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    Tips To Be A More Productive Mommy

    This blog post contains affiliate links. I may earn a small commission to fund my coffee drinking habit if you use these links to make a purchase. It does not cost you anything extra +  you’ll keep me supplied in caffeine. It’s a win for everyone, really.

    Do you often think about what you would do with even just one extra hour in your day?

    Squeezing more time out of the ‘ole 24 hours a day — especially if you cook for your family every day, keep your house clean(ish) + hold down a job to pay all the bills — is hard.

    You’ve tried googling “productivity tips” but you see ideas suited for C-level executives or young singles with boundless energy, not real moms like you.

    I have something that just might help, something created by women + moms who understand that you’re looking for practical productivity solutions that can work in your world.

    It’s called The Ultimate Productivity Bundle and it was created curated by real people with real life responsibilities just like you: they have families, work part- or full-time jobs or run businesses, don’t have personal assistants or the budget for hiring lots of extra help. 

    They want to help you (+ themselves) conquer your to-do list, free up more time for yourself + reach your goals.

    When you buy The Ultimate Productivity Bundle you’ll get access to:

    • 5 eBooks
    • 14 eCourses + videos
    • 26 printables + workbooks

    The bundle is only available for 6 days!

    Check out the Ultimate Productivity Bundle to see if it is for you.

    You also have the option to buy “cheat sheets” with your bundle. This is a game changer, because with these time-saving cheat sheets, you can review all the bundle’s material in less than half the time + then dive deeper into the topics that are most interesting to you.

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    Speed Up Your Family’s Morning Routine

    Do you dread the busy mornings, when everyone trips over each other in the kitchen + bathroom, it’s an ongoing struggle to get coffee made, kids dressed + fed + grown-ups showered + packed up in time for work?

    Are backpacks often misplaced, busses missed + people generally annoyed + disheveled?

    Instead of stressing about the mad morning rush, focus on how you can get things to run more smoothly by becoming more organized in the first place.

    Tackle the Week’s Lunch Plans

    Most every kid enjoys pizza Fridays in the school cafeteria. Unless you’re dealing with food allergies, you can plan for your children to buy lunch at the end of each week.

    Then, Monday can be another bought-lunch day, with kids eating school lunches while you’re out at the grocery store, stocking up for brown-bagged lunches on Tuesday, Wednesday + Thursday.

    Check the Weather

    Nothing like dressing your kids in long pants in time to realize that rain is about to start pummeling everything just as they’re heading out the door… or seeing them emerge from their rooms dressed in shorts on an unexpectedly chilly September morning.

    Take a minute to look at the weekly forecast. Then, check again the night before. Weather tends to be unpredictable at times.

    Keep Up with Laundry

    Laundry procrastination leaves everyone feeling disorganized + chaotic in the morning. Laundry is one of those background tasks.

    If you’re going to be home, you can easily throw in a load no matter what else you may be doing. Enlist older kids for laundry duty as well.

    It helps to categorize clothing, not only by color but by wearer. This way, the folder of the laundry can fill up baskets quickly without trying to figure out whose socks belong to whom.

    I’ll be honest. I don’t sort laundry. Unless it’s delicate or hand wash, one big scoop of laundry goes into the washer, then into the dryer + then gets folded, hung + put away. Not sorting can also save a lot of time.

    Make Productive Shortcuts

    Since we’re discussing laundry… suppose you just cleaned + dried a load of laundry. Now you don’t have time to fold it.

    A time-saving shortcut would be to carry the basket of clean clothing up to the person’s room whose laundry it is. This way, in the morning if they’re missing a favorite pair of jeans, you can direct them to the basket of clothes.

    Lay Out Clothing the Night Before

    Set out or have your kids set out complete outfits the night before. This alleviates everyone trying to figure out what they’re going to wear when they can be getting dressed instead. All they have to do is get up + get dressed.

