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    How to Protect a Crawling Baby

    It is exciting when your baby starts to crawl + move around the house, but it also means preparing your home for a kid who can move. Knowing what to do as your child learns to navigate on her own is the key to keeping her safe.

    Here are a few tips on precautions you can take to be prepared.

    Keep Your House Clean

    It’s not easy to keep a house clean + tidy with a child underfoot. However, it’s extremely important to keep things as clear as possible once she is mobile. When babies start to move around they want to put everything in their mouths.

    According to Flora Templeton Stuart, small toys + stuffed animals from your older children can be choking hazards, so keep those out of your baby’s reach. Put away as much clutter as you possibly can so your child won’t trip or slip when she is trying to crawl or take first steps.

    Make sure the surface your child is on is not slippery or dirty + ask visitors to take off shoes so they won’t bring in outside bacteria + germs from the ground.

    Put Up Gates + Barriers

    There are places in your house your child shouldn’t be able to access. That’s why baby gates were invented. Rooms that contain items that are easy to break, such as an office with cords everywhere + are reachable should be blocked off to little movers.

    The same goes for rooms + cabinets with chemicals or cleaners that you don’t want your kids to get into or be around. If you can’t move them to a higher location, block the room off with a gate, lock, or barrier.

    According to North States, if you live in a house with stairs, make sure to put gates at the top + the bottom. Early movers love to climb, but they don’t have the balance to keep from falling. Make sure they can’t open the gates + crawl up the stairs.

    Use Bumpers

    The sharp edges of tables + other furniture need to be covered by corner guards (also sometimes called bumpers) so a falling child doesn’t sustain a serious injury. You may choose to use foam to cover the sides of the entire table if your child is especially fond of pulling up on furniture.

    According to The Baby Swag, there are a variety of easy to install options. This will make a fall into a corner surface a bit less traumatic + painful for everyone involved.

    Safety is always a mom’s top priority + luckily there are plenty of steps you can take to prepare for life’s changes. Watching a child learn mobility is exciting, but make sure the experience is safe. To prevent any avoidable mishaps you can prepare your home to be ready before your little one starts to move around on her own.

    Crawling Baby
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  • How to Raise Healthy Girls
    Raising Girls

    How to Keep Happy, Safe + Healthy Girls Throughout the School Year

    Some girls practically spring out of bed each morning ready to go to school each day. Other girls have to drag themselves there Monday through Friday. Regardless of what type of girl you have, it’s important that you try to keep your kiddo one of the happy, safe + healthy girls throughout the school year. It can help your daughter do better in school, make friends + enjoy the learning environment.

    Here are a few ideas to get you started.

    Keep Her Happy

    A girl is happiest when she has a solid school routine she can follow. It’s likely that your child’s school has her on a schedule for her classes each day, but a routine at home is also important. Your daughter should have a set bedtime for school nights. She should have a morning routine.

    It’s also a good idea to work some downtime into her schedule. Participating in after school activities is a great way to be involved, but engaging in these activities every single day can be exhausting. Family time is also important, + it can help keep her focused + happy.

    Keep Healthy Girls

    You can teach your daughter to stay healthy throughout the school year in a number of ways. Investing in some hand sanitizer that she can use before snacks + lunch can be very beneficial. Teach your daugter good hand-washing techniques, how to properly blow her nose + the right way to cough into her elbow.

    She should also avoid other kids who are ill or have signs of illness so she can avoid getting sick.

    Keep Her Safe

    Your daughter can use safety methods while she is playing outside, participating in gym class or practicing a sport. Each year 200,00 children are taken to emergency rooms for playground accidents. Even though the weather is starting to get colder, the kids usually still go out for recess, so it’s still important for your daughter to practice playground safety in order to avoid getting hurt.

    Roughhousing should never be indulged + playground equipment ought to be avoided when it’s too hot on a summer afternoon or when it’s wet + slippery. An injury will only force your daughter to miss out on fun things going on at school.

    Of course, you want your daughter to be happy + do well in school, so it’s important that you emphasize she do things to stay safe as one of the healthy girls. No matter what grade she’s in, it can contribute to her success as a student.

