How To Clean Makeup Brushes At Home

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It’s important to clean your makeup brushes to keep them free from
pore-clogging bacteria.

What you may not know is how to properly clean makeup brushes at home. I walk you through the five easy steps to properly clean your brushes at home.

5 Steps On How To Wash Makeup Brushes At Home

These are pro tips on how to care for makeup brushes as a beginner or amateur makeup artist.

Step 1. Dampen The Brush Bristles

Dampen the bristles of your brush using lukewarm water.

Step 2. Cleanse

What can I can I use to clean makeup brushes?

Put a small amount of a gentle cleanser in the palm of your hand. (The Beautycounter Daily Shampoo works perfectly for cleaning makeup brushes.)

Step 3. Swirl The Brushes In The Cleanser

Swirl the bristles in the cleanser. Rinse + repeat until the water runs clear. Try to keep the water out of the ferrule (the metal piece that connects the
bristles to the handle).

Step 4. Dry

Pat the bristles of the brush with a clean towel to remove any extra moisture. Place the brushes flat to dry.

Step 5. Double Cleanse

For a deeper clean, use a charcoal bar soap to cleanse the brushes a second time. Repeat steps 2-4 after cleansing again.

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