    Make + Pack Lunches at Night

    Sometimes the last thing you want to do is start filling lunch boxes at 8 p.m. But if you make lunch prep part of dinner clean-up, you can organize everything so that you’re not awake at midnight worrying if you have enough cold cuts for everyone in the house to have lunch tomorrow.

    Take Shifts for the Bathroom

    If you’re short on bathrooms, the best way around this is to stagger wake-up times.

    For a smaller sized family, adults can wake up + use the bathroom first. Kids follow suit while Mom or Dad is downstairs making breakfast. So set the alarms accordingly.

    Bigger families should allow for the kids with the earliest schedules to use the bathroom first. Also, things like hair drying + make-up application for teen girls doesn’t need to happen in the bathroom, especially when others are waiting their turn.

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    How to Make Easy Healthy Family Meals

    Find some tips, hints + friendly reminders on how to make easy healthy family meals everyone is going to love.

    Limit Processed Foods

    Even though we all love boxed mac and cheese, did you know it’s so easy to make from scratch?

    Just boil up some noodles, then drain. Add butter (grass fed is healthier), organic milk or half + half + some easy melting cheese like cheddar, American or even Parmesan if you want a little more tang in your mac.

    Turn the heat to low + stir until everything melts together into a yummy, gooey, cheesy sauce.

    There are plenty of other convenience foods, like instant oatmeal, that you can make from scratch without batting a brow. So much healthier… plus, cooking from scratch is good for the soul.

    Eat Yogurt with Everything

    Make plain yogurt a permanent item on your grocery shopping list. Learn how to cook with it + serve it as a side with breakfast, lunch + even dinner.

    Yogurt contains active cultures which give the gut flora a healthy boost. You can eat yogurt in the morning with fruit, nuts +/or granola.

    If you’re dipping cut-up veggies with lunch or as an afternoon snack, add a dollop of plain yogurt to your favorite ranch dressing.

    At dinner time, sub in plain yogurt for sour cream + serve with Mexican favorites like tacos + burritos, or add a spoon or two to your favorite vegetarian soup.

    Chicken tenderizes beautifully in yogurt and spices. What else can you think up to make with yogurt?

    Consider Seasonal Foods

    Do you enjoy gardening in the spring and summer?

    Cool to warm seasons like spring + fall bring nutrition in the form of cold loving veggies like lettuce, kale, broccoli, carrots, turnips, collards + spinach.

    Hot weather yields fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, peppers + eggplant, to name a few.

    Even if you can’t find time for a backyard garden, you can make pit stops at the local farmer’s market on your way home from work or running errands.

    Stock up for the 5-day work week + keep a mental (or physical) checklist of what veggies are in your crisper so you won’t let anything go waste.

    Avoid Food Processed Powder

    Avoid any food that’s been processed into a powder and can fit into a box, pouch or carton. For example, those powdered gravy mixes that come to life when heated with water.

    Powdered lemonade or ice tea mixes are easy to replace by squeezing a few lemons into a pitcher of water, or brewing iced tea at home. Even those trendy designer “good for you” chips and crackers sprinkled with mysteriously addictive, flavored powders, should be minimized.

    The exception would be if you read the list of ingredients + find there’s only salt, pepper, natural spices + herbs.

    Avoid Overcooking

    Don’t overcook. Red meat should be cooked medium-rare to medium to ensure that pathogens are destroyed on the surface but the nutritional content remains in tact on the inside.

    Cooked vegetables should retain their color + be crisp, not flaccid. Stir-frying is better than boiling veggies, as vitamins and minerals leach into the cooking water which we usually toss instead of drink (consider drinking the cooking water next time you cook some spinach!).

    Soups should be simmered slowly rather than boiled rapidly, to retain the nutrients.

    Grass-fed Trumps Feed Lot

    More people are becoming aware of the crowded + disease-ridden conditions that animals on feed-lot farms must endure before they become food on our table or at the drive-through window of your favorite fast-food establishment.

