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    Some of My Fave Marketing Blogs

    I admit it. I’m a marketing junkie. I love pretty things that glitter + shine. I’m addicted to shows like Teen Mom, 16 and Pregnant + Outlander (don’t judge me). You can find a People magazine in my hand from time to time (+ I do read it cover to cover).

    But, back to the marketing junkie confession. These are some of my favorite marketing blogs. Reading them helps keep my up to date on the happenings in my world (+ probably yours if you own or run (or own + run) a business or blog.

    Quick Sprout

    Honestly, I receive Neil Patel’s emails, which is Quick Sprout’s founder + blog writer, to alert me when a new post is up on the blog. In other words, I don’t go specifically to the blog every day. I read his email intro + click on the link if it’s something of interest to me.

    I wouldn’t say what he offers is cutting edge stuff to someone who has been online or working in the world of marketing recently. What he does offer is great reminders on what we all SHOULD be doing with our marketing online. If you’re a novice, you’ll think he’s a genius, however.

    (AND, he might just be one since he has helped some major players turn their businesses into forces to be reckoned with.)

    From time to time, he does offer some great suggestions on apps or sites to check out for your marketing efforts.

    Digital Marketer

    Digital Marketer is another great one to follow. They share some pretty intriguing ways to drive traffic to your site. They share a ton of info about converting your visitors into buyers. They are obsessed with putting systems into place to create a sales + marketing funnel that works for your business.

    I’ve picked up some great tips—some that I definitely use in my daily content marketing + online marketing antics.

    Melissa Cassera

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, Melissa. She talks a great deal about your business being your guilty pleasure + about having a business crush. I am pretty sure that I might be crushin’ on Melissa. Anywho…

    Her bestie is also a copywriter + since I am a copywriter, this might just make Melissa a little nearer + dearer to me 🙂

    Melissa puts a public relations + sales spin on marketing. She delves a bunch into content marketing, but she focuses her attention on teaching you how to create RAVING FANS that cannot get enough of you + your business.

    I completed her 5-day business challenge, Obsessed I dove (face first) into her guide The Irresistible Business Challenge. Yum-my! Delicious content that I can eat with a spoon.

    What Do You Read?

    Do we share any top fave business blogs? What are your favorite blogs to read?

    XOXO, Kristie
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    3 Resources For Personal + Business Life While You Stay At Home

    If you are like me, you are staying home + staying safe. I’m homeschooling my kiddos (but they are on Spring Break this week).I’m working on client projects.

    I am working on earning as many certifications as possible + getting my own website + marketing in order.I want to share 3 resources available to you to help you work on your business during some of your temporary down time. 

    BTW: I have used all 3 of these resources to help me in my personal + business life (even before now).

    1. Stay At Home Bundle: I received a preview of this bundle because it doesn’t technically hit the market until midnight tomorrow (7th) + it’s only selling through the 8th.It’s full of resources for:

    Working From Home
    Kids activities
    Preparation + Organizing

    It is almost $500 worth of resources for $19.97.

    2. Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing: In my 7 ways to make money in your wedding business during the Coronavirus article, one of the ways I mentioned is affiliate marketing.Michelle Schroeder has a great course: Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. 

    3. Stupid Simple SEO: Use this time to create search engine optimized blog posts and website pages. This strategy can pay off for you long after your stay at home time.

    Mike Pearson’s Stupid Simple SEO course has all of the information you need to quickly and easily learn SEO + then put it to work for your wedding business. 

    Again, I have used all of these resources so if you have any questions, please let me know!
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    How to Build an Amazing Mom Blog

    With over 100 million blogs online, your blog has to offer readers something they can’t get elsewhere OR you have to offer info in a way that totally engages them.

    It may be the ease of starting a blog that makes it such a phenomenon. It might just be that more + more mommy bloggers want to stay at home with their kiddos + replace the income they’re leaving behind when they leave their jobs.

    Maintaining a blog, on the other hand, requires a lot more work than starting a blog. Maintaining a blog requires design, traffic, social media strategy, monetization +  more.

    The Mom Blog Plan

    Putting a blog plan in place for your mom blog is one of the easiest ways to ensure its success. Use this three-step approach to turn your blog from ho-hum to holy cow.

    1. Become Your Audience

    You have to think + act like the readers you’re trying to engage with your blog. Put yourself in their shoes + use this mindset to always make sure you’re providing information on your blog that is relevant to the blog topic + to the types of readers you want to attract.

    Questions to Ponder About Your Readers

    • What are their cares?
    • What are their interests?
    • What are their likes and dislikes?
    • What do they desire?
    • What do they fear?

    Then, assess what experience or knowledge you possess that answers the call of the information they seek. As is the case with any marketing medium (+ a blog is a marketing medium), you have to know your audience.

    1. Stay Engaged

    Consistency is the key component of a successful blog. Consistency equates to posting to your blog on a regular schedule. If you can post EPIC content at least two to three times per week, then schedule to commit to it. Even once a week, if it’s EPIC content, is consistent.

    If you can’t commit, consider getting guest bloggers to share posts to fill in the blanks. OR commit to writing at last one EPIC blog post per week. Really give it your all in the content + promoting the post throughout your social media networks, email list, etc.