    How to Raise Healthy Girls
    How to Raise Healthy Girls
    How to Raise Healthy Girls
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  • 10 Hours Per Month Package
    Raising Girls

    7 Easy Hair Styles For Girls

    With three girls, you would think I am the master of hair styles. Not the case. These videos are as much for me as they are for you. Check out these easy hair styles for girls that go beyond down, high pony, low pony, pigtails + barrettes.

    French Braid

    French Braid Pigtails

    Messy Fun Buns

    Lace Braided Bun

    Bubble Braid Pony Tails

    Twist Side Wrap Ponytail

    Twist Half Up

    7 Easy Hair Styles For Girls
    7 Easy Hair Styles For Girls
    7 Easy Hair Styles For Girls
    XOXO, Kristie
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  • When to Potty Train Girls
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    When To Start Potty Training Girls

    Unfortunately, there is no master rule book when it comes to potty training girls. Every family has a different schedule, which largely dictates the needs + readiness of the girl. Before you begin to navigate this rite of passage, you need to equip yourself with the knowledge + tools to make it as painless of a process as possible. Here are three things to consider before you start potty training girls.

    When to Potty Train Girls

    One of the biggest questions of parents who are looking to potty train is when to start the process. There are a variety of signs that you can look for in your daughter to determine if she is ready.

    Some of the most common signs of readiness include waking up dry from naps, hiding when she is going in her diaper, an interest in adults using the bathroom, telling you when she is going to the bathroom in her diaper + taking her soiled diaper off.

    It’s important to start potty training earlier rather than later, especially when she starts following one step commands, uses a small vocabulary + is curious about the toilet.

    How Long it Takes

    How long potty training takes can depend on what kind of potty training method that you decide to use. A child-led approach such as the Brazelton Method can take longer than a process that is dictated by the parent.

    For those parents wanting to rip off the band-aid + just get it done, you might want to consider the popular 3 Day Method. Although this requires that you put your life on hold for three days, many parents report success with this method.

    I have potty trained two out of three girls so far + I will say this: If she is not ready then do not force the issue because it just ends up frustrating you + her.

    My oldest was a nightmare to potty train. She was 99% potty trained + then she totally regressed. She showed signs of being ready early (at 18 months) but did not end up being potty trained until right after she turned three.

    Nighttime potty training was a totally different animal with her (+ my middle daughter, who daytime potty trained herself at two + mostly woke up dry at the age of three).

    Starting Too Early or Too Late

    Timing is truly everything when it comes to potty training. If you start this delicate process too early, you run the risk of your daughter failing + becoming discouraged. If you start the process too late, then you might miss that window when your daughter is the most amenable to getting out of diapers. While this is not a universal truth, the golden age of potty training for girls seems to be between the ages of two + three.

    It is important to remember that every child is different. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to potty training. Recognizing this truth can help you with the patience you need to go on this parenting journey with confidence + gentle guidance.

    When to Potty Train Girls
    When to Potty Train Girls
    When to Potty Train Girls
    XOXO, Kristie
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  • Best Halloween Costumes For Girls
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    Best Halloween Costumes for Girls

    Halloween is a time to dress up, play make believe + land some goodies. Check out some of the best Halloween costumes for girls.

    Rosie the Riveter

    Rosie the Riveter is one of the most iconic figures for working women in history. She represents a strong female character for girls of all ages, which makes it one of the best Halloween costumes for girls.

    A League of Their Own

    In A League of Their Own, a semi-pro women’s baseball team takes center stage on the diamond of this ground-breaking film. It is great representation that women can do anything that men do (except that there’s no crying in baseball!). This adorable costume turns your daughter into one of the women players in A League of Their Own.

    Joy from Inside Out

    If Inside Out taught us nothing else, it taught us that our feelings + emotions are important. Dress your daughter up as Joy from Inside Out for Halloween to express what a joy she is.

    Amelia Earhart

    Another strong historical female that is one of the best Halloween costumes for girls is the famous aviator Amelia Earhart. This is especially fun for girls who are interested in flying or becoming a pilot or a history buff.