    To get the most nourishment from meats, invest in a bulk meat share where you can freeze a large quantity of grass-fed beef, pork or free-range chicken in the name of your family’s health.

    To save money, eat smaller portions of meat, subbing in healthy veggie + fish alternatives.

    Make Your Own Stock + Broth

    Bone broth is trending right now, because people are once again realizing something that the old timers have known for generations. Animal bones contain important minerals that help strengthen our bones, protect our immune systems + nourish our bodies overall.

    Even better if the animal comes from a small local farm where it was permitted to graze on grass outside in the healing sunlight.

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    7 Tips to be Done with Dinner in Half an Hour or Less

    Whether you’re a working mom, single dad, parent who works from home or stay at home parent, there’s no doubt that keeping up with day to day responsibilities can be a challenge.

    With plans constantly in flux due to over-communication + over-scheduling, it’s getting more difficult to stay on top of things like dinner prep. And yet… your family insists on eating dinner EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT.

    Nightly take-out isn’t a healthy or cost effective option for most of us, which means you have to do something to keep up with this whole dinner thing.

    Are home cooked meals a priority for you despite the pressing demands of life? If it’s your goal to feed your family fresh food as often as possible while saving money + time, then read on for tips on how to plan, shop + prep to ensure that you can be done with dinner in half an hour or less.

    1. Keep Pre-Made Shopping Lists

    Anyone who doesn’t like shopping lists is leaving a huge time saver on the table. We all know the frustrating feeling of coming home from the grocery store to realize you failed to bring home some needed items.

    (“Darn it! I forgot half + half again!”)

    It’s worth keeping a running list in a central location like the kitchen, with a pen in easy reach. Family members can jot down items they may want, without having to send random texts at inconvenient times or make requests out loud that are soon forgotten.

    Even better… categorize your list. Some excellent planners take the time to type out a shopping list template that’s organized by grocery store department.

    Include the items you typically buy, such as milk, eggs, bread, meat, or lunch box favorites such as a type of juice box that your children prefer. Then, when it’s time to shop, you can print it out, check off what you need, add extras + be on your way.

    If you’re not a computer person, at least take a few moments to re-write the list that was posted in the kitchen, according to section, i.e. produce first, then deli, then meat + so forth, according to the physical layout of your favorite grocery store.

    If you’ve never done this, it may seem excessive at first. But you really will spend a lot less time fumbling around if you get your shopping list in ship-shape.

    2. Plan Ahead for Dinner in Half an Hour

    Have a general idea of what you’ll be making + serving for the 5-day work week. It is one of the best ways to ensure that you can be done with dinner in half an hour or less.

    So if you usually grocery-shop on Monday, you might say to yourself: “Pork is on sale. I can get a roast + cook it in the crock pot.

    The leftovers become tacos for Tuesday.

    Mid-week we can have a vegetarian meal. Thursday is pot luck. Friday, we make homemade pizza.

    Then, before you leave, jot down all the items you’ll need to buy to make this happen. Some things, like veggies + sides, can be flexible. But if you have a general idea of how the week’s meals will go, you won’t flounder when it comes time to make dinner.

    3. Utilize Frozen Sides

    Frozen foods are a huge time saver + even meats come to life pretty quickly thanks to modern conveniences like the microwave. Stock up on your favorite bagged vegetable selections from the frozen foods aisle.

    4. Have Heat + Eat Options for a Busy Night

    Chicken nuggets warm up quickly in the toaster oven.

    Frozen French fries can be baked in less than 20 minutes, with easy tray cleanup after.

    Buy or make soup, then stash single or double servings in the freezer for use as needed. To thaw soup in a hurry, just run the frozen container under warm water.

    Then, place in a sauce pan with lid with a bit of water in the bottom + turn the stove on medium. When the soup begins to liquefy, lower the heat + stir occasionally to break up frozen chunks + warm up the contents.

