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How to Pick Strong Baby Girl Names

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I have three girls. Picking a girl name for each one of them was H-E-L-L. It wasn’t me. It was my husband.

He was such a pain in the you know what about picking a name for EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. He’s such a likable guy so it’s hard to believe he could hate so many people.

Here’s how I went about compiling the name lists. (Yes, I pretty much had to compile a completely new list for each one because somehow the names leftover from previous namings were axed by the hubs.)

1. Names I Saw

I started watching the credits of shows + movies to find girl names. I would jot down any names I thought were possibilities. If I was watching a show + found a name I liked it went on the list.

Pretty much any source around town or on the TV was game as a source of baby girl names.

2. Baby Name Books

I scoured through those big books of baby names that are alphabetized from A to Z. While there are some quite unusual names — too unusual for me — I did find gobs of possibilities.

3. Online Girl Names

In addition to the print book versions of girl names, there are also tons of online girl name lists. These were also fair game in my hunt to name each one of my girls.

4. Family Names

We walked through our family trees. What was your grandmother’s name? How about your favorite aunt? What about your great grandmother?

While we were not necessarily trying to name any of them after someone, shaking the branches of the family tree can turn up at least one or two girl names.

5. Books

I’m an avid fiction book reader. As part of a Mom’s Book Club, I read at least one book a month now. Before kids, I read a LOT more. When I was reading + came across a girl name that I liked, it went on the list too.

Similar to TV, anything in print that I liked was game. I actually had at least three names that were all literary driven.

Once I had my big list of girl names down, I went through them one by one with my husband. He said yes, no or maybe to each one. Then, we narrowed it down + narrowed it down until we finally agreed on a name.

The first baby girl was the easiest (although it took him about 5 months to commit to a name). The second baby girl was a little harder + longer than the first. The third was the hardest + we practically didn’t have her named until she came out.

For some moms, you can wait or have to wait until you’re looking your baby girl in the face. That’s not me.

I needed to know their sex + I needed to know their names ASAP.

What did I end up naming my three girls, you ask?

  • First: Katherine Riley (We call her Kate). She is named after my favorite Aunt Katherine (who goes by Kay). Riley was a first name option + we were between Katherine + Riley so we combined our first two first name options.
  • Second: Audrey Grace (After Audrey Hepburn, of course).
  • Third: Emmy Anne (My girls have an aide at preschool who’s named Emmy + we liked the name. We also like her. Anne is after my mom, my sister-in-law + my mother-in-law’s middle names, but we added an E to be a little different. They are all Ann.)

If you need a list of strong baby boy names, check out Chanel’s list at the Good Life of a Housewife.

Strong Baby Girl Names


  • Adalyn
  • Ainsley/Ansleigh
  • Alistar
  • Amelia
  • Ashland
  • Audrey
  • Aurora


  • Blair


  • Cadence
  • Catherine
  • Charlotte
  • Cora


  • Delaney


  • Ella
  • Emmalyn
  • Emerson
  • Emmy
  • Esme
  • Everly/Everleigh


  • Fiona


  • Gabriella
  • Gemma
  • Gracie
  • Grace
  • Greer


  • Hadley
  • Harlow
  • Harper
  • Hattie
  • Hazel


  • Isa
  • Isabelle
  • Isabela


  • Jemma


  • Katherine
  • Kaylyn
  • Kendall
  • Kennedy
  • Kinsey
  • Kora


  • Lydia
  • Laurel
  • Layla/Leila
  • Lourdes


  • Masha


  • Natalia


  • Olive


  • Paisley
  • Peyton
  • Piper


  • Quinn


  • Riley/Rileigh
  • Rory
  • Rowan
  • Ruby
  • Ruth


  • Sailor/Saylor
  • Savannah
  • Scarlett
  • Sydney


  • Violet
  • Vivian


  • Waverly/Waverleigh
  • Willow

How did you pick your girl names (or boy names)? What did you name your kiddos?

XOXO, Kristie
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  • Molina

    We also used online pages and books. We were between Olivia and Emilia and eventually settled for Olivia. We wanted a name that could be said in both English and Swedish as she is growing up bilingual so that was key! You’ve picked some beautiful names for your girls with lovely meanings!

  • Jessica

    It took us forever to pick my sons name. My husband and I were both so indecisive about it. I think we only had the name picked out about a month before he was born…and he’s was the first! If it gets harder with each child we are in trouble lol

  • Rhonda

    My first child’s name came so easily to us. We picked two flowers. My second wasn’t it took us so long to agree on the perfect name. These tips would have made it so much easier.

  • Breanna

    I’m so glad we had a girl because we had two or three girl names we agreed on and zero for boys. It was hell lol. We heard the name Sophia in a video and we both loved it. It was between that and Norah from how I met your mother. Her middle name we named after my sister. 🙂

  • nessly hamoy

    I did need a good research and resources before picking my baby’s name and I guess after all of it, you just knew what name suits her. You have named all your baby’s gorgeously, their nicknames are so cute too 🙂

  • Melissa

    We were convinced that we were going to have a boy, so we had agreed on a boy name early but could not find a girl name that we both liked. We decided to wait and find out if it even is a girl before we try to agree on a name. And it ended up being a girl, of course, so we went through thousands and thousands of girl names online, until we found 3 names that we liked/didn’t hate. Then it went down to two names, Madison and Fiona. We decided on Madison and he let me have my favorite name, Scarlett (from Gone With the Wind), for her middle name, if I promised that our next girl can be his favorite name, Brooke lol. So, we’ll see if we have another girl in the future haha.

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