want your daughter to model them.

    Parents must take the time to plan + strategize when it comes to dealing with defiant daughters. Be determined + consistent when dealing with her defiance. Make a plan to include one or more of these 7 parenting strategies for dealing with a defiant daughter.

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    7 Books to Help Girls Overcome Anxiety, Fear + Worry + Other Feelings

    As an Amazon Affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases.

    This blog post contains affiliate links. I may earn a small commission to fund my coffee drinking habit if you use these links to make a purchase. It does not cost you anything extra +  you’ll keep me supplied in caffeine. It’s a win for everyone, really.

    My oldest daughter, my 5-year-old, is a worrier. She always has been ever since she was a baby + toddler. I see it creeping into the 3-year-old too now. We checked out some of these books to help her work through some of her worry + fear.

    Toddlers + kids are a ball of emotions. They are learning what feelings are + how to deal with them — whether it is being angry, sad, frustrated, or something else. I’ve read all of these books to my girls + I think it has helped them learn about their emotions + given them some tools to deal with them — even as young girls.

    In most of these books (but not all) the main character is a girl. I think this helps girls to relate to what’s going on even more so than if it was a boy (although I don’t think if the characters were/are boys that they totally dismiss the lessons).

    1. Wilma Jean the Worry Machine

    Both of my older girls loved this book. It rhymed + I think the oldest one could relate a lot to what Wilma Jean worried about. My oldest has overcome it now, but she had some anxiety around starting Kindergarten this year. This book touches on worrying about things at school. I think it truly helped her to deal with some of the fear + overcome it.

    2. What to Do When You Worry Too Much

    This book is another great option for kids to learn how to deal with worry + to overcome the battle of worrying. We read it at the start of Kindergarten so I think it might have been a little too over my daughter’s head at that point. I do think the book does a great job of giving real-world examples + activities kids can do (it has some workbook style activities in it) to take them step-by-step through the process of saying goodbye to their worry.

    3. My Many Colored Days

    My Many Colored Days is a Dr. Seuss book about feelings. It uses colors to explain emotions or feelings that young kids might have. It’s a great book for letting kids know that everyone has sad days, happy days + other kinds of days — + that having all of these days (feeling all of these emotions) is A-OK.

    4. In My Heart

    Another great book that walks kids through all of the feelings they experience. Beyond the lessons the book holds, the illustrations are fun for kids. The HUGE rainbow die-cut heart on the front cover that goes all the way through the book is a big hit, too.

    5. Bernice Gets Carried Away

    My 3-year-old especially enjoys this book. It’s about a cat who is having a bad day + what she does to turn her bad day around. A series of events happen to Bernice that create a bad day in her mind. Then, Bernice springs into action to create a series of events that turn her bad day into a good day. It’s great at illustrating how you have control over your feelings + can do something about them.

    6. The Way I Feel Sometimes

    This book is more like a series of poems that tackle various situations + how you might feel about these situations. Being mad, scared, worried or how a child might feel when there is a new baby in the house are but some of the emotions covered in this book. This is a book that you can read from beginning to end or pick + choose the feelings you might want to tackle with your child.

    7. Grumpy Pants

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book + so do my girls. It’s about a grumpy penguin. (I LOVE penguins so it might be one of the reasons I like this book so much). He can’t seem to shake off his grumpiness + he isn’t even sure why he is grumpy. Then, he does a bunch of things he likes to do like take a cold bath, drink hot cocoa, read his favorite book + fall asleep with his favorite teddy bear. He also tells himself that tomorrow is another day + it’ll be a better day.

    If you’ve read any of these books with your kid, what did you + the kids think? Are there any other books you’d suggest for kids?

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    The Hate U Give

    Last night, I finished reading The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. It is technically a Young Adult novel but we read it for my book club for moms.

    The Overview

    The novel is told from the point of view of 16-year-old Starr Carter, an African-American girl living in Garden Heights, which most consider the ghetto.