    5. Stock Starches in the Fridge

    Rice, pasta + whole grain sides such as brown rice noodles make easy grab-and-go selections to cut significant time from dinner prep.

    For example, if you’re busy at work thinking ahead to dinner, you can mentally prep for a quick one-pot meal that involves a quick zap of some broccoli in the microwave, a sauté of chicken + the addition of pre-cooked noodles + sauce which can be added at the end.

    6. Plan + Shop for a Cooking Day

    This can be a Sunday morning, or any other day when you know you’ll be home. You can make more complicated meals like lasagna, casseroles, meat sauce, pot roast, stew, chili, soup, or something else that would take several hours to prepare + cook.

    Freeze in single or double portions to thaw + eat on another night.

    7. Clean as You Go

    When it comes time to hustle through dinner cooking, you can make easier work of the post-meal clean-up by tackling things as you go.

    Items like peelers, colanders + boiling pots don’t require much soap to get clean. So you can quickly wipe + rinse them directly after use.

    After chopping vegetables, wipe the knife on a clean cloth + store back in its proper place immediately (keeps people from cutting themselves, too).

    Waste not a moment in getting food out of the pan you cooked it in + running water into the pan to rinse + wipe before things get sticky + stuck.

    When all’s said and done, you’ll have only dinner plates, serving bowls + utensils to wash.

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    It’s National Gourmet Coffee Day

    This blog post contains affiliate links. I may earn a small commission to fund my coffee drinking habit if you use these links to make a purchase. It does not cost you anything extra +  you’ll keep me supplied in caffeine. It’s a win for everyone, really.

    Happy Saturday, Mamas!

    Today is National Gourmet Coffee Day.

    I know this Mama runs on caffeine. (Don’t judge me.) What about you?

    Check out these three delicious latte mixes to celebrate National Gourmet Coffee Day.

    1. White Chocolate Caramel Latte

    Picture of White Chocolate Caramel Latte

    Make your own creamy, dreamy white chocolate caramel latte at home. Just add hot milk or water, stir + enjoy. Boxed with easy single serve grab ‘n’ go style packages that are Gluten Free.

    2. Pumpkin Spice Latte

    Picture of Pumpkin Spice Latte

    These single-serve packets contain a signature espresso mixed with Arabica coffee, combined with cream + cane sugar.

    Pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg + cloves are carefully added to create this fan favorite beverage that is a total fall favorite (but is just as delicious any time of the year).

    3. Sticky Toffee Latte

    Picture of Sticky Toffee Latte

    Take your latte with you with easy portable single serve latte mixes.
    Caramel combined with white chocolate, toffee + molasses. The toffee obsession is real!  Just add milk or water.

    Celebrate National Gourmet Coffee Day your way. As for me, I’m off to drink another cup of coffee.

    It’s one of the reasons I own this shirt.

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    Easy Freezer Meals for After Baby

    This blog post contains affiliate links. I may earn a small commission to fund my coffee drinking habit if you use these links to make a purchase. It does not cost you anything extra +  you’ll keep me supplied in caffeine. It’s a win for everyone, really.

    Each time I was pregnant, during my nesting phase, I would prep easy freezer meals for after baby came home from the hospital. I ended up having two unplanned + one planned C-sections so it was super helpful to my recovery to know that I had a stash of food in the freezer so nobody would starve (baby excluded).

    Of course, friends brought food + had food delivered too but this wasn’t every day of the week! Check out at least three ways you can make easy freezer meals for after baby comes home from the hospital,

    Make + Freeze

    There are plenty of recipes/meals/dinners you can make that are easy to freeze. Spaghetti sauce is easy to make ahead + freeze. Then all you have to do is thaw the sauce + boil the pasta.

    Baked ziti is an easy recipe to make, freeze + reheat when it’s time to eat. Soups are another great food to make ahead of time, freeze + throw in the crock pot or microwave to reheat. You can add a side salad + pair it with a nice bread, if you’re so inclined.