    Also, share + talk about information that you know. Turn to the experts on topics + areas you want to cover when you aren’t an expert by using guest bloggers or interviews or roundup posts.

    1. Integrate Technology

    A blog without integration is an island of its own. Make sure that your readers can leave comments on your blog, but also be sure that you’re utilizing other communication tools.

    Social media networks such as Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook + Instagram should be included on your blog. Your blog address should also be included on your Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter + Instagram profiles + posts. As technology changes, your blog needs to change with it.

    With over 100 million blogs in the blogosphere, make your mom blog stand out from the crowd. You’re not into blogging to create “just another blog.” You’re into blogging to create an amazing mom blog.

  • what new working moms should know
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    What New Working Moms Should Know

    One of the biggest challenges of becoming a new mom is figuring out your new role as a working mother. You can make the transition go a lot easier by having a plan to deal with both the logistics + the emotional fallout that this new role in life may bring.

    Here are three primary things that all new working moms need to know:

    1. How to Take Time Off

    Depending on what type of maternity leave package your company offers, you may need to get creative to stretch out your time off from work after baby arrives. Maternity leave is one of the most common uses of short-term disability. According to Darras Law, you can also use long-term disability to help cover the necessary maternity leave period.

    Speak with your human resources staff prior to going on maternity leave to ensure that you understand how to maximize your time off of work while minimizing the disruption to your income + benefits.

    2. Transitioning Back to Work

    Jumping back in to work full-time can be a real challenge. If possible, try transitioning back to work on a part-time basis so that both you + your little one can gradually get used to this change. Talk to your boss about possible work arrangements to make this a reality.

    Possible solutions include working half days for the first few weeks back or spreading your maternity leave out so that you have long weekends as you make the transition back to work.

    Or perhaps you can work from home initially in an effort to help ease the separation. According to Work Options, there are a variety of ways to make this work for both you + your employer.

    3. Leave the Mom Guilt Behind

    According to The List, it is normal to experience a level of guilt upon your return to work. However, it is important to not let these feelings consume you. Remind yourself that you are making the best decision for your family + it is not up to anyone else to decide how you should feel about this.

    Making the most of your time with your child can also help to ease your feelings. It is important to remember that quality time is more meaningful than the quantity of time.

    In the end, it is also critical that you do not neglect your own self-care. As a new mom, make sure you pay extra attention to your new emotional + physical needs. Taking care of yourself + your feelings can help to make this transition a better experience for everyone involved.

    what new working moms should know
    what new working moms should know
    what new working moms should know
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    Self-Care for Moms

    I remember after having my first daughter, I totally lost myself in motherhood + being a wife. I gave up all the things I loved doing — reading, working out, going out with friends, getting my nails done.

    It was the WORST possible thing I could have done.

    Self-care for a mom is soooooooo important. It goes back to putting your oxygen mask on first before helping your child put on theirs when you’re on an airplane. If mom isn’t breathing then nobody is.

    So, Mama, put on your oxygen mask. It’s going to make you a better mom, person + wife if you take care of yourself first.

    Why Self-Care for Moms Matters

    You’ve probably heard the term “self-care” used a lot lately. It’s become a popular buzzword in the media + in personal development circles. However, you still may be unclear on what it means. While the concept does involve taking care of yourself, it actually goes much deeper. Read on to learn what self-care is, why it matters + how to get started doing it.

    About Self-Care

    Self-care covers a lot of areas with regard to caring for yourself. It involves nurturing your body, mind + spirit. It focuses on building yourself up so that your internal resources don’t become depleted.

    Essentially, self-care is being as good to yourself as you would be to someone you care about. It requires you to show yourself some compassion + encourages you to be vulnerable with others, asking for help you when you need it.

    What doesn’t fall under the umbrella of self-care are self-destructive coping mechanisms such as using drugs, drinking, gambling or retail therapy. These things only make you feel good in the short-term.

    The Benefits of Self-Care

    There are lots of benefits to practicing self-care. Embracing this concept can be difficult for those who’ve always placed emphasis on the welfare of others. However, giving all your energy to those around you without filling your own back up leaves you depleted + empty.

    That’s no way to live.

    Instead, spending time + effort on yourself rejuvenates + energizes you. Taking time to indulge in your own interests demonstrates your worth, leading to improved self-esteem + a more positive outlook on the world. It teaches you a lot about yourself + provides you with insight into what you need to be the best version of yourself.

    Self-care helps you better cope with stress + to prioritize what’s important to you. You’ll be better able to take care of others when you also take time to meet your own needs.

    Examples of Self-Care

    self-care for moms

    There are countless ways to add self-care into your routine. The key is to choose activities that are most enjoyable to you + provide you with the most benefits.

    Going for a walk in nature is great for those who enjoy the outdoors. Other forms of exercise like yoga, running or going to the gym work well, too. Spending time with friends can be rejuvenating, but so can saying no.

    Allowing yourself to decline invitations or favors when you’re feeling run-down is a big part of caring for yourself. Treating yourself to a favorite, affordable indulgence like a movie, manicure or ice cream cone are all good examples. As is taking a bath or meditating. These are just a few of the ways you can easily incorporate self-care into your life.