    Her parents are hard-working — mom is a nurse at a clinic + her dad owns a convenient store in their neighborhood. They work hard to send all three of their kids to private school outside of their neighborhood, a primarily white school.

    One night, as Starr + her childhood friend, Khalil, are driving away from a party, they are pulled over by a white police officer. The cop ends up shooting + killing Khalil.

    The book is all about how Starr deals with witnessing the killing of her friend for the second time. She also witnessed a friend, Natasha, who was killed in a drive-by shooting when Starr + Natasha were 10-years-old.

    It’s also a book about race relations. A white officer killing a black boy. A black girl dating a white boy. Black children attending a predominantly white school + how they interact with their classmates + how their classmates interact with them.

    What I Liked

    The book was an easy read. It was a page turner so I kept turning, not wanting to put the book down, so I could find out what happened. I wanted to know if the cop was going to be charged with murdering an un-armed boy.

    I wanted to know how Starr would deal with witnessing the murder of her friend.

    I wanted to know.

    For me, it was not about what color the officer was + what color the boy was that he killed. To me, they were human beings + one of them was dead at 16 + his friend was dealing with the trauma of witnessing his death.

    For the characters of the book, however, it was about more than that. It was about race + their feelings about the fact that when there are officer-involved shootings that it’s typically a white cop + a black victim + that the white officer is never charged for a wrongdoing.

    I also liked that the book was about a strong girl character. Having three girls, I am always drawn to characters that are girls, that are strong + that want to make a difference in this world.

    In this novel, Starr is that girl.

    Even though she is only 16, she is wise beyond her years. She is grappling with being a teenager + with being a black teenager in this world. She struggles with making the right choices + decisions + for the most part she does the right thing throughout the novel.

    What I Didn’t Like

    I don’t really have anything bad to say about this book. Angie maybe could have wrapped it up in fewer pages but maybe not.

    I think she did leave some things hanging, though. Maybe she’s planning a sequel or maybe she just forgot to tie up some loose ends.

    Book Grade

    Overall, I give this book an A. My kids are too young right now but I suggest this as a book for teenagers to read, especially girls. I think it gives an insider view of what it’s like to be a teenage girl + what it is like to be a black teenage girl.

    The author does a good job of revealing to other teenage girls that may be reading the novel that they are not alone. That everyone feels self conscious at times. That everyone feels uncomfortable in certain situations + that they are not the only ones dealing with these feelings + problems.

    Next on my list of reads, Where the Crawdads Sing.

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    The Top 7 Girl Mom Bloggers You Should Be Following

    I had my first girl at 38, my second girl at 39 + my third girl at 42. I’m a girl mom.

    You might say moms are moms + this is true for the most part but there are undeniable differences from parenting girls on a daily basis to parenting boys.

    Yes, there are definitely similarities. Moms of both can probably relay these similarities more than anyone. Being a girl mom, a boy mom or a mom of both is not better or worse than another. It’s just different.

    If you’re a girl mom then here are some other girl mommies + their blogs that you should be following.

    Check them out here.

    1. Sports Girls Play

    The mom who runs Sports Girls Play is a mom of two daughters + one son — a mom of both. All her kids are athletes but this blog focuses on sharing information for girls that are athletes + at all ages (from young to college-age girls that play sports).

    In addition to info-packed blog posts that share information such as recovering from a tough workout as a girl to unique gifts for girl athletes, the site also boasts a resources page + a place to shop for athletic gear + gifts for athletic girls.

    2. From Meredith to Mommy

    This girl mom is also a former music teacher. I originally found her through a post she wrote for Scary Mommy, “A Girl Mom.” She blogs about a variety of topics that represent her “too many labels to live by” mantra from being Meredith to a mom to a girl mom to a music teacher, writer + beyond.

    3. It’s A Lovely Life

    Heather Delaney Reese has three girls, just like I do. Her girls are older than mine but I ran across her article about questions that people should not ask all girl moms. She blogs about a bunch of different topics but mostly about her travel adventures with her three daughters + her husband.