    Crock Pot Meals

    I LOVE crock pot meals. There is something so satisfying + easy about throwing a bunch of ingredients into a crockpot, turning that sucker on + letting it go to work.

    Sometimes, I follow a recipe. Other times, I just throw a bunch of ingredients in the crock pot that I think will make a yummy dinner + let the magic happen (or the chips fall where they may–not actual chips but proverbial chips, that it).

    Do yourself a favor + buy some crock pot liners. These are life changing because it makes cleanup as easy as cooking the meal is.

    Meal Kits

    Another great option is meal kits. These kits come with all or the majority of the ingredients you need to prep + freeze meals ahead of time. Some are freezer meals that come in sets of 5, so you you just go to your freezer, pull out a meal, pop it in the oven or crock pot + promptly put dinner on the table for your family the fast + easy way.

    As an added bonus, you can find healthy KETO freezer meals, too.

    Let’s be real. When 5 p.m. rolls around, the last thing you want to do is brave the grocery store + start cooking dinner from scratch — especially if you have a newborn, but even if you have older kids.

    Don’t let every evening roll around, where you end up facing a mob of hangry family members + you’re staring at an empty fridge.

    Use one or all of these options to prep + freeze meals so that you can feed yourself + your family as you ease into life with a new baby.

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    A Girl Mom Review of 7 Diapers

    This blog post contains affiliate links. I may earn a small commission to fund my coffee drinking habit if you use these links to make a purchase. It does not cost you anything extra +  you’ll keep me supplied in caffeine. It’s a win for everyone, really.

    As a mom of three girls, I’ve had some diaper experiences. In fact, from the first daughter to the last (who is 11 months old today), I’ve used 7 different diapers.

    Here’s the good, bad + the ugly on all 7 of them.


    The hospital where I gave birth to my first daughter used Pampers. We also attended Baby Bootcamp + a Baby Bundles class (both taught by nurses) + both classes suggested Pampers so we went with it.

    We used Pampers in the hospital + when we first brought her home. We had several leaks + blowouts. Especially when she started sleeping through the night at about five months, Pampers just couldn’t hold all that pee overnight, which caused wet sheets + a wet, unhappy baby (sometimes at 3 am) + two unhappy parents fumbling with sheets + baby PJs in the middle of the night.

    Then, there were the blowouts. My daughter had quite a few incidents where she explosively blew poop out of her diaper–a few times without catching any in the diaper at all but all over me. I still don’t know how she managed to do that.

    I also found Pampers to be on the more expensive side than the other brands on the market. If I’m going to pay more, I certainly don’t want all of the incidents + wind up wearing poop.

    Talking with a pediatrician (who is also a mom) in later years, she agreed with my assessment, also mentioning she thought Pampers had a chemical smell to them that she didn’t like.


    From Pampers, we switched to Huggies Snug ‘N Dry. I never had any major problems with Huggies. There was no chemical smell.

    We had a leak or blowout here + there but it was usually do to user error–me or my husband not putting the diaper on 100% right.

    Huggies seemed to hold a lot more pee + poop than Pampers did. We had a few accidents, but again, it was far + few between.

    Overall, we were extremely happy with Huggies + used them until my first daughter was out of diapers. We also used them for my second + third daughters until we switched to Honest for my third.


    I gave Luvs a try once or twice. They are by far one of the least expensive diapers on the market.

    I didn’t love them but I didn’t hate them either. They are really thin + lightweight so I wouldn’t let them go too long without a changing. Overnights were pretty much out of the question. They weren’t heavy enough to hold a large amount of pee.

    Mom to Mom

    Mom to Mom is the Safeway grocery store brand of diapers. I found it is at a similar price point to Luvs but a step or two above as far as thickness and quality.

    I would buy + use this brand if I ran out of diapers in between Amazon subscription shipments of Huggies.

    I never had any leaks or problems with them but I did only use them here and there and not really on a regular basis.

