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How I Went From Being Skeptical to a Believer in 2.7 Seconds

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A few years ago (OK, probably almost 5 years ago), my mom started using Essential Oils. Around this same time, her friend had a DoTerra party that she invited me to attend.

I admit that I sat at that party (probably with a sourpuss look on my face) as a firm non-believer in the power of these oils that came in these pretty itty-bitty looking bottles.

While I do believe in magic and miracles, I didn’t think it came in a little essential oil bottle.

The Moment I Saw the Light

From that party, I took a couple sample bottles home and promptly shoved them in my linen closet (You know, the one that is stuffed with all kinds of things linens and otherwise and is in complete disarray.) tp maybe never be found again.

I’m not sure quite how much time went by but I started to come down with a cold. I had that itch in my throat and that tickle in my nose that told me something was coming my way. Oh joy!

I decided to try out the oils. I used the OnGuard and Breathe (for immune boosting and breathing). Lo and behold, it worked. The OnGuard helped me to ward off falling prey to more germs and the Breathe instantly cleared up the congestion I felt coming on so I could, wait for it…breathe!

This is the exact moment I went from skeptic to believer.

I don’t sell essential oils, but I sure do use them and I sure do believe in its powers. 

Take Control of Your Family’s Health

I’m not a doctor and I don’t play one on TV 🙂 but here is what I do know… no one is ever going to care about your health or your family’s health as much as YOU do.

No one is going to be as powerful of an advocate as you are for yourself (or for a loved one). No one else is as motivated as you are to achieve long-term health and holistic wellness.

This, exactly this, is why it’s imperative that you arm yourself with knowledge and resources that equip you to be the most effective advocate possible.

And the next time illness or injury strikes, you’re going to have the confidence to take an active role in your health, and be able to include tools like herbs, essential oils, and other natural remedies in your staying-well arsenal.

Please do not misunderstand me. I still go to the doctor. I still take my kids to the doctor. We still take medication, when necessary, and get our vaccinations. 

I do find that when I use the oils, however, it decreases the times we have to visit the doctor because of an illness or take that over-the-counter medication.

That’s why I’m so excited to share a popular resource with you — the 2018 Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle. It’s only available for 2 short days, though.

Not only is it just in time to help you stay as healthy as possible this winter and holiday season, but if using more herbs, oils, and natural remedies is one of your goals for 2019, you’re going to find ALL the tools and resources you need to make it happen.

It’s a complete library of natural remedies that you can trust and rely on as you take charge of your family’s health.

When you buy the Herbs & Essential Oil Super Bundle, you’re getting access to:

  • 22 eBooks
  • 4 eCourses
  • 6 printables
  • 2 membership sites

… all curated to give you an insanely helpful collection of carefully researched resources to equip you to take charge of your health, with remedies you choose – at a price that’s too good to miss.

Of course, we and our family members are still going to get sick. Having natural remedies at hand doesn’t guarantee perfect health or provide superhuman powers to ward off the many germs that make their way around.

But, with the help of traditional wisdom, modern science, and smart natural remedies, you’re empowered to respond to the things that come your way, and protect and nurture your health far more effectively.

The bundle is just $29.97, but only until tomorrow at midnight!

Go check out the Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle and see everything that’s included.

XOXO, Kristie
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