    Now you know what self-care is + why it’s important. You’ve also got some ideas of how to get started, so you’re well on your way to adding this useful practice to your life.

    Start + End Your Day With A Little Self-Care 

    Like any new habit, adding self-care into your life can seem kind of tricky. You probably wonder how you can find time to do anything extra for yourself, let alone how you can remember to do these things.

    One of the best ways to get started is to build your activities into predictable parts of your day. In order to make something a habit, it has to happen regularly. Keep reading for some tricks to making self-care a routine part of your life.

    Make It Personal

    The first thing that can will help you in creating your self-care rituals is to choose activities that are meaningful to you + that you enjoy. This is your practice, so you want to be sure it’s customized in order to get the most out of it.

    Consider making a list of things that help you to feel relaxed, peaceful, excited or happy. These activities should be able to be done in a short amount of time + easily fit into your life without special equipment or tools. At least as you begin your practice, the things you choose to do should be as simple as possible.

    Fit It In

    You should add your self-care rituals to the most convenient parts of your day. Choose times that are already somewhat flexible so that incorporating something new into that space is less stressful.

    Many people go with morning or evening routines, right when they wake up + before going to sleep each night. Getting up fifteen minutes earlier than usual + setting aside a window during the usual night-time schedule are usually things most folks can do.

    However, designating your daily lunch break as your self-care time might work better for you. Consider activities like writing a gratitude journal entry before bed, listening to music while having your morning coffee or going for a short walk over your lunch hour. It might require trying out self-care activities + times of day to find a moment to call your own.

    Be Flexible

    It’s best to come up with a routine that works for you + stick to it. Committing to a particular schedule can help you create a habit + ensures that you get the self-care you need. However, try to cut yourself some slack.

    Some days are more hectic than others. You may not be able to fit in your anticipated self-care activity + that’s okay. Tomorrow is a new day + you can try again. Soon, you’ll find yourself wanting to take part in these rituals, + getting back on track becomes easy.

    Getting into the practice of regular self-care doesn’t have to be difficult. Making a few adjustments to your existing schedule can free up some space in your day. Choose things that refresh you + that are simple to make getting started a breeze.

    Try Something New Today

    self-care for momsWhile creating habits + adding activities to your calendar help increase your chances of sticking with your new routine. Another way to keep things interesting is to treat yourself to things you’ve always wanted to do.

    Adding new + novel experiences to your self-care routine is like giving yourself a little gift every day. It’s a great way to stay motivated to do things to care for yourself.

    Pamper Yourself

    Taking physical care of yourself in a pampering way makes us feel good. Pampering is a go-to for many people when it comes to their self-care routine. Think of something you’ve never done before. It doesn’t have to be expensive.

    A small act of indulgence can have the same effect as an extravagant one. Maybe consider scheduling a manicure if you’ve never had one. A bubble bath with candles can be soothing if this is something you don’t do very often. If your budget allows, a spa day with a friend can rejuvenate your body + spirit.

    Celebrate Today

    Most of us don’t buy ourselves presents very often or even give ourselves little treats. You can change that starting now. Think of something within your budget you’ve been wanting for a while now.

    Then give yourself permission to buy it. Maybe it’s that snazzy pair of shoes you’ve had your eye on or the cell phone upgrade that would make your life easier. Giving yourself one gift, no matter how small, can be a boost to your self-worth.

    Enjoy the Little Things

    Self-care really doesn’t have to be on a grand scale. The tiniest gestures can be the most meaningful. Indulging in small free or low-cost treats allow you to spoil yourself more often.

    What are some little things you’ve never done for yourself that you can start adding to your life today? Have you ever bought yourself flowers? Give it a try.

    You get a little boost every time you see that beautiful bouquet on your table or desk. Think of your favorite food item, the one you have on special occasions. Why not make one day a week a little more special by trying a new version of it? For example, commit to tasting a new truffle each week at your favorite chocolate shop. Get creative with it.

    Adding new experiences to your self-care routine keeps things interesting + can also help make them more meaningful. Novelty can also expand your world + enrich your life. Plus, it’s just fun!

    Make A List Of 5 Simple Self-Care Routines

    self-care for momsBeneficial habits like self-care often go by the wayside during stressful times. It can be difficult to focus on anything but the bare minimum when life gets hard. The fact is, though, that these are the days when you most need to take care of yourself.

    Keeping a list of self-care routines as part of a self-care toolkit can make it easier for you to implement them when needed. There are some other tricks you can employ to get you through the tough times, too. Keep reading to find out more tricks you can keep up your sleeve.

    Make a List

    Create a list of at least five activities you can easily fit in your life during the most stressful periods. The list is a simple reminder you can keep on-hand + pull out when you need to pick a little something for some self-care.

    These can include super simple reminders like go to bed early so you get enough sleep, eat nourishing food to keep your energy up or ask for help you need it because these are all things you might forget when you’ve got a ton on your plate. During times of trouble, the very basic foundations of self-care can be the most important.