    Side note: I used this brand of pull-ups for my two older girls–again, when there was a shortage in between shipments. No complaints with the pull-ups either.

    Target Brand

    I had a similar experience with the Target brand diapers.

    I would buy + use this brand if I ran out of diapers in between Amazon subscription shipments.

    I never had any leaks or problems with them but I did only use them here and there and not really on a regular basis.

    Side note: I also used this brand of pull-ups for my two older girls–again, when there was a shortage in between shipments. No complaints with the pull-ups either.


    Honest diapers + wipes are by far my favorite brand. There are no harmful or questionable chemicals in the making of the products.

    The quality is above all of the other brands that I have used. The diapers are thick and soft. The baby can sleep for 10+ hours + the diapers do not leak. The wipes are sturdy but soft + do not have a funny smell or leave any kind of film after using the wipes.

    I subscribe to the bundle so the pricing is comparable to Huggies. The bundle includes 7 packages of diapers + 4 packages of wipes + they show up at my door on a schedule that I set.

    Aldi Brand

    I adore Aldi so I thought I would give their diapers + wipes a try. The pricing is about half the cost of the Honest brand diapers + wipes.

    Sorry, Aldi, but your diapers + wipes just don’t hold up to the test. We had several leaks during the day + never even used them at night because we knew there’d definitely be a problem.

    They are extremely thin + lightweight so just don’t seem nearly as durable as the Honest brand.

    I am waiting on my shipment of Honest diapers + wipes today but am running short on diapers so I almost added Aldi diapers to my Instacart–just as a fill-in until my subscription arrives.

    Phew. My Honest box is out for delivery so I don’t have to 🙂

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    30 Meals in 30 Days Challenge

    This blog post contains affiliate links. I may earn a small commission to fund my coffee drinking habit if you use these links to make a purchase. It does not cost you anything extra +  you’ll keep me supplied in caffeine. It’s a win for everyone, really.

    We’ve all done it.

    Peering inside our fridge, hoping that this time you find thawing meat, a little inspiration or even – miracle of miracles – a ready-made meal.

    I know I have.

    There’s one thing that I know helps with this daily dilemma: meal planning.

    When you know what’s for dinner every day, you’re more efficient, less stressed + you get some of your time (+ life) back. While meals won’t throw themselves together, you might be surprised at how much easier (+ even enjoyable) it feels when you have a meal plan in place.

    You probably already know that, but do you want a way to make planning easy peasy lemon squeezy?

    The Healthy Meal Planning Bundle 2019 is on sale now. It helps you put healthier meals on your table, in less time, with less stress.

    With over 1000 recipes, a clickable index, ready-made meal plans (with grocery lists), nutritional information for every recipe + more, the Healthy Meal Planning Bundle is designed to save you from the pain of the frantic, pre-dinner hour. 😉

    Plus, when you buy your copy by midnight tonight, you’ll also get the 30 Meals in 30 Days Challenge (a $21 value) for free.

    If the hardest part of meal planning is making the habit stick, this is for you!

    This challenge comes with a free Facebook group for accountability +reminders, weekly live trainings + frequent email support to help you use your bundle, find time-saving ways to meal plan + cook + get loads of tips to streamline the whole process. At the end of 30 days, you’ll have made 30 meals + kicked off your year with a shiny new habit!

    Get  your bundle now!

    Pick up your copy of the Healthy Meal Planning Bundle + the 30 Meals in 30 Days Challenge (for free!) today.

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    2019 Mom Goal

    I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions. And I’m definitely not one for picking a “word” for the year.

    I’ve had business goals since I went full-time as a writer in 2008 but this year I’m setting a Mom Goal.

    Mom Goal

    In 2019, the one thing I’m going to focus on perfecting is being present.

    When I say be present, I mean to be more present with my children.

    To put down my phone more.

    To close my laptop.

    To ignore the dishes, vacuuming, or picking up.