    4. A Mighty Girl

    This is one of my all time favorite blogs. While it is not just one mom that is blogging or sharing information + resources, it is all girl all the time. The site + the blog covers topics all about parenting girls, raising mighty girls, books for girls + about girls, the best toys for girls + movies/TV shows for girls, music + clothing for girls + the list just goes on + on. It is probably the most comprehensive source for raising strong, confident girls that will do great things for this world.

    5. Romy + The Bunnies

    This mom blog is named after the daughter so she’s a girl mom of one. This blog has more a style + travel slant to it so you’ll find lots of information on traveling with a toddler girl, along with clothes, accessories, toys, etc.

    6. Mom of Girls

    This mom blogger is also a mom of three girls. Her motto is “Raising daughters that are smart, happy and confident- this is the goal.” LOVE this. All of the resources Towanda shares are with this mission in mind. It’s a great blog + resource that celebrates everything about being a girl + raising girls.

    7. Girl Mom Chaos

    I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention my own girl mom blog, Girl Mom Chaos. I am raising three daughters ranging in age from 1 to 5. I write about parenting girls, recipes, books + also share Mommy swag for moms of girls so we can take care of ourselves + feed our minds + souls. I review services + products for girls + for girl moms. I also share t-shirts for mommy + tots + mom blogging tips (I’m a copy + content writer). My angle is usually for girl moms with younger children since my girls are on the younger side. I’m also an older mom so sometimes I touch on topics that an older mom can relate to.

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    My MoM Group Cooking Class Experience

    We have a huge + active Mom group for our neighborhood. We’re the MoMs of Mantua.

    Throughout the year, we have events just for moms, for the kids + for couples.

    Wednesday night, we had a MoMs cooking class at a local cooking school — Culinaria in Vienna, VA.

    What I Loved

    I had expectations of what the night would be like + I was wrong on many accounts. The first of which is that we would be doing the cooking as we learned.

    In an unexpected surprise, the chef prepared the entire meal + his assistants served us wine, bread, the appetizer, the main course + the dessert.

    I LOVED that he taught us how to make each item, gave us tips + answered our questions + we didn’t have to cook one thing! He was very down to earth, easy to follow + easy to talk with.

    They did give us the recipes to take home with us, though, so we can prepare them ourselves.

    What I Wish Was Different

    The setup was perfect for learning from the chef but not so great for interacting + mingling with the other moms at the event.

    We sat at a counter facing the chef + the kitchen. All 20+ of us were sitting in a straight line along the counter so we could really only talk with the two people sitting on either side of us

    It was sort of a good + a bad setup. I realize it’s ideal for learning from + being able to watch the chef but not so great for the social aspect of the experience.

    While I did LOVE being somewhat pampered by being served delicious food + wine that I did not have to make, I sort of wish it was a hands-on event, where each of us prepared the meal as the chef instructed.

    I would have loved to prep it, package it + take it home so my husband + could have eaten it (I doubt the kids would have jumped at the menu choices even though they were delish).

    I Highly Recommend This Experience

    I highly recommend that you check out your local culinary school for this type of an experience. If you are local to Vienna, VA, definitely check out Culinaria.

    This was a private event for the MoMs of Mantua group but they also have couples cooking classes, kids cooking classes + more.

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    To The Mom With A Crazy Toxic Mom

    I don’t know who needs to hear this but I know that I am not alone + this might just help another mom out there get through it.

    Toxic Mom Syndrome

    I always knew my mom was a little off. She definitely wasn’t like all of my friends’ moms or my cousins’ moms. When you’re growing up, it’s all you know, so you think it’s normal.

    Even as you become an adult, you think that she’s your mom so you’re just supposed to put up with whatever she tosses your way.

    You know what?

    You don’t have to just take it.

    She doesn’t get to say + do whatever she wants just because she is your mom.

