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    3 Tips for Moms Going Back to School

    There used to be the belief that women could either get an education + work or be mothers. However, more + more women are pursuing degrees along with raising their children.

    Some might have been in college but put their degrees on hold to start a family. If you’re a mom looking to earn or complete your degree, these are some tips to help you get back into the college world.

    Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

    College can be difficult, but it’s much easier if you can stay focused on your ultimate goal: getting your diploma. Whenever you’re feeling reluctant to study or to complete an assignment, remind yourself that everything you do well in college brings you one step closer to that goal.

    You can also keep yourself in the present by focusing on one semester at a time. When you’re in the clear for one semester, you can feel relief + move onto the next one.

    The long-term financial benefits for moms getting that degree are a pretty good motivator, too. Goal setting can keep you going on a path of determination.

    Get Ready for a Lot of New Technology

    Depending on how long you’ve been out of school, you might find yourself downright stymied by all the changes in technology. Moms should know that the modern classroom is very technology focused.

    You should also know that anyone who is willing to learn can benefit from technology. You can submit assignments more easily + have more interactive instruction thanks to technology.

    Don’t feel ashamed about asking for additional help. Your instructors will be happy to teach you all sorts of new tricks if you need it.

    Keep Your Course Load Reasonable

    In order to keep up the balance between parenting + college, you need to have a schedule that’s manageable. Consider your work + family schedules + how your class schedule could be designed around it.

    You might have to take a bit longer to earn your degree by being enrolled part time. You also might have to schedule classes early in the day, such as when your kids are at daycare or preschool. Take the time to develop a schedule that works best for your needs.

    Don’t let yourself be duped into thinking that college is only for younger people without children. A college education is for anyone who’s interested in learning and receiving a diploma.

    As a mom, you’ve already proven yourself as someone who can take on a challenge + multi-task. Bring that confidence with you into the classroom + you’ll be a great success in college.

    Many moms find great success in getting into mommy blogging! It’s a great supplemental income + can help moms connect with their kids more while having other things they’re doing, like going back to school. For some great mommy blogging tips, check out The Mommy Business Blogging ebook!

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    How You Can Boost Traffic To Your Mom Blog Today

    In 2008, I left the corporate world to start my freelance writing business full time.

    The main reason I did this is because I knew that one day I wanted to have a family + writing from home would afford me the opportunity to do what I love (to write) + stay home with my kids.

    It wouldn’t be until 2013 that I had my first daughter. So for 7 years, freelance writing from home was my full-time gig. It paid the bills. It made me happy.

    I’ve written countless blog posts for other people’s blogs + blog posts for companies + businesses (all for money, of course). I’ve had different blogs of my own over the years, too.

    Right now, I have three blogs:

    I’ve been running my Wedding Planner Copy blog for a couple years now. I am happy with my pageviews per month but I am always testing out strategies to improve the quality of the wedding pros that land on my blog.

    In December 2018, I started this blog (Girl Mom Chaos) + interestingly enough, one of the strategies I use has produced more pageviews than the Wedding Planner Copy blog does after two years of being up + running.  

    (Although, I started using the same strategy for the Wedding Planner Copy blog + am now seeing similar results.)

    Here’s what I did:

    1. I focused on one social media platform

    Social media is where it’s at, right?

    Well, I picked one platform + I gave it my all. That platform is PINTEREST.

    What you might not know is that Pinterest works more like a search engine than a social media platform so it is second only to Google for searches!

    In one month, I had 39k views. Now, I have 100k views + the blog is only two months old.

    Are there other Pinterest accounts that have more?

    Of course.

    BUT…39k views in one month is HUGE. + to get to a 100k in just a couple of months is ah-mazing.

    My Wedding Planner Copy Pinterest account had 19k views per month in December. Now it has 46k.

    Let that sink in for a second. Pinterest is HUGE in gaining quality attention + then driving those quality visitors to your blog/website. Pinterest is my #1 traffic source for both my wedding copy blog + my mom blog.

    Over 90% of my social traffic comes from my pins on Pinterest. If you haven’t tapped into the potential that Pinterest has for growing your mom blog, check out my article How to Use Pinterest for Your Mom Blog

    If you want to automate your Pinterest efforts so you have more time to focus on other platforms, run your mom blog + well, be a mom, check out Tailwind.

    It is the only scheduler that is Pinterest approved. Tailwind is what I’ve been using + I believe it has allowed me to take my mom blog to the next level in just one short month. 

    2. I focused on my content

    Take a step back for one second.

    The only way I was able to figure out that Pinterest is the biggest source of traffic for both of my blogs is because I created stellar content for both that I was then able to pin on Pinterest.

    After I hit the publish button on any of my blog posts, the first thing I do is schedule that content to be pinned to my Pinterest boards.

    If you’re interested in learning how to create stellar content to share on Pinterest, check out my Mommy Business Blogging ebook.

    It takes you step-by-step through the process of writing stellar blog posts + then how to promote those posts to attract the right visitors to your mommy business.

