How to Raise Healthy Girls
Raising Girls

How to Keep Happy, Safe + Healthy Girls Throughout the School Year

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Some girls practically spring out of bed each morning ready to go to school each day. Other girls have to drag themselves there Monday through Friday. Regardless of what type of girl you have, it’s important that you try to keep your kiddo one of the happy, safe + healthy girls throughout the school year. It can help your daughter do better in school, make friends + enjoy the learning environment.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Keep Her Happy

A girl is happiest when she has a solid school routine she can follow. It’s likely that your child’s school has her on a schedule for her classes each day, but a routine at home is also important. Your daughter should have a set bedtime for school nights. She should have a morning routine.

It’s also a good idea to work some downtime into her schedule. Participating in after school activities is a great way to be involved, but engaging in these activities every single day can be exhausting. Family time is also important, + it can help keep her focused + happy.

Keep Healthy Girls

You can teach your daughter to stay healthy throughout the school year in a number of ways. Investing in some hand sanitizer that she can use before snacks + lunch can be very beneficial. Teach your daugter good hand-washing techniques, how to properly blow her nose + the right way to cough into her elbow.

She should also avoid other kids who are ill or have signs of illness so she can avoid getting sick.

Keep Her Safe

Your daughter can use safety methods while she is playing outside, participating in gym class or practicing a sport. Each year 200,00 children are taken to emergency rooms for playground accidents. Even though the weather is starting to get colder, the kids usually still go out for recess, so it’s still important for your daughter to practice playground safety in order to avoid getting hurt.

Roughhousing should never be indulged + playground equipment ought to be avoided when it’s too hot on a summer afternoon or when it’s wet + slippery. An injury will only force your daughter to miss out on fun things going on at school.

Of course, you want your daughter to be happy + do well in school, so it’s important that you emphasize she do things to stay safe as one of the healthy girls. No matter what grade she’s in, it can contribute to her success as a student.

How to Raise Healthy Girls
How to Raise Healthy Girls
How to Raise Healthy Girls
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