    In a timely event, I ran across an article, Why It’s Okay to Cut Toxic Family Members Out Of Your Life.

    The article talks about the signs of a toxic family member + sadly my mom exhibits all of these traits.T

    I Don’t Want To Be A Toxic Mom

    The hardest part for me is not the emotional + verbal abuse that I take from her. Nope. I can handle it. I’m an adult (at least I am supposed to be at 43).

    The hardest part for me is that I sometimes see myself or hear myself being like her + sadly, the last thing I want in the world is to be like her.

    I truly have to make a concerted + conscious effort every day to be nothing like her.

    Some days I pass with flying colors + other days I fail miserably. I tell you what I am going to do, however. I’m going to make it my life’s goal to have more days where I pass with flying colors + fewer + fewer days where I fail miserably.

    I Put Up With It For My Kids

    If it weren’t for my three girls, I wouldn’t have anything to do with her. I know that probably makes me sound like I am the crazy one. I probably am.

    I probably should shield them from it all.

    When I am wandering through this great big world + I find that I am having a problem with this person + that I am complaining about that person + then silently give another driver the finger because he’s driving like a crazy person, I stop.

    I quickly realize that it cannot be everyone else in the world that’s wrong so it has to be me. When you have legal issues, anger issues + just plain old issues with everyone you encounter, it’s not all of them, it’s you.

    My mom has legal + personal issues with just about everyone + every transaction she encounters. Her last two jobs, before she retired early, she had lawsuits against.

    In an unsurprising twist of fate, she + my dad apparently bought a home recently + had a huge problem with the builder so they were bashing the builder all over Facebook.

    When they lived in Florida, they had a problem with their friends that lived across the street so they stopped talking to them.

    When they had a house in Tennessee, they had a legal problem with their friends that were also their neighbors so they settled out of court with them, sold their house + moved.

    When she goes to a restaurant, there’s almost always a problem with the person taking the order at the counter or waitperson.

    When she has to go to the doctor or dentist or [insert professional here], she has a problem with the receptionist, one of the nurses, or the doctor, or [insert a person she encounters].

    My Dad Is Collateral Damage

    My dad is collateral damage from her behavior. I can empathize because I think, like me, he sort of thinks that this is just the way it is. The sad truth is that it doesn’t have to be.

    She spins these tales that are a completely warped sense of reality — from what really happened. He, then goes along with it.

    When I respond to her text message, she comprehends it as the exact opposite of what I actually typed — in writing. Then she is on the attack. She calls me names. She says nasty things to me. She starts demanding things.

    It’s mind-blowing. I have reached the point that I’ve had enough. I have officially cut them off. While this is one of the saddest things I ever have done in my life, it is also FREEING.

    The stress + negativity is gone from my home + my life (at least the stress she was causing). I don’t worry every time I get a text message that it is her on the attack once again. I have also discovered via Facebook groups, Reddit + a myriad of other places + groups that I am definitely not the only one with a toxic mom.

    And, neither are you, my mommy friend.

    So in some ways, while I wish I were the only one with a toxic mom, I know I’m not. I know that there is at least one other mom out there, reading posts from her friends on how wonderful their mothers are + how they aspire to be half as great as them, that doesn’t feel that way about her mother.

    I don’t feel that way either, girl. While I don’t know you, while I’m probably not in the same city as you, I know exactly how you feel + I’m sad for you like I’m sad for myself.

    I also know that you don’t have to take it + the best thing for you might be to cut her out of your life. Just know that you’re not alone.

    There are others like you in this world.

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    12 Non-Toy Easter Basket Ideas for Girls

    I’m in never-ending clean out mode. My girls seem to accumulate so much crap, for lack of a better term.

    I’ve taken on the mission of getting rid of all the extraneous stuff to give them gifts that are NOT toys. This can get especially tricky for Easter baskets because along with the no-toy goal, I also try to cut back on the sweets + candy junk.