    Make a Care Package

    Another way to focus on self-care during hard times is to prepare a care package ahead of time. This can include some of your favorite little indulgences like a good book, herbal teas, facial mask, fuzzy slippers + classical CD.

    Consider it your own subscription box!

    Include anything that brings you joy. Being able to reach for this package when you’re stressed can mean the world + make a huge difference to your outlook.

    Enlist Your Crew

    When things look bleak, you may require a bit of help to get back on track. That’s why it’s a good idea to reach out to trusted friends + family now to enlist their help for the future. Talk to your closest confidantes to ask for their encouragement with your self-care routine.

    Share with them the benefits it’s provided you + tell them you’d appreciate their assistance if they see you aren’t caring for yourself as well as you should be. Sometimes those who know us best can see things we don’t. When your crew knows to look out for you in this regard, they can reinforce your self-care needs during times of stress.

    Taking steps to plan now can make maintaining your self-care routine easier in the future. Always remember it’s during the hardest times that you need to nurture yourself the most.

    Self-Care Doesn’t Have To Cost Anything

    Lots of people get the wrong idea about self-care. They think they have to be deserving of it. They feel like it’s splurging to do something good for yourself. It can seem extravagant.

    I’d like to change that mindset today.

    Self-care is something you deserve. Everyone does. It benefits us all, along with those around us, when we put our own well-being at the forefront. You can’t take care of others when your own well-being is suffering. Let’s take a look at some free + low-cost ways you can care for yourself.

    Take a Time Out

    Sometimes just a little bit of alone time is all you need to feel rejuvenated. So why not give yourself a time out? Lock yourself in your room with a nice cup of tea. Listen to some quiet music. Just sit still + let your mind wander for a bit. It’s a luxury we all can afford.

    Waste Some Time

    We often feel pressured to be productive all the time. Being busy is a sign of worth + accomplishment. However, it really doesn’t have to be that way.

    Just kicking back + doing nothing is important to recharging our batteries. Let yourself have some down time to do something frivolous like binge your favorite Netflix show, take a nap or just sit + pet your cat. You deserve it.

    Do Some Writing

    Even if you don’t consider yourself a writer, journaling can be a very therapeutic activity. Jotting down what you’re grateful for has been proven to be beneficial to well-being.

    It can also be energizing to simply do a brain dump in which you write down all the things that are floating around in your head. Jotting down dreams for the future might inspire + motivate you to take action. Give it a try.

    Reach Out to Someone

    Socializing is a crucial part of self-care. Even introverts benefit from interpersonal connection. Humans aren’t meant to be isolated.

    Pick up the phone to call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while. Sit down to Skype with your favorite Internet pal. Meeting up in person for a walk together or a cup of coffee is even better. Connecting to others might just provide the spark you’ve been missing.

    Change Your Perspective

    A change of scenery can be a wonderful source of renewal + it doesn’t have to be an expensive trip, either. Just heading out to walk in your neighborhood might help when you’re feeling stir-crazy in your home. If you’re able to afford it, a low-cost staycation to a nearby location for a day or two is a fun way to switch things up. It’s surprising what this change of perspective can do for you.

    While these are just a few of the countless ways you can indulge in self-care without spending much money, perhaps they’re just the jumpstart you need to begin exploring this concept. You truly do deserve to spend time, energy + effort on your own well-being.

    Don’t Feel Guilty For Practicing Self-Care

    Mom guilt — it’s probably the #1 reason moms don’t indulge in some self-care now + then. Maybe you feel guilty for spending time + resources on yourself.

    It’s actually good for those you love when you take care of yourself. You truly can’t fill another’s cup if your own is empty. So, I’d like to take this opportunity to emphasize why you shouldn’t feel any mom guilt for practicing self-care + encourage you to do so in every area of your life.

    It’s Not Selfish

    Taking time to care for yourself is not selfish in any way. It may be hard to get past the mindset that the needs of others are more important than your own, but overcoming this mindset is essential to allowing yourself to adequately meet your own needs.

    Care isn’t a zero-sum concept. When you care for yourself, it doesn’t have to mean you don’t care about others.

    It’s Necessary

    Self-care isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. It really is like the airplane air mask comparison. You have to ensure you can breathe before you can help those around you. If you’re tired, rundown + overwhelmed all the time, you absolutely cannot give your best self to your kids, your spouse, or anyone else. You also can’t offer yourself the very best. Remember that self-care isn’t selfish.

    It Sets a Good Example

    Investing in self-care for moms is not only good for you, but it sets a good example for your kids + for those around you. In order for a stigma to end, it has to be normalized. When more of us let the world around us know why self-care matters, they may begin to change their minds about the concept, as well.

    It Demands Respect

    It also sets a precedent for how you expect others to treat you. When you demonstrate that you value yourself + that you find worth in investing time in yourself, others will respond in kind. Learning to say no + set boundaries is good for your relationships. It teaches others how you expect to be treated + makes it clear that you see yourself as a priority. There’s no reason to feel guilty for that.

    With practice, you can come to see the benefits of self-care and that it doesn’t have to be something that causes guilt.