    To just be.

    To read more with them. To answer more of their questions. To just sit with them, cuddle with them, and snuggle with them.

    The Days Are Long

    You’ve probably heard the saying that the days are long but the years are short.

    I’m feeling the effects of that more and more these days. Maybe it’s because my youngest is turning one in February.

    Maybe it’s because I know she is my last baby and time has flown by. Maybe it’s because my oldest went off to Kindergarten this year or my middle daughter only has one year of preschool after this one before she heads to Kindergarten.

    I’m starting to realize they won’t be little forever so the dishes, laundry, and whatever else can wait.

    For now, I’m just going to be…here. With. Them.

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    How I Get 4+ Hours of My Life Back Every Month (+ Keep My Sanity)

    Because my husband + kids insist on eating three meals a day with a cajillion snacks in between, I have to grocery shop.

    I’m not sure if I despise anything more than dragging one to three kids through a grocery store (or any store for that matter) while they point at anything and everything asking if they can have it.

    I’d almost rather have a prostate exam–and I don’t have a prostate.

    Plus, who has time for that? Here are some time management tips for moms like you + me so we can get some of our time (+ a glimpse of our life) back.

    Amazon Subscription

    Since my first daughter was a baby, I have subscribed to diapers, wipes, and eventually pull-ups through Amazon. Then, along came baby snacks and baby food, and eventually teething wafers, etc.

    Nothing saves more time than my shipment showing up once a month like clockwork. I don’t have to even think about it because there it is right when I need it.

    Time management tips for moms at its best right here.

    Honest Co.

    I now subscribe to the Honest Co. diaper and wipe bundle instead of getting diapers and wipes from Amazon. I found the bundles through Honest Co. to be comparable in pricing to Amazon and the diaper patterns are so cute.

    Seriously, though, the Honest Co. diapers and wipes don’t have any chemicals that smell funny or irritate the baby’s skin.

    I can choose different designs (if I want to) for each delivery, season, or holiday or stick with the same designs. I can also set the delivery schedule for whatever timeframe I want.

    The timeframes are more flexible than Amazon subscription and if you need it right away the price doesn’t change like it does on Amazon.


    Around the time my husband was traveling for work a lot, I decided schlepping to the pet store to wrestle a 40-50lb. bag of dog food into my cart, then into my truck, and then into my house wasn’t my idea of a good time.

    Call me crazy.

    This is when I found and started using Chewy.com. This too is on autopilot so I don’t have to think whether or not Lola or Poppy needs food. The dog and cat food just shows up on the schedule that I have set.

    Life changing.


    My latest time-saving obsession is Instacart. I have been using it on a weekly basis for the last month for groceries from Aldi.

    I L-O-V-E that I can use my phone to add items to my shopping cart as I have a few minutes or realize that I am out of an item. Then, I can choose the date and the time slot that the groceries show up.

    I especially have a fondness for the fact that I can “watch” the app as my shopper goes through my list to approve or decline substitutions as they shop. I have also discovered that I can go through my cart ahead of time to choose specific replacement items, request a refund, or allow the shopper to choose a replacement.

    Mind blowing!

    Jet and Boxed

    Another one of my greatest discoveries is Jet.com and Boxed.com. They are respectively the BJs and Costco of the online world. While you can’t buy too much in the way of fresh items, you can buy non-perishables in bulk (or singly from Jet).

    Again, add everything to your cart and it shows up at your door. The only thing I wish both of these sites offered is a subscription service so I could set certain items to show up regularly rather than having to manually shop for them when I need them.

    Not a deal breaker but it would be nice.

    So, there you have it, ladies. I save at least four hours (if not more) each month by not having to leave the house to shop for diapers, wipes, pull-ups, dog food, cat food, or groceries. I can shop in my not-so-flattering-to others (but super comfy) yoga pants, play with my kids, work, or what-ev while my groceries and goods are heading my way.

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