    3. I am engaging more with my dream readers 

    When I started engaging with my readers on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter + Instagram, it also made a HUGE difference in my blog traffic, blog comments + more.

    I take the time to respond to people’s questions + comments on my blog posts or social media posts. I start conversations on Twitter. I am active in the RIGHT Facebook groups.

    All of this is helping me to attract quality traffic to both of my blogs.

    Want to tap into my complete blog traffic growth strategy?
    These are just a few of the tips + tricks that I’ve learned in my attempt to boost the traffic to my blogs. 

    I perfected a step-by-step blueprint to help mommy bloggers that want to create stellar content + then use that content to drive traffic to their blog + website.

    If you don’t know where to begin with blogging for your mommy biz or you’re struggling to increase your numbers, build a loyal following for your blog + convert those followers into business The Mommy Business Blogging Ebook is the perfect resource to help you understand what you’re missing + give you the tips, tricks + tools to make a difference!

    Start your blogging journey with me!

    Haven’t started a mommy business blog yet (or you’re still operating on a free platform) but you’re ready to become a pro? Find out how to start a profitable blog:

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    How to Use Pinterest for Your Mom Blog

    Pinterest is a BIGGIE. If you’re not familiar with Pinterest, all it really is is an electronic bulletin board where you can pin the ideas you come across so you can access them later.

    Pinterest is a Search Engine

    Here’s the thing about Pinterest, though. While it seems like it’s just a big electronic bulletin board, it’s really a search engine.

    In fact, it’s the second largest search engine (ONLY second to Google).

    This has a lot of implications for your mom blog, but essentially, if you manage it right (with SEO, etc.) when you pin your posts to Pinterest, you have the opportunity for search engines like Google to rank your Pinterest pins + you have the opportunity for your audience that is searching on Pinterest to find your post pins.

    How Pinterest Can Work for Your Mom Blog

    Super quick example. For all three of my daughters’ first birthdays, I POURED over hundreds (if not thousands) of party themes + ideas. I planned all three of their parties from Pinterest pins.

    MORE importantly for you, I bought a lot of the products I needed for the parties because I found it through Pinterest.

    I have to say that TONS of MOMS are all OVER PINTEREST.

    Whether your biz is product or service based, Pinterest works. AND if you are a mom blogger or pro of ANY kind, you need to be where your potential clients are – + they are on PINTEREST.

    Here’s how it might go down.

    A mom is searching for 1st birthday party theme ideas. They see your pin for a guide with 100s of 1st birthday party theme ideas. They click on the pic you pinned. They click on the guide pic that opens up OR they click on the website below that says where the pic is from + voila they’re reading your guide.

    Keep in mind that your guide + the pic that you’ve posted to Pinterest sits on your blog.

    As they peruse your fab guide, they realize that you sell some of the fabulous theme items (or offer the theme services) that you feature in your oh-so helpful guide. They buy said products (or book your services). A SALE + all because they came across a picture you posted on Pinterest that led them to a guide that led them to the products/services you’re selling that they want to buy.

    Pinterest for Mom Service Businesses

    Remember, Pinterest works just as well for services. If you offer a guide on the top 100 ways to throw a big 1st birthday on a small budget + you’re a party planner, you’re setting yourself up to land some business.

    Now it goes a lot deeper than this because people can turn around + pin your pins, which again is how the word spreads + how sales numbers get a boost.

    How to Put Pinterest to Work For Your Mom Blog

    From a business owner’s perspective, this is what you want to do to share your content. First, open an account on Pinterest.

    You can use your personal Pinterest account or open an account for your business/blog. That’s up to you. One thing, you want to do is create boards for your pins.

    When you post a pic with your blog posts (which every blog post should have a picture), you can then pin this picture to your Pinterest account on the appropriate board.

    Complete each section of the pin, starting with a keyword rich title, fill in a keyword rich description + input the link that takes them directly to the content where it sits on your blog.

    If you’re offering a free guide or download of some sort through the pin or as a content upgrade from the post, you want to mention this in the pin description as well.

    In other words, try to add a call to action to the description, so you can get them to click on your pins.

    Pin it and you’re done. It’s now searchable, pinnable + shareable.

    Create Visual Content for Pinterest

    Another thing you can do is create “a teaser” pic. This is where you choose a photo + use a site like PicMonkey or Canva to add some text to the photo. You take the same steps to get it on Pinterest + it can have the same effect.

    Pinterest also offers promoted pins now, so you can pay to promote specific pins. It’s a great way to share your free opt-in + get moms to JUMP. ON. YOUR. LIST.

    You can pin your posts manually or you can schedule pins using a tool like Tailwind. If you use my link, you get your first month for free. I use Tailwind + love it.

    Not only should you be pinning to your own boards, but you should be pinning to group boards, too.

    Find + join group boards that cater to the moms you’re trying to attract. When you’re a member of a group board, you can pin your pins to the board—getting it in front of an audience that you might not have an opportunity to get in front of otherwise.

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