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    12 Non-Toy Easter Basket Ideas for Girls

    This blog post contains affiliate links. I may earn a small commission to fund my coffee drinking habit if you use these links to make a purchase. It does not cost you anything extra +  you’ll keep me supplied in caffeine. It’s a win for everyone, really.

    I’m in never-ending clean out mode. My girls seem to accumulate so much crap, for lack of a better term.

    I’ve taken on the mission of getting rid of all the extraneous stuff to give them gifts that are NOT toys. This can get especially tricky for Easter baskets because along with the no-toy goal, I also try to cut back on the sweets + candy junk.

    Here are some non-toy + non-candy Easter basket gift ideas for girls:

    1. Personalized Towels

    Each girl is getting her own personalized bath towel. I’ll have the Etsy seller embroider her name on the towel. These are full size bath towels since all three girls are getting too long for the cute little hooded kid towels.

    2. Mermaid Blankets with Doll Mermaid Blanket

    My girls each have a blanket (affectionately known as their Bs) that they sleep with. When it’s time for lounging on the couch or floor in the living room, I’m adding a mermaid tail blanket with a matching one for their dolls.

    3. Tickets

    I’ve been giving all three girls more experience gifts, too. I haven’t decided which experience is going to land in their Easter baskets but past experience gifts were tickets to Bubble Guppies Live + Toddler Tea Time at our local tea place, Tea with Mrs. B.

    4. Water Bottle

    My girls are also at the ages where they need nicer water bottles than the average sippy cup. The two older ones take them to school for snack + lunch. Something along the lines of Camelbak for kids but I haven’t decided if that is going to be the one that actually goes into the basket yet.

    5. Lessons

    Give the gift of lessons or a class that your little girl would enjoy. Ice skating, painting, dance or a sport are all options.

    6. Gardening Supplies

    Spring is just around the corner so it’s a great time to give a gardening kit to your girls. A little bag with gardening tools, packets of seeds + bulbs for planting are all great gardening supplies for girls.

    7. Alarm Clock

    My oldest gets up for Kindergarten + the middle daughter goes to preschool. Both are obsessed with alarm clocks so they know when it’s morning + time to get up.

    8. Audiobooks

    We’re a family that loves to read. We have shelves + shelves of adult + children’s books. We don’t necessarily need any more at this point so we’ve started using audiobooks for the kids.

    They can listen to them on their iPads. There’s a sleeping one that they love + does help to calm them before going to sleep.

    9. A Swoop Bag

    I usually use a garbage bag (I know, bad Mommy) but a swoop bag makes cleanup fun for the kids. They can easily scoop up the toys that are scattered ALL. OVER. THE. FLOOR. + store them until it’s time to scatter them again.

    Most swoop bags double as play mats so they can technically play on the mat when it’s open, draw string the toys inside when they’re done + store it away. In theory, anyway 🙂

    10. Bird Feeder + Seed

    Spring means birds are returning from the South (as a Florida girl, I wish I was returning from the South, too). Give the kids a bird feeder that they can hang from a tree or one that sticks to the outside of a window.

    Supply them with seed to add to the feeder. You can even buy craft kids so the kids can make their own bird feeders.

    11. Subscription Boxes

    Give the gift of a subscription. Of course, choose subscription boxes that don’t send toys but instead send knowledge or experiences (such as Little Passports or Green Kid Crafts).

    12. Mommy + Me Nail Polish

    My girls (+ I) love to get our nails done. We mostly paint them at home so a Mommy + Me nail polish set is a great Easter basket idea for girls.

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    3 Valentine’s Day Foods + Goodies for Your Sweetie

    This blog post contains affiliate links. I may earn a small commission to fund my coffee drinking habit if you use these links to make a purchase. It does not cost you anything extra +  you’ll keep me supplied in caffeine. It’s a win for everyone, really.

    Food is LOVE  🧡🧡🧡

    It doesn’t have to be unhealthy food but it does have to be YUMMY food.

    Check out these foods + yummies especially for Valentine’s Day!