    Here are some non-toy + non-candy Easter basket gift ideas for girls:

    1. Personalized Towels

    Each girl is getting her own personalized bath towel. I’ll have the Etsy seller embroider her name on the towel. These are full size bath towels since all three girls are getting too long for the cute little hooded kid towels.

    2. Mermaid Blankets with Doll Mermaid Blanket

    My girls each have a blanket (affectionately known as their Bs) that they sleep with. When it’s time for lounging on the couch or floor in the living room, I’m adding a mermaid tail blanket with a matching one for their dolls.

    3. Tickets

    I’ve been giving all three girls more experience gifts, too. I haven’t decided which experience is going to land in their Easter baskets but past experience gifts were tickets to Bubble Guppies Live + Toddler Tea Time at our local tea place, Tea with Mrs. B.

    4. Water Bottle

    My girls are also at the ages where they need nicer water bottles than the average sippy cup. The two older ones take them to school for snack + lunch. Something along the lines of Camelbak for kids but I haven’t decided if that is going to be the one that actually goes into the basket yet.

    5. Lessons

    Give the gift of lessons or a class that your little girl would enjoy. Ice skating, painting, dance or a sport are all options.

    6. Gardening Supplies

    Spring is just around the corner so it’s a great time to give a gardening kit to your girls. A little bag with gardening tools, packets of seeds + bulbs for planting are all great gardening supplies for girls.

    7. Alarm Clock

    My oldest gets up for Kindergarten + the middle daughter goes to preschool. Both are obsessed with alarm clocks so they know when it’s morning + time to get up.

    8. Audiobooks

    We’re a family that loves to read. We have shelves + shelves of adult + children’s books. We don’t necessarily need any more at this point so we’ve started using audiobooks for the kids.

    They can listen to them on their iPads. There’s a sleeping one that they love + does help to calm them before going to sleep.

    9. A Swoop Bag

    I usually use a garbage bag (I know, bad Mommy) but a swoop bag makes cleanup fun for the kids. They can easily scoop up the toys that are scattered ALL. OVER. THE. FLOOR. + store them until it’s time to scatter them again.

    Most swoop bags double as play mats so they can technically play on the mat when it’s open, draw string the toys inside when they’re done + store it away. In theory, anyway 🙂

    10. Bird Feeder + Seed

    Spring means birds are returning from the South (as a Florida girl, I wish I was returning from the South, too). Give the kids a bird feeder that they can hang from a tree or one that sticks to the outside of a window.

    Supply them with seed to add to the feeder. You can even buy craft kids so the kids can make their own bird feeders.

    11. Subscription Boxes

    Give the gift of a subscription. Of course, choose subscription boxes that don’t send toys but instead send knowledge or experiences (such as Little Passports or Green Kid Crafts).

    12. Mommy + Me Nail Polish

    My girls (+ I) love to get our nails done. We mostly paint them at home so a Mommy + Me nail polish set is a great Easter basket idea for girls.

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    5 Ways To Easier Laundry When You Have Girls

    With three girls, we seem to have a lot of wardrobe changes on a daily basis. It makes doing laundry quite interesting. I set out on a mission to tackle laundry the simplest + quickest ways possible.

    This is how I do it:

    Don’t Sort

    Yes, you read that right. I do not sort laundry by color, whites, etc. The exception to this is anything that needs to be hand washed or goes into the gentle cycle (but I try to avoid buying clothes that fit these requirements).

    I scoop up one big pile of laundry, shove it in the wash + start it.

    When it’s done, it all goes into the dryer, gets folded or hung up + put away.

    By Person

    Put a basket or hamper in their room for each person. When the basket fills up, take that load to the washer. Then, dry it, fold it + put it away.

    This can be a HUGE time saver because you don’t have to sort as you fold + put on hangers because the entire basket/load belongs to the same person.

    Put Away As Is

    I don’t turn things right side out. If it goes into the laundry inside out then it gets put away inside out.

