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Clean Skincare Products I Use That Are For The 40+ Crowd

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I’m turning 45 in August (yikes). That’s about all I’m going to say about that 🙂

Pretty much all of my life, I washed my face but that’s about it. I don’t really have wrinkles or signs of aging (besides under-the-eye-mom-never-gets-enough-sleep-bags) BUT I decided it’s time to head off the aging process.

I have several friends who rep several different skincare lines for women over 40.

(HINT: These lines also have products for the under 40 crowd because truth be told, I probably should have started a skincare regimen a long time ago.)

So…I set out on a mission…

My Clean Skin Care Products’ Mission

My mission and I chose to accept it was to find clean skin care products — a skincare regimen that I could use. I not only wanted to laugh aging directly in the face but…

I also wanted to find products that are clean and safe for me to use.

Remember: I have three girls. Someday soon, they are going to be washing their faces and using beauty products too. I not only wanted to find something that would work for me but something they could use too at some point.

What I Did To Find Clean Skincare Products

First, I did a TON of research. I not only got to know each company and what their mission is to provide clean and safe skincare and beauty products


what their mission is.


How many harmful ingredients they choose NOT to include in their skincare and beauty products.

Then, for a few weeks, I sampled each of the lines.

I washed my face and put on serums and creams.

I definitely have my opinions on each product I tried.

I made a decision (and my skin did too).

3 Reasons I Chose Beautycounter

I chose Beautycounter for three primary reasons. All reasons that are important to me.

Reason#1: Beautycounter Lobbies For Safe + Clean Products

What really sets Beautycounter apart from the rest of the companies I tried is the advocacy and education pillars.

It’s not about the performance or sparkles of the products, it’s about the mission + the movement + educating folks about why safer products are vital and how we can effect change with which companies we support.

Beautycounter is a B-Corp + does so much more than just create safer high performing products.

Reason #2: It’s Not Hard

The truth is…I’m lazy.

I knew that if I started a skincare regimen that was hard with a lot of steps, I would never do it.

The Beautycounter line is quick + easy. In 5 minutes or less, I’m done with my skincare routine, I’ve brushed my teeth + I am heading to my bed.

Reason #3: My Skin Loves It

In just a few applications, I could already see a difference in my skin.

The texture of my skin is softer. After a two applications of the eye cream, I noticed a reduction in my under-the-eye-mom bags.

I LOVE Beautycounter so much that I became a consultant. If you’re interested in learning more about Beautycounter + the Beautycounter products or would like to place an order, visit my Beautycounter PopUp.


XOXO, Kristie
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