    Tips To Continue To Take Care Of Yourself

    Self-care is a process. It requires practice + dedication if you want to make it stick. Don’t get discouraged if it takes time to make this new concept a part of your life. It’ll get easier, and you’ll probably find yourself craving your self-care activities so much you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.

    However, there will inevitably be times that are busier or more stressful when self-care may go by the wayside. If you find that happening, be sure to follow these tips to continue to take care of yourself going forward.

    Follow Your Gut

    Sometimes we get so busy that we find ourselves living on auto-pilot. That’s only natural during hectic times, but it’s critical that you make an attempt to listen to your instincts during these times to know whether you’re in need of a boost.

    When you start to feel especially frazzled or fatigued, it’s your body + mind telling you that you need a break. Listen to these clues. Look for other unusual signs that things are off balance with you such as irritability, eating poorly, losing sleep or indulging in bad habits. These things are telling you to take care of yourself.

    When I feel especially frazzled (usually from being with my three kiddos 24/7), my husband always tells me to go do something out of the house. Whether it’s girls night out, heading out to read a book or get a manicure + pedicure, I always come back a much better person, wife + mother.

    Sometimes it is only a 10-minute or an hour break but this small time to give something to myself is priceless + it is just enough to calm me down + make me come back refreshed + ready.

    I’ve also started regular self-care with:

    • Book club for moms (We read a book a month but we really just meet up for dinner + drinks rather than a book discussion)
    • Bunco group
    • Professional mani-pedi once a quarter (paint my own in between appointments)
    • Spa day once a year courtesy of my hubs

    Schedule It In

    A trick that helps some people to fit self-care into their schedules when life gets busy is to actually write it in their date book or calendar. Treat your self-care commitments like any other appointment or event. Write down the time your self-care “appointment starts + finishes.

    Try to be specific about the activity you’re going to engage in. Doing these things increases the odds that you actually follow through. It’s easy to put yourself on the back burner when life gets crazy, but don’t forget that these are the times you need self-care the most.

    One final word. Take time to assess your self-care needs regularly. This can help you stay on track. Ask yourself once a week or so if you’re giving yourself enough time + attention. Listen to your instincts. Make adjustments as necessary. Self-care is an ongoing + evolving process that requires your constant attention.

    self-care for moms
    self-care for moms
    self-care for moms
  • writing website copy
    Mom Blogger Resources

    Writing Copy Stinks

    Writing copy + content is the most time-consuming part of marketing a blog or online business.

    It’s also one of the most important pieces.

    So when it comes to writing website copy or content, you have to work at it. You have to practice it.  

    I was offering website copy reviews for a long time but I took a break. I did one again recently for a loyal subscriber, Nancy.

    After reviewing her copy + content + providing feedback to her, I realized that bloggers like Nancy don’t necessarily need a copywriter like me to write their website copy or blog posts from scratch but they do need more than just feedback on how to write it.

    Bloggers like you + like Nancy need a copy or content re-write.

    So here I am offering copy + content re-writes.

    Copy or Content Re-Write

    You already have website copy or a blog post. You don’t need a copywriter like me to write it from scratch but you do need a re-write. I edit, re-write + revise one page of your website copy or one blog post (up to 1,000 words).

    If you have more than one page or more than one blog post you want a re-write for you can change the quantity during checkout.


    I can help your website copy or blog post stand out + make it really compelling.

    Sign up for a copy or content re-write with me. It’s only $75.

    If you want more compelling website copy or blog posts, register for a re-write.

    XOXO, Kristie
  • Mom Blogger Resources

    How to Start a Mom Blog

    If you’re just starting out in the blogging world, your obvious first stop is to get your website/blog up + running.

    While it’s an exciting time, it can also be overwhelming.

    Fret not, you can do it my mama friend. All you have to do is start at the beginning + I’m here to walk you through step-by-step exactly how to do it.

    Pick a Domain Name

    Your first stop is to buy a domain name for your website (the website where you’ll also be building your blog). Usually, if you have a business behind the blog, you try to buy the domain name that is your business name.

    You can certainly go this route.

    If you need to buy your domain name, I suggest NameCheap. I buy all of my domain names from NameCheap . As their name suggests, the domain names tend to be less expensive than other places + I tend to keep my hosting (more about this later) + domain names at separate companies.

    This means that I buy my domain names from NameCheap but that I host my WordPress site with Siteground.

    Pick a Host

    The next step in setting up your website + blog is to pick a hosting company.  NameCheap  has an option for hosting, so you are certainly welcome to check out what they have to offer.

    I use + highly recommend SiteGround. I find them to be affordable (plans start at $3.95 per month) + to offer all the services I need to run my businesses online. You can host a WordPress site without a problem + they offer superior customer service when (+ if) you need it. I highly recommend checking them out if you are starting an online presence or looking to move from your existing host.

    In case you didn’t catch it already, I use + recommend you use WordPress to build your website + blog.

    Pick a Theme

    Next, you want to pick a theme for your WordPress site + blog.

    Generally speaking, you want to choose a theme that represents your wedding business. You can hire a designer to create a custom design for you but this is the more expensive route.

    You can also buy a theme, use it as it, or customize it as necessary.

