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The 5 Biggest Blogging Mistakes + Lessons Learned

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I started writing blog posts for clients full-time way back in 2008. After this, I started my own blogs, along with writing for clients. 

I would LOVE to say that I did everything right + made a bunch of money right out of the gate, but that’s just not true.

While I did do a lot of things right, I also made a bunch of mistakes. The important thing is that I learned from those mistakes + used what I learned to make all of my blogs better as well.

So here are some of the biggest blogging mistakes I made at the beginning + the lessons I learned.

1. Not Having a Professionally Designed Site

Bluchic WordPress Themes

It is so easy these days to put up a website. There are some free templates on WordPress + Square Space, even Wix. I use WordPress so I was using a free template for my website + blog.

The problem with this is that the template never truly represented my brand + my business (even though I could customize colors + fonts — to an extent). It didn’t function the way I needed it to, either, which was a big problem.

When I started using a Premium WordPress Template + then later had a designer custom design a site for me, it made a world of difference for me, my brand + my business. 

If I had to do it again, at a minimum, I would have bought a Premium WordPress Theme + then had the company customize it to fit my needs.

2. Not Investing in Education

I was the Queen of why would I pay $297 (or whatever the price was) to learn this stuff when I Google here + Google there + spend the rest of my life until I retire finding all of the info I need?

Yeah, not smart at all.

I learned that being cheap was really expensive.

I wasted a lot of time, which cost me a lot of money.

Once I realized what a HUGE mistake I was making, I took courses like:

OMG…tons + tons of expert information, tips, tricks, advice…everything I needed to truly take my blog + business to the next level — all in one place.

Seriously. I don’t know what I was waiting for or why I wasted so much time. 

3. Choosing the Wrong Host

I started out with GoDaddy + had a good run with them. Then, the bottom fell out.

I switched to Bluehost + it was a disaster.

I switched to Siteground several years ago + I’ve never looked back. Pretty much 100% uptime, superior customer service, yeah, great. 

4. Trying To Do It All Myself

Another HUGE mistake I made was trying to do it all myself. Not only when it came time to learn but also just trying to keep up with the amount of things I had to do to keep the blog running. 

I started outsourcing + quick. OK…not so quick because I kept telling myself that I couldn’t afford to pay someone else to do “the things” for me (PLUS, I might be a teeny-tiny-weenie bit of a control freak.).

Similar to education, though, I realized that I was LOSING a ton of money by focusing on the tasks that weren’t actually making me money. 

I hired a VA to take care of these tasks + now I focus almost solely on writing content.

5. Choosing to Be a Generalist

For years + years + years, I wrote for any industry that would hire + pay me to write for them. 

The day I started writing for one niche, my business increased instead of decreased.

I made more money because I became a specialist instead of a generalist. 

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, learn from all of my blogging mistakes so you don’t make the same ones, too!

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  • Julie

    These are really great tips. I made a few of these mistakes too when I first started. I am not 100% a professional blogger, but I totally agree that you have to ask for help, and that you have to have niche so that people can associate you with something and see you as an expert. πŸ™‚ Blogging is a journey and there is always something to learn. Thank you for sharing your knowledge! πŸ™‚

  • Clare

    Hi Kristie
    Great article with some really important points. I particularly agree with the one about getting the right hosting – there’s no point in spending ages writing great content if no one is going to see it because your website is down…
    Also if you can just set it up and forget it that’s one less thing to worry about!
    Clare xx

  • Danielle

    Great post!! Its so important and smart for us bloggers to learn from each other. Theres no reason we should all make the same mistakes over and over again.

  • Ameliee

    Sometimes I feel like overinvestment in education is a thing … all of the great courses on blogging are becoming more and more popular, and at the same time – more and more expensive. These things totally add up and cut into your blog profits.

    • girlmom

      If you’re not smart + strategic with how you approach it then, yes. Each of these courses is about a super specific part of blogging, like affiliate marketing or Pinterest. I tackled one course at a time over time. After honing my skills on SEO for example, I moved on to doing the same for Pinterest. The results are amazing, though, so it is well worth the investment that I made in each of these courses.

  • Halle

    All very great points. Blogging definitely isn’t for the faint of heart – it takes grit!

    I also need to focus on becoming a specialist rather than a generalist. Very hard as a people pleaser lol.

    Great post!

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