    My two oldest girls are ALL. ABOUT. SPACE. Add to that the all-female space walk this month (October 2019) + that makes an astronaut moon-walker costume not only fun, but also EXCITING!

    Powerpuff Girls

    I tried to get my three girls to dress in sister costumes as the three Powerpuff Girls but they declined the offer. I think it would be adorable. Your daughter can choose to be Blossom, Bubbles or Buttercup.

    Statue of Liberty

    You can go the patriotic angle with a Statue of Liberty Halloween costume for girls. Not only is it patriotic but it is also iconic and historic. My oldest daughter LOVES Paris so she gets a kick out of the fact that the Statue of Liberty was a gift from France + when she sees the statue, she says, “Look, it’s America!” Nothing screams strong female like the Statue of Liberty. Am I right?

    Garden Gnome

    Plant her where she blooms with this adorable garden gnome costume for girls. If nothing else, this costume is downright cute. If I hadn’t already bought my youngest daughter’s costume, I would hit up Amazon for this garden gnome costume right away!

    Wednesday Addams

    With the newer animated movie out, girls are relating to Wednesday Addams. We took our three girls to the drive-in movie theater to see it + my 6 year-old just thought Uncle Fester was the funniest thing ever. While Wednesday Addams may seem a little gloom + doom, she actually turns around just a little teensy bit by the end of this movie.

    Best Halloween Costumes For Girls
    Best Halloween Costumes For Girls
    Best Halloween Costumes For Girls
    XOXO, Kristie
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    3 Healthy Habits For Girls

    Since want your daughters to grow up healthy, as a parent, you have to set the example. We know more than ever about maintaining good health, yet chronic, preventable diseases are affecting more people than ever. If you want your girls to grow up practicing healthful habits, set a precedent early. Here are three healthy habits for girls to help them maintain lifelong well-being.

    1. Get Up + Move Instills Healthy Habits For Girls

    Teaching your girls the importance of physical activity can help set them up for a lifetime of good health. Technological advancements have stimulated a downturn in youth participation in outdoor recreational activities, but as a parent, you can change that.

    Encourage your daughters to head outside + play! When physical activity becomes a part of your daughter’s daily routine at a young age, chances are she is going to continue the habit into adulthood. Discuss how exercise creates a strong + healthy body + encourage her to participate in physical activities, such as team sports.

    According to Cleveland Clinic, one of the best ways to motivate reluctant kiddos is by making exercise a family affair. Regular trips to the park or games in your backyard are great ways to improve the health of your whole family!

    2. Oral Hygiene

    Why do you brush your teeth before bed? Perhaps because your parents taught you the habit. Many of the healthy habits you incorporate into your daily routine have their roots in parental teachings + the same goes for raising your own girls.

    When you teach your daughter the importance of proper oral hygiene, she learns not to question her routine as she grows. When it comes to oral hygiene products, make sure you select toothpastes that feature fluoride as an active ingredient.

    According to North Austin Dentistry, fluoride toothpastes strengthen tooth enamel + help protect against cavities. As such, these products give your daughter’s teeth the best chance of developing the strength needed to last her a lifetime.

    3. Choose Whole, Natural Foods

    Perhaps one of the most important healthy habits you can teach your daughter is eating the right foods for good health. According to a study by the Washington University School of Medicine, nearly 70% of U.S. adults are overweight or obese.

    You don’t want your daughter to be a part of this statistic so teach her healthy dietary habits early. Take your daughter to the grocery store with you + teach her how to select healthy foods. Let your girls help you choose produce items + if your supermarket has a bulk section, allow them to shovel rice, beans + flour into bulk bags.

    When you get home, encourage her to help with the cooking + explain to her the importance of choosing whole, nutrient-dense foods. When you choose to feed your family a healthy diet, your girls are likely to incorporate the same eating habits as they grow into adulthood. 

    Teaching your daughters these three healthy habits for girls early on sets them up for a lifetime of good health. Until their teenage years, girls often rely on their parents’ advice to make informed decisions about many of her daily habits. Make sure you’re setting a good example + your girls are likely to follow suit!