    If you’re interested in buying a theme, these are the companies I highly recommend you check out:

    A Prettier Web: If you’re building a WordPress website for your blog or you’re looking to change the theme, but can’t afford to hire a designer to customize it quite yet, check out the WordPress themes from A Prettier Web.

    Restored 316: Restored 316 offers a variety of feminine WordPress themes, which is perfect for most mom blogs (depending on your taste + the style of blog you’re going for). All of the themes are pretty affordable. If you’re looking for a custom design, Restored 316 offers custom site-building too.

    BluChic: This is one of my fave places to buy feminine website templates. BluChic offers WordPress templates that are perfect for any business + this includes a mom blog. I also find their templates to be super affordable, easy to install + simple to personalize + customize to fit your mom blog. BluChic also offers other types of templates so check them out to help you create your online brand + presence.

    How to Set Up Your Mom Blog

    Now, you’re ready to set up your blog.

    So, here you are.

    You have a domain.

    You have a WordPress site.

    You’re ready to set up your blog + start blogging.

    Step #1 Login to WordPress

    Step #2 Set up Your Blog Page

    Once you log in to your account, your Dashboard opens.

    From your dashboard, click on the Settings Link on the left + then Reading option in the dropdown menu.

    You have the option of having a static home page or having your blog posts as the “home” page. If you want to keep your home page static, then choose the dial button that says “a static home page.”

    Then, choose the home page from the drop down menu next to Front page. From the posts page drop down menu, choose your blog as where to publish new blog posts.

    If you want your blog posts to be your home page then make sure the dial button is checked for “your latest posts” to be the front page displays.

    (This is the default option so you should not have to change it unless you are changing a previous setting.)

    Congrats! Your blog is now set up on your website.

    Woot! Woot!

    Now, you’re ready to start blogging.

    How to Blog

    Now that we have your mom blog up + running, it is time to write blog posts, promote blog posts to attract the readers you want.

    Mommy Business Blogging is my ultimate resource for mamas to blog your way to more readers, business + sales.

    It covers all the HOW to blog in a very step-by-step process so that you can build your blog, write + promote your content. 

    If you answer “Yes!” to any of these, this ebook is for you!

    • You sit down to write your blog post + you end up staring (for hours) at a blank screen.
    • You scour your site analytics, so you can see that your peeps are visiting your blog, but they are NOT hiring or buying from you.
    • Your bank account is low on funds or empty
    • Your content is FAB (or not so FAB), but (+) it’s definitely not reaching the right people for your biz.



    Start off on the right stylish flat by getting to know the people you want to attract to your blog so you can write content that attracts them (like a MAGNET).


    Stop struggling with what to write about. Use my step-by-step tips to uncover topic after topic that your audience wants to read–keep them coming back for more until they buy from you or hire you.


    Learn the step-by-step process to planning out your blog posts + scheduling your posts, so you stop scrambling to post on your blog + you continue to attract new readers with your content (+ keep your existing readers coming back for more, too!).


    Discover how to create fabulous blog posts. I walk you through how to write the content, create pinnable images + how to get readers to click, buy from you or hire you after they read your posts.


    Finally tackle the “S” word (search engine optimization) so that each blog post helps you rank in the search engines, grabs the attention of your dream clients + gets them to your blog (+ one step closer to hiring you or buying from you).

    Uncover exactly how + where to promote each blog post so that your content gets in front of the right people–attracting them to your business + to you.

    It’s a super-comprehensive ebook that covers everything a mama needs to know about blogging.

    Did I mention it’s ONLY 27 BUCKS?

    (Don’t let the low price fool you. It’s all the info you need to successfully blog for your wedding biz.)

    Want in on it PRONTO?

    Sign me up, Buttercup!

    Have any Qs. I’ve got As. Email me or leave a comment below. I personally respond to all of the emails that land in my inbox or to comments on blog posts.

    XOXO, Kristie
  • Mom Blogger Resources

    The Rise of the Work-at-Home Mom + How To Do It

    It’s probably a question you’ve asked yourself: Do I want to stay at home + be the primary caregiver, or do I want to continue in my career?

    Long gone are the days where moms have to choose between their children + their career. It is much more common now to be a work-at-home mom. Some work-at-home moms work for a company (maybe even the one they worked for prior to have kids) while others opt to work in direct sales with a direct marketing company, or start their own business, blog or website.

    Modern Careers for Modern Moms

    The Internet has been incredibly helpful for those who want to work from home, effectively making it more possible than ever. While not every job can be performed from home, many office positions can be.

    Work Flexibility states that with roughly 4 million Americans working from home + 24 million working mothers, there’s bound to be some overlap between those two groups. Being a mother doesn’t mean someone’s passion for work disappears.

    If you’re able to prove to your company that you’re willing to continue your work, it’s possible your boss is more than happy to allow you to work from home.

    How Can You Be Work-From-Home Mom?

    When a work-from-home mom reveals herself, people can be impressed and/or skeptical. Many will ask, “How can you do it all?” or “How do you find time in the day?” Some might even ask, “Can you teach me how to do that?”

