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If you’re just starting out in the blogging world, your obvious first stop is to get your website/blog up + running.

While it’s an exciting time, it can also be overwhelming.

Fret not, you can do it my mama friend. All you have to do is start at the beginning + I’m here to walk you through step-by-step exactly how to do it.

Pick a Domain Name

Your first stop is to buy a domain name for your website (the website where you’ll also be building your blog). Usually, if you have a business behind the blog, you try to buy the domain name that is your business name.

You can certainly go this route.

If you need to buy your domain name, I suggest NameCheap. I buy all of my domain names from NameCheap . As their name suggests, the domain names tend to be less expensive than other places + I tend to keep my hosting (more about this later) + domain names at separate companies.

This means that I buy my domain names from NameCheap but that I host my WordPress site with Siteground.

Pick a Host

The next step in setting up your website + blog is to pick a hosting company.  NameCheap  has an option for hosting, so you are certainly welcome to check out what they have to offer.

I use + highly recommend SiteGround. I find them to be affordable (plans start at $3.95 per month) + to offer all the services I need to run my businesses online. You can host a WordPress site without a problem + they offer superior customer service when (+ if) you need it. I highly recommend checking them out if you are starting an online presence or looking to move from your existing host.

In case you didn’t catch it already, I use + recommend you use WordPress to build your website + blog.

Pick a Theme

Next, you want to pick a theme for your WordPress site + blog.

Generally speaking, you want to choose a theme that represents your wedding business. You can hire a designer to create a custom design for you but this is the more expensive route.

You can also buy a theme, use it as it, or customize it as necessary.

If you’re interested in buying a theme, these are the companies I highly recommend you check out:

A Prettier Web: If you’re building a WordPress website for your blog or you’re looking to change the theme, but can’t afford to hire a designer to customize it quite yet, check out the WordPress themes from A Prettier Web.

Restored 316: Restored 316 offers a variety of feminine WordPress themes, which is perfect for most mom blogs (depending on your taste + the style of blog you’re going for). All of the themes are pretty affordable. If you’re looking for a custom design, Restored 316 offers custom site-building too.

BluChic: This is one of my fave places to buy feminine website templates. BluChic offers WordPress templates that are perfect for any business + this includes a mom blog. I also find their templates to be super affordable, easy to install + simple to personalize + customize to fit your mom blog. BluChic also offers other types of templates so check them out to help you create your online brand + presence.

How to Set Up Your Mom Blog

Now, you’re ready to set up your blog.

So, here you are.

You have a domain.

You have a WordPress site.

You’re ready to set up your blog + start blogging.

Step #1 Login to WordPress

Step #2 Set up Your Blog Page

Once you log in to your account, your Dashboard opens.

From your dashboard, click on the Settings Link on the left + then Reading option in the dropdown menu.

You have the option of having a static home page or having your blog posts as the “home” page. If you want to keep your home page static, then choose the dial button that says “a static home page.”

Then, choose the home page from the drop down menu next to Front page. From the posts page drop down menu, choose your blog as where to publish new blog posts.

If you want your blog posts to be your home page then make sure the dial button is checked for “your latest posts” to be the front page displays.

(This is the default option so you should not have to change it unless you are changing a previous setting.)

Congrats! Your blog is now set up on your website.

Woot! Woot!

Now, you’re ready to start blogging.

How to Blog

Now that we have your mom blog up + running, it is time to write blog posts, promote blog posts to attract the readers you want.

Mommy Business Blogging is my ultimate resource for mamas to blog your way to more readers, business + sales.

It covers all the HOW to blog in a very step-by-step process so that you can build your blog, write + promote your content. 

If you answer “Yes!” to any of these, this ebook is for you!

  • You sit down to write your blog post + you end up staring (for hours) at a blank screen.
  • You scour your site analytics, so you can see that your peeps are visiting your blog, but they are NOT hiring or buying from you.
  • Your bank account is low on funds or empty
  • Your content is FAB (or not so FAB), but (+) it’s definitely not reaching the right people for your biz.



Start off on the right stylish flat by getting to know the people you want to attract to your blog so you can write content that attracts them (like a MAGNET).


Stop struggling with what to write about. Use my step-by-step tips to uncover topic after topic that your audience wants to read–keep them coming back for more until they buy from you or hire you.


Learn the step-by-step process to planning out your blog posts + scheduling your posts, so you stop scrambling to post on your blog + you continue to attract new readers with your content (+ keep your existing readers coming back for more, too!).


Discover how to create fabulous blog posts. I walk you through how to write the content, create pinnable images + how to get readers to click, buy from you or hire you after they read your posts.


Finally tackle the “S” word (search engine optimization) so that each blog post helps you rank in the search engines, grabs the attention of your dream clients + gets them to your blog (+ one step closer to hiring you or buying from you).

Uncover exactly how + where to promote each blog post so that your content gets in front of the right people–attracting them to your business + to you.

It’s a super-comprehensive ebook that covers everything a mama needs to know about blogging.

Did I mention it’s ONLY 27 BUCKS?

(Don’t let the low price fool you. It’s all the info you need to successfully blog for your wedding biz.)

Want in on it PRONTO?

Sign me up, Buttercup!

Have any Qs. I’ve got As. Email me or leave a comment below. I personally respond to all of the emails that land in my inbox or to comments on blog posts.

XOXO, Kristie
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