    Red Velvet Pancakes Mix

    Get creative this Valentine’s Day + spoil your honey with decadent + festive red velvet pancakes

    Delicious and colorful, this indulgent meal looks absolutely stunning on a beautiful tray for a special breakfast-in-bed treat.  Add a special touch + cut them into heart shapes with heart shape cookie cutters.

    These pancakes are extra decadent, studded with mini chocolate chips + drizzled with a cream cheese glaze. 

    Strawberry Fluff Graham Icebox Cake

    A delicious no-bake cake, filled with strawberry marshmallow fluffy layer featuring real strawberry marshmallows. 

    This yummy icebox cake takes minutes to whip up + no baking is required. 

    Luscious layers of graham, strawberry fluff mixed with cream cheese, topped with strawberries + whipped cream. 

    Just add whipped cream, real strawberries, cream cheese + butter. This is a four-layer frozen dessert that’ll keep your sweetie coming back for more!

    Make is a perfect V-Day treat by making it in a heart-shaped dish/pan!

    Gourmet Red Velvet Cupcakes

    Classic red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting are always a hit! 
    These cupcakes are so moist + the cocoa-buttermilk flavor will make you or your sweetie swoon.

    The mix features the decadent red velvet cupcake mix, naturally colored with red beets + pitaya powder + includes a light but lovely vanilla bean cream cheese frosting. 

    Makes 12 cupcakes. Bake them in a heart shaped muffin pan for an added special touch.

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    10 Valentine’s Day Activities for Young Kids

    This blog post contains affiliate links. I may earn a small commission to fund my coffee drinking habit if you use these links to make a purchase. It does not cost you anything extra +  you’ll keep me supplied in caffeine. It’s a win for everyone, really.

    My little people range in age from 11 months to 5 years. My oldest daughter is learning the months of the year in kindergarten so she is always asking us what month it is + what holidays take place during the month.

    She’s going to flip her lid when we get to February + she gets to do stuff for Valentine’s Day.

    Here are 10 activities you can do with your young kids to celebrate Valentine’s Day with them.

    1. Make Heart Ice Cubes

    Use these adorable ice cube trays to create heart ice cubes. Your kiddos will get a kick out of drinking + watching you drink with heart ice in your drinks all day long.

    2. Cookie Cutter Painting

    Using a heart cookie cutter, give your child some red, white or pink paint + some paper. They can dip the cookie cutter in paint + make their own masterpiece.

    3. Heart Tree

    This is a simple but fun craft for kids of all ages. Grab a tree branch from your front or back yard. Cut out different color hearts from construction paper. Glue the hearts onto the tree branches. Once the hearts are dry, place the branch in a vase to display.

    4. Musical Hearts Game

    It is similar to musical chairs but without the chairs. You can buy big foam hearts at your local craft store or cut hearts out from sheets of foam or even construction paper. You might want to tape construction paper hearts down with painter’s tape or masking tape so they don’t move.

    Make a circle with the hearts. Put on the music + have them move around from heart to heart. When the music stops they have to find a heart. Take one heart away + start over again. The last one standing wins.

    5. Valentine’s Theme Sensory Bin

    You can use the bottom of one of those shallow plastic storage bins to create a Valentine’s theme sensory bin for the kids to play. Start with dyed rice (pink or red is fun). You can also use white rice.

    You can add items such as gifts bows, heart cookie cutters, plastic bowls + spoons to the rice in the tub so kids can experience different textures, scoop, pour + play.

    6. Valentine’s Day Paper Chain

    You can buy Valentine’s theme scrapbooking paper from your local craft store. Cut the paper into strips that are approximately 2-3″ wide + long enough to make a ring out of it.

    Fold each strip to make a ring. You can staple the overlapping ends together as you loop through another loop to create a chain.

    This makes a great garland decoration for your home so you can make the chain as long or as short as you would like.

    7. Handprint Heart Doilies

    This is an easy project for babies + toddlers. Plus, it makes an adorable keepsake!