    Healthy Habits for Girls
    Healthy Habits for Girls
    Healthy Habits for Girls
    XOXO, Kristie
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  • Subscription Boxes for Girls
    Girl Mom Reviews,  Raising Girls

    7 Subscription Boxes For Girls

    I might be a little bit addicted to subscription boxes so my girls come by it naturally. I mean, what is better than receiving a box full of goodies in the mail? Check out these seven subscription boxes for girls. They are some of mine and my girls’ faves!

    1. Girl-A-Tude

    So first of all, I love graphic t-shirts and the Girl-A-Tude subscription box comes with a new girl-power t-shirt each month. It also comes with a peer-to-peer note that is personalized for your daughter + other small gifts that go with the monthly theme.

    Some of the goodies that have landed in the Girl-A-Tude box are a sling bag, personalized koozie, personalized 100 piece puzzle, giant blow up pool noodle, sequin mermaid key chain + sunglasses.

    2. Two Pink Balloons

    Two Pink Balloons is a subscription box full of handcrafted busy bags + educational activities that provide parents with a toolkit of activities to grab for on the go to help reduce the dependency on screen time, but also provide wonderful small moments of connection between parents + children.

    I have to say that my girls LOVE felt + felt boards so this subscription box is right up their alley.

    3. Confident-Crate

    Confidence is something a lot of young girls (+ girls in general) deal with. Confident-Crate helps boost confidence in girls with its monthly subscription boxes. It is for girls age 5-12 + comes with three full-size bath + body products + three additional items to help raise confident girls.

    Some of the items included in past boxes are sugar scrubs, lip balms, bath bombs, pop culture pins, patches + socks.

    4. Mom + Me

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Mom + Me box. It is made for mothers + daughters to share together. Each box comes with 9-12 full-size items such as spa items, matching items, fun accessories or activities for mothers + daughters to do together like a journal with prompts to fill out.

    I am always looking for mother-daughter date ideas to share with my girls but sometimes I have a hard time coming up with new ideas. The Mom + Me box solves this problem.

    5. Dream Girl Box

    The Dream Girl Box is the ultimate girl empowerment subscription box for girls. It’s a quarterly box with its own theme of girl power. The themes focus on goal setting, life skills + social media for girls + parents of girls.

    The Follow Your Heart theme box included a goal setting activity, journal, “Follow Your Heart” clutch, pencil case, planner stickers + a beaded bracelet.

    6. Em and Liz

    Em and Liz is another great monthly subscription box for girls. Each month has a theme + includes items such as age-appropriate beauty products, accessories, jewelry + more based on the theme. Each box also includes two sheets of theme-based stationary to encourage creative expression.

    7. Smarty Skirts

    If your daughter is a history buff or you want her to be then the Smarty Skirts subscription box for girls is perfect! Each box features a famous woman in history. All of the items + activities are based on this sensational woman.

    Boxes include stories, games, pictures, puzzles + activates to encourage hands on learning for everything from sports to science dedicated to a different woman in history.

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  • 26 Mother-Daughter Dates Ideas
    Raising Girls

    26 Mother-Daughter Date Ideas

    Ahhhhh…the mother-daughter relationship. It can be a tricky one but it can also be a totally fulfilling one. Here are 26 mother-daughter date ideas to do together.

    #1 Put Together a Puzzle

    While I am not a huge fan of puzzles, my girls LOVE puzzles. It’s also a great activity for young girls to do. So pull out a big puzzle that you can put together together. My girls especially love the HUGE floor puzzles but a table puzzle works just as well.

    #2 Go on One-on-One Mother-Daughter Dates

    With three girls in the mix, it can be challenging to spend quality time with each of them alone. While child experts say it’s more about quality time (can be as little as 10 minutes a day) than it is about quantity, plan regular one-on-one dates with each of your daughters. Let them pick an activity that they want to do with you + you alone.

    #3 Have a Dance Party

    Put your fave jams from iTune on your SmarTV + jam! My girls love music (+ so do I). We blast songs from different genres + times, dance, sing + have fun! Dancing around the living room can also be a great workout for you + your littles.

