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How to Deal with Unexpected Problems at Delivery

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I remember when I was pregnant for the first time, I had all of these grand plans. I created a birth plan and gave it to my doctor. For me, I might as well have used that birth plan as a coaster for my drink because nothing went according to plan.

That is not to say that the same is going to happen to you so go ahead, Mama, put your birth plan in place. Just realize that it might all go according to plan, some of delivery might go according to plan, or nothing about delivery is going to go according to your plan.

Let’s talk about how you can deal with unexpected problems at birth.

Prolonged Labor

Labor can be extremely long, depending on the circumstances of your delivery. Labor is usually longer for women who are having their first child. Labor can be longer if the baby is breech or turned the wrong way.

Bring your patience + an open mind to the birthing suite with you. Your nurse, midwife, or doula can help you through long labor by using various positioning techniques, massage, walking + other natural methods. If you position yourself a certain way during the labor process, you can drastically decrease the amount of time that it takes to push the baby out. 


Most women plan for a vaginal birth, but there are circumstances that can force a woman to give birth via c-section. (Raising my hand, 3 times).

Typically, this is a last resort used if the mother is in danger or the baby is experiencing drops in heart rate or oxygen level. Don’t feel discouraged if you end up having to give birth by c-section. It can leave you feeling disappointed or maybe even feeling like a failure.

Try not to let it! I always say that my body can make babies but it can’t launch babies. I had to have all three of my girls via c-section.

Birth Defects + Injuries

Birth defects affect eight million children every year. This can include a large variety of conditions. Cleft palate, a malformed limb, missing fingers or toes or a heart condition are all things a baby can be born with.

There are even things that medical professionals can do that causes injury to a baby. It’s important to be aware of what’s going on at all times. Speak up if you aren’t comfortable with something that is going on during your delivery.

If an injury occurs to your baby during the process of birth + it is at the fault of your doctor, you will want to contact a lawyer for advice.

When you find out you’re pregnant + you’ve had time to celebrate, it’s time to begin planning for the future. There’s a lot to think + worry about, but take it a day at a time, and if there’s a problem, you can deal with as necessary.

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