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Best Baby Wash + Shampoo

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As the mom of three girls, we have gone through a lot of baby wash. We took a couple of classes before we had our first daughter. One of the things the nurse giving one of the classes advised was the best baby wash.

While we started out using the baby wash the nurse recommended, as time went on, we went rogue + tried out some other baby washes.

1. Aveeno Baby Wash + Shampoo

On the recommendation of the trained nurse that taught our “Baby Bundles” class, we started out using Aveeno Baby wash + shampoo. If she was getting a morning bath, we used the regular wash. For before bedtime baths, we used the Aveeno Baby Calming Comfort with lavender + vanilla.

Since it is hypoallergenic + tear-free, it was perfect for our first daughter. She had super sensitive skin so it helped to keep any sort of reactions at bay + could wash her from head-to-toe without worrying about it irritating her eyes.

The Calming Comfort version helped to soothe her as part of her bedtime routine. It settled her down enough to read her a book (Yes, even as an infant), feed her, diaper her + then put her down for the night. The major drawback, for me, was the price ta. The Aveeno Baby Wash + Shampoo, lotions, etc., are a bit pricier than some of the other products on the market.

2. Johnson’s Baby Wash + Shampoo

After a relative remarked that our babies (we had two by this time) didn’t have that “new baby smell,” we decided to give the traditional Johnson’s Baby Wash + Shampoo a try. It wasn’t just the “smell” factor, either. Our second daughter’s skin was not nearly as sensitive as our first daughter’s was + we were looking at less expensive options.

Surprisingly (or maybe not), Johnson’s Baby Wash + Shampoo does not have the strong scent that it did when I was a baby. It is very lightly scented, making the smell factor a non-existent factor.

Johnson’s Baby Wash + Shampoo is a head-to-toe option that promises no tears, too, + is also hypoallergenic. While my second daughter didn’t suffer as bad as my first daughter did with sensitive skin, she still had some sensitivities (+ maybe a touch of eczema) I found it to be just as good as the Aveeno Baby Wash but without the heftier price tag.

3. Little Journey Baby Wash + Shampoo

By the time our third daughter made it on the scene, I had discovered Aldi. We did start out using Johnson’s Baby Wash + Shampoo with her but then I switched over to Little Journey’s Baby Wash + Shampoo.

Little Journey Baby Wash + Shampoo is comparable to Johnson’s Baby Wash + Shampoo with an even less expensive price tag. Little Journey is hypoallergenic, tear-free + a head-to-toe wash.

What I love, love, love about this baby wash (besides the fact that I can buy it through my Instacart grocery delivery) is the scent. It is not an overbearing scent but the wash + shampoo does have a refreshing scent that is clean + yummy (in a baby kind of way).

Our youngest just turned 19 months, so this is a baby wash + shampoo that we are still using.

4. Honest Baby Shampoo + Body Wash

We LOVE The Honest Co. products. We use their diapers, wipes + diaper rash cream so it seemed like a natural segue to baby shampoo + body wash. Similar to the other products we use it is free of harmful chemical, hypoallergenic + tear-free.

The Honest Co. Baby Shampoo + was also comes in four scents. Technically, it’s three scents + an unscented option: Sweet Almond, Sweet Orange Vanilla, Lavender.

Pricing is closer to Aveeno Baby Wash but I can bundle it with my diaper + wipes bundle so I get a discount on any additional products I order — bringing it down somewhere between Johnson’s + Journey Baby Wash pricing.

best baby wash
best baby wash
best baby wash
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