    I also don’t match socks up + then put them away. If there is a solo sock, it goes into the sock drawer. When I locate the pair, I match it in the drawer. Sometimes my girls just wear mismatched socks 🙂

    I hear that’s in now anyway.

    Enlist the Kids

    My older two are at an age where they think it’s kind of fun to put away laundry. This phase probably won’t last long so I’m taking advantage of it while I can.

    While I am folding their laundry, I hand them a small stack of one category (such as socks) + then tell them to put these in the sock drawer or whatever drawer it is.

    Then they come back for another round.

    Put Clothes Directly in the Washer

    As everyone undresses, take the pile + put it directly in the washer. When the washer is full enough for a load, start it.

    Wash, Dry + Put Away At The Same Time

    This is probably the most challenging if you’re easily distracted by shiny object syndrome like I am (+ by this I mean all the fun stuff like changing diapers, making endless snacks + trying to fit in a shower for myself).

    Put a load in the washer. When it’s done, move it to the dryer. When it’s done, put it away.

    This helps to keep the laundry from piling up (either dirty or clean).

    One or all of these tips can really take the load off of doing laundry. Pun intended.

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    The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

    This blog post contains affiliate links. I may earn a small commission to fund my coffee drinking habit if you use these links to make a purchase. It does not cost you anything extra +  you’ll keep me supplied in caffeine. It’s a win for everyone, really.

    The last book I read for my moms’ book club was The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid. In fact, we met just last night to discuss it.

    Book Overview

    The book is about an old Hollywood Star Evelyn Hugo + how her life intersects with a magazine writer that she commissions to write her tell-all life story.

    Evelyn takes us back into old Hollywood (the 1950s + 1960s’ Hollywood). She reveals her secrets + the secrets of the rich + famous as she introduces each of her seven husbands to Monique.

    The entire time Monique is sitting there taking in Evelyn’s life story, while she is mesmerized by it, she is also wondering why someone so famous has chosen her to write her life story.

    It’s a mystery that is not solved until the end + it is quite a twist.

    At first glance, the title might just make you think of Elizabeth Taylor. She did, after all, have 7 husbands, right?

    There might be a little bit of a connection. One of the moms was saying last night that some of the descriptions in the book mirror real-life celebrities of old Hollywood, such as Marilyn Monroe + Elizabeth Taylor.

    The Good

    I thought this book was an easy read. I only get to read for a little while before I go to sleep at night. I looked forward to picking up the book each night + getting through at least 1-2 chapters without a problem.

    The glitz + glam of Hollywood is alluring to many of us. This book revealed tons of behind-the-scenes secrets that make you wonder just how much of what we see on TV + the Internet is true + how much is fabricated.

    The writing is good so the author kept me coming back for me. She kept me wondering what was going to happen next. When it ended, she made me want to read one of her other books (which I have on hold at the library right now as we speak).

    The Bad + The Ugly

    For one of the only times in my life, I don’t really have anything bad or ugly to say about this book. As I mentioned earlier, one of the moms thought it mirrored real-life movie stars a little too closely at the opening of the book, BUT even she admitted she got over it + loved the book by the end, too.

    To Sum It Up

    If I had to sum it up in one word, I’d pick L-O-V-E.

    I highly recommend this book. It would make a great beach read for vacation but is equally as fab for a I’m-a-mom-and-only-get-to-read-a-chapter-a-night-before-I-go-to-sleep-read.

    Grade: A+

    Also look out for Taylor’s (I feel like we should be on a first name basis) other novels:

    Daisy Jones & The Six, Maybe in Another Life, Evidence of the Affair, Forever Interrupted.

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  • Mommy Works At Home

    How You Can Boost Traffic To Your Mom Blog Today

    In 2008, I left the corporate world to start my freelance writing business full time.

    The main reason I did this is because I knew that one day I wanted to have a family + writing from home would afford me the opportunity to do what I love (to write) + stay home with my kids.

