How To Teach Phonics For Kindergarten In A Fun Way

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I have three girls. One is in 2nd grade. One is in kindergarten. One is in preschool.

The kindergartner and I have been working on letters + phonics for over a year now. The struggle is real, ya’ll.

I am always on the lookout for options of how to teach phonics for kindergarten in a fun way.

I think I may have found it in these two books…

Amazon.com: Jolie Canoli Phonics The Vowels: Every Sound They Say  (9780999670187): Canoli, Jolie: Books

How To Teach Letters For Kindergarten

When these two books arrived in the mail + I ripped open the envelope to pull out the two books, my 5-year-old kindergartner was immediately interested.

The bright colors on the cover demand attention. The letters dancing around are entertaining. My daughter instantly started pointing out letters that she knows.

That night, as we were going through our bedtime routine, she sat down to pull out the books.

We read every single page.

She was totally engrossed.

She pointed out letters + words that started with the letter featured on the page. She truly enjoyed the “stories” behind the letters.

So how do you use these books to teach phonics + letters to a kindergartner?

You simply read them to your child + let your child explore the pages on her own + with you.

Fun Supplements To The Books

These colorful printed books are a great way to share letters + phonics with my kindergartner so she can learn while she thinks she is just having fun!

Here are some additional ways you can help your kiddo learn letters that go along with the book:

  • Have them write their letters using shaving cream
  • Use playdough to shape the letters
  • Form scraps of paper into the letter, adding details that turn it into a person, place or thing that starts with the letter (For example, add an alligator snout + teeth to an A.)
  • Have your kiddo write the letter in the air with their finger
  • Roll letter blocks + have your child identify the letter that is face-up in the block
  • Play Junior Scrabble
  • Create songs that teach them how to spell words or their name
  • Use flatbottom marbles to create letters
  • Use coins to form letters
  • Print dot worksheets + use Bingo daubers to dot the shape of the letters
  • Write letters on a piece of paper + have your child trace over the letters with a highlighter or marker
  • Shape your bodies into letters (a la YMCA-style)
  • Coloring pages (Check out Jolie Canoli’s free coloring page)

We have used all of these options to help our kindergartner get a grip on her letters + phonics. It hasn’t been an easy road but she has almost mastered all of her letters + we had some (tears +) FUN along the way.

The song option helped her learn how to spell her name at the beginning of her pre-K year. Of course, what works for my child might not work for your child so test out some things to see which are the most effective + the most FUN for you + your child.

But, seriously, I highly recommend you check out Jolie Canoli phonics for yourself. I think you + your child will enjoy this fun option for learning vowels + the alphabet.

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