Best Pregnancy Halloween Costumes
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Best Pregnant Halloween Costumes

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Who says that women can’t join in the Halloween costume fun?


Here are some of the best pregnant Halloween costumes I’ve seen. Draw inspiration for putting together your own Halloween costume if you’re pregnant at the end of October.

#1 That’s No Moon Costume

Use this That’s No Moon maternity t-shirt to create one of the best pregnant Halloween costumes. You can even add little plastic space cruisers, etc., to the top. Hang a glow stick necklace around your neck. Add black maternity leggings + you are good to go.

#2 Where’s Waldo

You can finally answer the question to Where’s Waldo with this pregnant Halloween costume. Use a red + white striped maternity shirt, a Waldo hat, black-framed glasses + create a “Waldo” out of felt.

#3 Baseball

If you’re a baseball fan then dressing your baby bump up like a baseball is right up your alley. You can use a baseball maternity t-shirt or use a white maternity t-shirt and paint on your own baseball with red paint.

#4 Beach Ball

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Turning a baby bump into a beach ball is one of the best pregnant Halloween costumes I have seen because I LOVE the beach. You can wear a tank top tied up, a sports bra or a bikini top. You can wear shorts, a binkini bottom or capri maternity leggings.

Then use Halloween body paint to create a beach ball design on your bump.

#5 Bun in the Oven

You can be so cliche with this Bun in the Oven Halloween costume for pregnant women. It is one of the best pregnant Halloween costumes for women that are not showing yet so you can avoid “dressing up” your bump or working it into your costume (or better yet, working your costume around it).

#6 Kool-Aid Man

Another one of the best pregnancy Halloween costumes is to turn your bump into the Kool-Aid. It’s relatively easy to do with a red maternity shirt, some felt or a black fabric marker to create the face. You could also create a broken “brick wall” that the Kool-Aid Man is breaking through.

#7 Gumball Machine

Another one of the best pregnant Halloween costumes I’ve seen is a gumball machine. It’s another easy costume that you can create on your own without a ton of materials or a lot of time or effort.

All you need to start is a red maternity skirt and a white maternity t-shirt, different color pom poms + some felt to make the $.25 sign.

Use your baby bump as part of your Halloween costume by using ideas from some of the best pregnant Halloween costumes I’ve seen.

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