    Others might think that there’s no way anyone can pull that off without giving some things up. Let’s consider one woman who had to make a decision of whether or not she’d become a work-at-home mom. This woman used her gut instinct when choosing to work with doTERRA over other essential oil companies, when there were both pros + cons.

    She saw the benefits of the network + support, which helped her make her choice. Your support network can have a significant impact on your decision to become a work-at-home mom. Anyone who discourages you outright from choosing this path might not have your best interests in mind.

    Moms Know the Meaning of Responsibility

    Not everyone is able to pull off being a work-from-home mom. It can be a lot of work + it often means you have to work more effectively + efficiently than ever before.

    Sometimes that means your partner needs to have a more equal role in child care (which should be a given, but you know how it can be). Or making connections with other mothers, your family or other people to take care of children in crunch times or other difficult times.

    Those who struggle can end up finding themselves quickly overwhelmed by the balancing of both responsibilities. If you’re able to tend to your baby + send emails without missing a beat, then the work-at-home mom life is for you. Reaching this point of confidence takes time.

    This writer from Her Money discusses how being a work-from-home mom is like being part of a secret club. It takes a lot of work, but there are almost always others who are going through similar experiences + it’s nice to hear their stories. Try to solicit advice from work-at-home moms with plenty of experience.

    A work-at-home mom should not be viewed with judgment from those who are primarily stay-at-home moms or those who commute to work. All of this also doesn’t mean that husbands or other partners can’t help out in the childcare process!

    Parenting should be a shared responsibility, but we understand that sometimes not all partners are able to help out as much as primary caregivers would like. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing they can do! Try to actively support your partner help with the child care process.

    Now, some don’t have a partner or someone to help. Being able to juggle both of these incredible responsibilities is worthy of applause. As a work-at-home mom, you’re showing that you’re capable of handling two jobs at once, including one that’s monetarily unpaid (but is paid with plenty of snuggles, hugs + kisses). This can be your path to becoming an even stronger woman.

    The #1 lesson I learned running my business from home after having kids is that it all still gets done BUT in a much different way than it did before I had kids.

    For help in getting your blogging business off the ground, check out my Mommy Business Blogging Ebook. It’s packed full with step-by-step information on exactly how to get your blog up + running, how to write blog posts that attract business + how to promote your posts to attract the business you want.

  • Mom Blogger Resources

    7 Ways to Grow a Mom Blog in 2019

    Whether you’ve been blogging for awhile or you’re just starting out, the end goal for blogging is to grow your mom blog big enough to attract the right people to it — + then turn those reading your blog into buyers of your product or service, clickers of your affiliate links or whatever your end goal is for making money with your mom blog.

    1. Create Quality Content

    Moms are information hounds. They are on the hunt for ALL. THE. INFORMATION. they can find about babies, getting their toddler to sleep, raising kiddos that don’t turn into little $H*^s (you know, the norm) + the list just goes on + on.

    Moms are actively searching for YOUR content — your information — so make sure you’re giving it to them in the form of high-quality content.

    Whatever your mom blogging area of expertise, moms are seeking your expertise, experience + personal twist on how you deliver information to them. One of the best things you can do for your mom blog in 2019 is to offer free value-packed content.

    2. Update Old Content

    Nobody says you have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to content, either. If you have old blog posts, go back through them. Add valuable content to beef up the information that you’re sharing.

    Update the information you’re sharing so that it is current. Make it 2019 instead of 2009, for example.

    3. Write Content Moms Want 

    Billions of searches are happening online each day. That’s a TON of searches. Out of those 3.5 billion searches happening each day, how many are looking for information on the topic you’re blogging about?

    4. SEO the Heck Out of Your Posts 

    If you write it they will come is not the strategy you want to have for your blog. Instead, take a proactive approach to making sure that the people you’re after find the information you’re trying to share with them.

    I recommend Mike Pearson’s free SEO email course + his paid course Stupid Simple SEO. I took both courses + it is a wealth of information to FINALLY get your SEO on track.

    5. Invest In Your Blogging Education

    This blog post gives you a lot of great ideas on how to create fab content, attract more readers with your fab content + get the chance to turn them into cash.

    As great as all that info is, it’s also important to invest in in-depth blogging education + in tools that can take your blog (+ business) to the next level. Level it up! 

    If you need a start to finish blueprint on how to blog, what to blog about + how to promote your blog posts to attract more readers, check out Blog By Number by Suzi Whitford.

    Even though I had been blogging for many years when I started my mom blog, I knew that I needed the knowledge + experience of someone who did it before me. I took Suzi’s course Blog By Number + I highly recommend it.

    It is literally a step-by-step guide that walks you through every aspect of starting your blog, maintaining your blog + promoting your blog.

    BONUS: If you register for Suzi’s course using my link, I’ll throw in my Mommy Business Blogging eBook FREE ($27 value). Just send me an email (girlmom@girlmomchaos.com) with the name + email you use to purchase Suzi’s course + I’ll send my eBook bonus right over to you.

    BONUS #2: Whether you decide to register for Suzi’s course or not, grab this FREE blog planner. It is everything you need to start planning out your blog content for an entire year. I downloaded + printed off + use one blog planner for each of my three blogs!