    It wouldn’t be until 2013 that I had my first daughter. So for 7 years, freelance writing from home was my full-time gig. It paid the bills. It made me happy.

    I’ve written countless blog posts for other people’s blogs + blog posts for companies + businesses (all for money, of course). I’ve had different blogs of my own over the years, too.

    Right now, I have three blogs:

    I’ve been running my Wedding Planner Copy blog for a couple years now. I am happy with my pageviews per month but I am always testing out strategies to improve the quality of the wedding pros that land on my blog.

    In December 2018, I started this blog (Girl Mom Chaos) + interestingly enough, one of the strategies I use has produced more pageviews than the Wedding Planner Copy blog does after two years of being up + running.  

    (Although, I started using the same strategy for the Wedding Planner Copy blog + am now seeing similar results.)

    Here’s what I did:

    1. I focused on one social media platform

    Social media is where it’s at, right?

    Well, I picked one platform + I gave it my all. That platform is PINTEREST.

    What you might not know is that Pinterest works more like a search engine than a social media platform so it is second only to Google for searches!

    In one month, I had 39k views. Now, I have 100k views + the blog is only two months old.

    Are there other Pinterest accounts that have more?

    Of course.

    BUT…39k views in one month is HUGE. + to get to a 100k in just a couple of months is ah-mazing.

    My Wedding Planner Copy Pinterest account had 19k views per month in December. Now it has 46k.

    Let that sink in for a second. Pinterest is HUGE in gaining quality attention + then driving those quality visitors to your blog/website. Pinterest is my #1 traffic source for both my wedding copy blog + my mom blog.

    Over 90% of my social traffic comes from my pins on Pinterest. If you haven’t tapped into the potential that Pinterest has for growing your mom blog, check out my article How to Use Pinterest for Your Mom Blog

    If you want to automate your Pinterest efforts so you have more time to focus on other platforms, run your mom blog + well, be a mom, check out Tailwind.

    It is the only scheduler that is Pinterest approved. Tailwind is what I’ve been using + I believe it has allowed me to take my mom blog to the next level in just one short month. 

    2. I focused on my content

    Take a step back for one second.

    The only way I was able to figure out that Pinterest is the biggest source of traffic for both of my blogs is because I created stellar content for both that I was then able to pin on Pinterest.

    After I hit the publish button on any of my blog posts, the first thing I do is schedule that content to be pinned to my Pinterest boards.

    If you’re interested in learning how to create stellar content to share on Pinterest, check out my Mommy Business Blogging ebook.

    It takes you step-by-step through the process of writing stellar blog posts + then how to promote those posts to attract the right visitors to your mommy business.

    3. I am engaging more with my dream readers 

    When I started engaging with my readers on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter + Instagram, it also made a HUGE difference in my blog traffic, blog comments + more.

    I take the time to respond to people’s questions + comments on my blog posts or social media posts. I start conversations on Twitter. I am active in the RIGHT Facebook groups.

    All of this is helping me to attract quality traffic to both of my blogs.

    Want to tap into my complete blog traffic growth strategy?
    These are just a few of the tips + tricks that I’ve learned in my attempt to boost the traffic to my blogs. 

    I perfected a step-by-step blueprint to help mommy bloggers that want to create stellar content + then use that content to drive traffic to their blog + website.

    If you don’t know where to begin with blogging for your mommy biz or you’re struggling to increase your numbers, build a loyal following for your blog + convert those followers into business The Mommy Business Blogging Ebook is the perfect resource to help you understand what you’re missing + give you the tips, tricks + tools to make a difference!

    Start your blogging journey with me!

    Haven’t started a mommy business blog yet (or you’re still operating on a free platform) but you’re ready to become a pro? Find out how to start a profitable blog:

    Download my guide on Setting Up A Mommy Business Blog

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    Enroll in my free course Learn to Blog Your Mommy Blog to More Business

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