    Take two paper heart doilies and glue them together so that the edge of one overlaps the edge of the other (side by side). Paint your baby or toddler’s hand red or pink + press their right hand onto the right doily. Repeat for the left hand + the left doily.

    8. Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt

    A good old-fashioned scavenger hunt is fun for all ages. Of course, if your kiddos aren’t reading yet, you’ll have to help them out a bit with the clues. Britni over at Play. Party. Plan. offers a free printable + instructions on how to set up this Valentine’s Day themed scavenger hunt.

    9. Heart Hopscotch

    Cut out hearts big enough to create the hopscotch board. Write the numbers 1-10 on the hearts and tape them to the floor using painter’s tape or masking tape.

    You can use a small stone, coin or even a plastic lid from a playdough container for tossing.

    10. Jello Dig

    Put objects in a big plastic tub. You can use the shallow bottom of a storage bin for this activity too. Space the objects out. Mix + add 3 packets of Jello to the tub. Allow Jello to “harden” according to the instructions on the package.

    Your kiddos will love digging through the Jello to “uncover” the objects.

    Warning: Some dyed Jellos can stain your baby or toddler’s hands. It’ll wash off–eventually 🙂

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    #1 Reason I’m Giving My Kids Experience, Not Toy, Gifts

    Have you seen that YouTube video Girl Moms vs. Boy Moms, where they paint this picture of what it is like to be a mom to a girl in a light that it’s all cupcakes and kitten licks, while being a boy mom is all chaos and mayhem?

    To this I say poppycock!

    I have three girls, a 5-year-old, 3-year-old, and 10-month-old. Every single one of them, including the baby, is like a hurricane (and I know hurricanes because I am from Florida).

    In fact, this is what the older two girls’ room looked like this morning (I’m embarrassed to even reveal these pictures):

    This isn’t even the worst I have seen it look, either. The “stuff” doesn’t stay in their room either. It seems to overflow throughout the rest of the house, which means I get to spend every night walking through the house picking up the items nobody else bothered to pick up and return to their rightful home. 

    I have tried all sorts of toy clutter solutions. I bought those pretty bins to put on shelves. I bought a toy bin holder. The best of the toy clutter solutions that I could find is to stop buying toys.

    The Top Toy Clutter Solutions

    This, my fellow mamas, is the #1 reason I vow to not buy any more toys as gifts. This does not even include the 9lbs. (I wish I was exaggerating) of trash, toys, toy parts, books, cups, pieces to various games, arts and crafts pieces, and papers I cleaned out from behind and underneath their bunk bed.


    I was so angry while I was cleaning out this mess. This is exactly the moment that I proclaimed no more.

    On the way home from church last week, I had this exact conversation with my husband. I told him that our house is too small, they have too much crap, they don’t take care of the crap they have, and they don’t put away the stuff they have so NO MORE STUFF.

    I told him that I think we should give them experiences instead. 

    I would rather spend our money on taking them to the theater (our oldest has been asking about seeing The Nutcracker) or catching the Fancy Nancy live show that is in the area, or having them dine with their dolls at the American Doll Bistro.

    I’d rather pay for an extra vacation each year.

    I’d rather fill their calendar with even more free library programs than we already attend or pay for additional dance classes, soccer, or whatever the heck it is they want to do than to fill our house with even more stuff that nobody cleans up but me. 

    I would rather deposit extra money into their college funds than spend one more dollar on stuff.

    Educational Toys & Books

    We have overflowing bookshelves of kids books. We have bins bursting at the seams with puzzles and educational toys and games.

    At this point, we don’t need anymore. Plus, the two older ones, especially, have educational items in their kindergarten and preschool classes.

    PLUS, we can borrow and return most of these items from the library!

    This, this, and this are all the reasons why I am choosing to just say no. In the eyes of my kids, this probably makes me “the worst mom ever” but I can live with that. In the long run, they’re not going to remember or benefit from all of the stuff they have.

    The experiences they have, however, they will remember for a LONG time. 

    What about you, Mamas? How do you feel about toys and all of the stuff your kids own?

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