    6. Content Upgrades

    The content upgrade. It’s essentially an incentive for the people visiting your blog to read your post because then they can download a freebie at the end.

    The content upgrade is a two-for-one because not only does it draw visitors to your site that want to download what you have to offer, but it also GROWS your email list at the same time.

    Yup, when they get to the end of the blog post, you offer them a freebie (checklist, PDF of the post, or whatever) in exchange for their name + email address.


    7. Pinterest

    You might think of Pinterest as a time suck because once you get on there you just start pinning away + before you know hours have gone by.

    As a blogger, you have to be where your audience is. I’m here to tell you that they are ALL. OVER PINTEREST–especially if your audience is moms.

    This means that you need to be ALL. OVER. PINTEREST. too. So, get pinning.

    7 Ways to Grow a Blog in 2019

    Do you have any plans or strategies to grow your blog in 2019? Drop your strategies or ask a question in the comments below.

  • Mom Blogger Resources

    5 Ways to Balance Life as a Work-From-Home Mom

    Life as a single or married adult without children is busy enough, but when you add children to the mix, life can go from hectic to absolute chaos in about 2.7 seconds.

    Working from home so that you can take care of your children seems like the ideal solution for many moms. There are definitely some benefits, but it also requires some time management, an ability to adapt + a constant assessment of your priorities to create a sense of balance.

    I was freelance writing from home for 8 years before I had my first daughter. The biggest lesson I learned is that all of the work still got done BUT in a much different way than it did before I had kids.

    Working from home + raising children is doable. You just have go at it with a very strategic approach.

    #1 Set Up a Home Office

    Ahhhhh…the luxury of an office — with a door — right? Sometimes this is hard to come by when you have a small house or multiple kids. I had an office until that office became a nursery 🙂

    Seriously, though, working from the kitchen table just isn’t feasible when you’re trying to run a business from home. If you have a room you can dedicate to your office then do it.

    At the very least, find a space that’s all your own — even if it’s just a little nook in your dining room or a closet. It’s an essential step to staying productive. Otherwise, it’s very easy to get distracted (oh look, shiny object) or for your business paperwork, notes, or items to get mixed up with everything else that is in your house.

    When you’re in your office, hang a sign to let your partner know that it’s their turn to answer your child’s cries. Having a separate space can also help you stay organized because it will be more difficult for children to find your papers to crumple + create their next work of art.

    #2 Schedule Time to Work

    I know this can be tough. I have three ages 5 + under so I get it. Schedule time on your paper calendar or in your phone calendar (however you keep track of appointments) + make an appointment with yourself to get your work done.

    It is highly possible that you have to become a “naptime warrior.” It means working in the morning before your kiddos get up, working during naptime, when your older kids are at school + after they go to bed at night.

    Even though you “schedule” time to work you also have to be flexible. The one day you have the biggest project to tackle is the one day that your baby is not going to nap or that one of your kids stays home from school sick. You’re going to have to roll with the punches, Mama!

    #3 Automate + Put Systems in Place

    When you have a limited amount of time to work, you need to ensure that each moment that you have counts to the fullest. Put systems in place + automate as much as you possibly can.

    Set up automation or autoresponder series for those that join your email list. Use apps like Tailwind to automate your Pinterest pinning. Get Recurpost set up to automatically post + automatically recycle your content on social media (including Instagram).

    While you do have to dedicate some time to getting these systems in place, it’s going to save you time, money + so much hassle in the long run to have these systems + automations up + running.

    #4 Schedule Time with Family + to Have Fun

    You’re trying to build a business, but don’t forget about one of the reasons that you wanted to be a work-from-home mother in the first place. More than likely, you wanted the ability to raise your children rather than letting someone else do it for you.

    So just like you schedule time to work, schedule time to have fun too! I believe downtime from your business actually makes you a better blogger, writer, baby blanket maker or whatever it is that you do.

    Schedule time for some Mama self-care, too. I try to schedule a mani/pedi for at least once a quarter (It’s so sad that I used to do this every two weeks when I was single). I joined a mom book club (because I love to read). I joined a women’s bunco group. I attend events for the very active mom group in my neighborhood (We recently had a DIY sign party).

    The point is that I notice that I come home refreshed + ready to deal with my family, my life + my business when I have some downtime that is all my own! I think you’re going to find that you need something similar for yourself.

    #5 Talk to Your Partner

    When the lines between work + home life get blurry, if you have a partner, communicate with them so they know how to support you. If you don’t have a partner, get a business buddy! Find a like-minded Mama that has her own business so you can be accountable + use each other as sounding boards.

    Just like you schedule everything else, set up a schedule or make a plan to divvy up responsibilities with your partner. It helps to alleviate some of the stress on your relationship + allows you to focus better when you are working.

    If you’re a work-from-home mom, you’re likely looking for ways to make your business more successful while enjoying as much time with your family as possible. Take some extra time every week to schedule out blocks of time to work on your business + to spend time with your family.

    If you’re looking to start your own blog, check out How to Start a Blog. It walks you step-by-step through starting + setting up a blog.