    #4 Read a Book

    My oldest started learning to read last year so she’s still doing a lot of practice reading. Every night, we read at least one book together. I have her read me a book that is at her level. Sometimes, we read chapter books together, where I read one chapter to her each night. The other two girls often sit in or we read with them separately.

    #5 Movie Night

    We tend to do this when my husband is traveling. We make a blanket bed on the floor in the living room with tons of blankets + pillows. We pick a movie to watch together while we munch on pizza + popcorn (+ sometimes ice cream). If you’re feeling financially fit, you can also head out to the movies to see a movie on the big screen.

    #6 Go to a Concert

    We have enjoyed everything from kid concerts outside to jazz concerts with the girls. As they get older, your daughter is sure to have a band or musician that she adores so buy her tickets as an experience gift + be her plus 1 for the concert.

    #7 Go on a Scavenger Hunt

    You can take this one a couple of different ways. You can create a neighborhood scavenger hunt, where you create a list of items to find as you traipse around your neighborhood. You can take it a step further + create a list of items to find around the town or city where you live.

    Since we live right outside of D.C., we can do this with monuments, historical spots, battlefields, etc.

    #8 Start a Business

    Our girls are more tech savvy than ever before. Ali Martinez runs an online girl’s clothing boutique from home with her two girls. Ali says being able to run the business from home allows her to spend time with her girls while she’s working + gives the girls a chance to see how her hard work helps to keep their family thriving. Depending on how old your girls are, they can help with things like prepping orders for shipping or creating a masterpiece on your invoice to add a special touch.

    #9 Participate in Afternoon Tea

    In our area, it’s Tea with Mrs. B. There’s likely one in your area, too. Get dressed up for the afternoon + head to the tea room for some tea (or lemonade for the girls) + yummies. Mrs. B has a warehouse full of dress up for the girls + she also gives a quick rundown of table manners before the official tea starts.

    #10 Conduct a Science Experiment

    My girls are always mixing up potions + are very interested in science experiments. It’s not really my thing but they love it so to foster this love for science + to watch their little faces light up, we subscribe to Green Kid Crafts STEM boxes, so that new experiments arrive on schedule + we always have some activities to do together.

    #11 Visit a Farm

    We are lucky enough to have several farm visit options in our area. Find a farm that is within driving distance to your home. Spend the day petting + feeding the animals. Many farms also have people that explain to you how a farm works, hay rides + more for the girls to enjoy.

    #12 Create Care Packages for the Homeless

    I am borrowing this idea from my daughter’s vacation bible camp. Stock pile some supplies + gallon storage bags. Spend an hour or two with your daughter filling the storage bags with items such as a:

    • Bottle of water
    • Toothbrush
    • Toothpaste (small tube)
    • Small notepad
    • Pen
    • Shampoo (sample size)
    • Granola/energy bar
    • Lip balm
    • Deoderant (trial size)

    Keep the filled bags in your car or bag. When you’re out + about + see someone who is homeless, give them one of the bags. My daughter really enjoys filling these bags with items people without homes need. Giving them to someone is a life lesson in empathy, humanity + kindness.

    #13 Plant a Garden

    Plant a veggie or flower garden with your daughter. You can spend some quality time in the great outdoors + teach her about caring for live things. She’ll rejoice in the fruits of her labor as her veggies + flowers grow. We also did this with trees. We live in a wooded area + had to take some trees down for our safety + the safety of our home.

    We bought at least 3x the amount the of trees that we cut down to replant with our girls. We taught them about replenishing + how trees provide us with the oxygen that we need to breathe!

    #14 Volunteer

    Spend a day (or more) volunteering with your daughter. Choose an organization that is near + dear to your hearts. Volunteer at a nursing home, hospital, animal shelter or soup kitchen. One of my daughters attended a Kids Give Back summer camp, where each day they made or assembled items for a charity or cause. She had a lot of fun but she also learned about helping others.

    #15 Have a Dinner Date

    Make reservations at a fancy restaurant. Get dressed up + go on a dinner date with your daughter. The conversation tends to be fascinating when you are focused on each other + enjoying your delicious meals.

    #16 Hit an Orchard

    Depending on the month, find out what is in season + go picking! Pick apples, strawberries, pumpkins or whatever is in season in your area that particular month! When your bring your pickings home, eat them as is or find ways to turn them into new creations, like apple pie.

    #17 Bake for a Neighbor

    Bake cookies or a pie together. Deliver the baked goods to a friend or neighbor. If you bake enough, you can deliver the items to several friends or neighbors rather than just one.

    #18 Spa Day

    You don’t have to go to a fancy spa to have a spa day when you can bring the fancy spa to your house. Amber Spence has two girls. She says on a lazy Saturday , she + her girls put on their robes, do their nails, a facial + their hair. I remember I let one of my girls do my makeup. I am pretty convinced the then 4 year-old did a better job of it than I could.

    #19 Be a Tourist

    Every town or city has something for tourists. If it’s not your city or town then find the closest tourist attractions. Spend the day doing things a tourist would do if they visited your area. Go to a museum, find the best restaurant in town + eat there, take photos with statues + monuments + in front of exhibits (when the museum allows).

    #20 Play Board Games

    Host a board game day or night. Let your daughter pick a few of her favorite games + spend time together playing. Board games teaches your daughter many skills while you get to spend time together.

    #21 Cuddle with Cats at a Cat Lounge

    Find a cat lounge in your area. A cat lounge is a location where kittens + cats lounge. You can visit with them, cuddle with them + play with them. It’s a great activity for cat lovers that might now have a furry feline at home (or even if you do, you can spend some time with other kitties).

    If you + your daughter are more dog people than cat people, then visit a shelter + cuddle with dogs + puppies instead.

    #22 Cook Together

    My oldest two girls are intrigued by what I am doing in the kitchen. Have your daughter pick a recipe + cook it with her. Walk her through the steps of mixing the ingredients + working through the steps to get the food from the stove (or oven) to the table. Then, you can enjoy the meal together.

    #23 Try a New Ice Cream Place

    Check out a new ice cream place. If you + your daughter are feeling especially adventurous, try out a new ice cream flavor. We had this on our bucket list last summer + discovered a delicious local ice cream shop that makes their own ice cream + sells mini scoops so you can get 5 mini scoops of different flavors to try instead of one (or more) big scoops of one flavor. Genius, if you ask me 🙂

    #24 Walk the Runway

    When my girls get new clothes, they love to have a “fashion show.” They make me the announcer + then they strut their stuff down the runway (OK, the hallway + into the living room). They think it is so fun. When I get my Stitch Fix box, they make me do the same thing. They have me try on my clothes + strut my stuff on the runway. It is a lot of fun!

    #25 Nail It!

    Pick a DIY project on Pinterest that you + your daughter can tackle together. Follow the intructions. Take pictures to document the process of your project. Take final “after” pictures. Compare it to the picture on Pinterest to see if your Nailed It (or not).

    #26 Go on a Girls’ Weekend

    Plan an overnight or weekend getaway for you + your daughter(s). Maybe you spend the weekend at a nice hotel + spa. Maybe you jet off to her favorite amusement park. Visit the local eateries, museums + other must-see spots while you’re in town.

    The mother-daughter relationship is a special one. Use these 26 ideas as inspiration for the next activity or date night you have with your daughter.

    mother-daughter date ideas
    XOXO, Kristie
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  • Introducing Food to Baby
    Raising Girls

    Feeding Time: What to Keep in Mind When Introducing Food to Baby

    The transition to eating solid foods is an exciting time for both the parent + the baby. It means the baby has grown so much that she needs more nutrients + it’s time to supplement her formula or breast milk. Here are some tips for helping you when introducing food to baby.

    When It’s Time for Introducing Food to Baby

    Most babies are ready to begin solid foods somewhere between four + six months of age. Rather than introducing solids at a particular age, you should wait until the baby has reached the right developmental milestones.

    Some of the signs you can look for are that the baby can hold up her head steadily + sit up with support. The baby should also be able to swallow food from a spoon rather than pushing out her tongue every time you try to introduce a spoon.

    Seeing that your baby appears very interested in food is another sign that she has developed enough to take on the milestone of solids. If she’s watching every bite you take, this is a sign that she’s ready for solids.

    Type of Food

    The recommended first food for babies is a special cereal, usually made of rice or oatmeal, that is fortified with iron + other important nutrients. The texture makes it a nice bridge between the baby’s liquid diet + the more substantial food that comes later.

    Thin out the cereal with formula or breast milk + feed the baby with a spoon. Gradually thicken the cereal over time as the baby gets used to eating. Pureed fruits + vegetables are other excellent options for introducing food to baby.

    You can either choose a trusted brand of baby food or make your own at home. Introduce foods one at a time, giving about three days in between, so that you can quickly identify any allergy or digestion problems.

    Size Matters

    As the baby gets older, usually at around seven to nine months old, she is ready to begin eating tiny pieces of soft foods. You can start offering finger foods once you notice the baby can bring foods to her mouth.

    Since children under the age of two do not have all their teeth, food should always be cut into small pieces to prevent choking. The right foods are small and soft enough for the baby to swallow without chewing, such as small pieces of bananas, scrambled eggs, and cooked vegetables.

    If you decide to take the baby-led weaning route then the opposite is true. You want to cut meats + other foods so they are long + thin. For example, you would cut a piece of chicken breast so that it is approximately the length of your finger.

    Same goes for steaks + other meats.

    Foods to Avoid

    Avoid giving the baby fruit juice (even if it’s 100 percent fruit juice) because of the excessive sugar content. Pureed fruit is more nutritious + does not create harmful habits.

    Your baby is not ready for certain foods yet, including raw honey, which is a botulism risk for infants + babies under the age of 2. It’s also too early for dairy products such as yogurt or cow’s milk because babies are not able to digest it well yet. After baby celebrates her first birthday, you can introduce milk.

    Being introduced to solid foods opens up a whole new world of flavors + textures to your baby. Be patient + don’t be discouraged if your baby doesn’t like certain foods. Enjoy watching her learn + experiment with all the new foods you’re introducing.

    Introducing Food to Baby
    Introducing Food to Baby
    XOXO, Kristie
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  • Child Car Seat Safety
    Raising Girls

    Baby on Board: What You Need to Know About Car Seat Safety

    Choosing to place your children in a car seat is not only the law, but it’s the safe thing to do. However, even the most responsible parents can admit that they made their fair share of mistakes along the way.

    When it comes to the safety of children riding in a car, good intentions are not enough. Here are some of the most crucial things to keep in mind about your child’s car seat safety.

    Proper Installation

    Almost all new parents make an error (or two, or three…) when attempting to install their new child car seat into their vehicle. A scary fact is that about 80 percent of car seats are not installed properly.

    Although the car seat instruction manual does provide some good instructions on how to install it, the best way to install the seat properly is to do some thorough research. I know, it may sound a little much, but the safety of your child is your number one priority.

    You might also be able to find child passenger safety technicians in your area. These certified technicians provide expert guidance on how to properly install a child seat, as well as other helpful tips.

    Rear-Facing Car Seats

    Children from newborns up to 2 years old must ride in a rear-facing car seat. This is due to the large amount of weight carried in the head and the lack of muscle strength within their neck during those years. If a child of that age is forward-facing during a crash, their neck is not strong enough to hold their head during impact.

    Forward-Facing Car Seats

    When is the right time to turn your child’s car seat to face forward? This is a question that parents often have a tough time answering. Many experts recommend that children only have to be rear-facing until the age of two, at which time parents could choose to turn them around if they wish.

    However, new studies + experts have come forward saying that it is in the best interest of the child to remain seated facing the rear until they are past the weight + height limit of the car seat. It is in the best interest of your child to research the data to keep up with the latest recommendations for car seat safety.

    Understandably, parents tend to be a little worried about all aspects of a car seat. Often the introduction of a car seat is new for all parties involved + therefore the proper precautions must be taken. Simply adhere to the list above to lay out a strong foundation of safety for all children riding in vehicles.

    Child Car Seat Safety
    Child Car Seat Safety
    Child Car Seat Safety
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