My Quick + Easy Go-To Dinner for My Family

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Before I had three little people hanging off my leg demanding things, I L-O-V-E-D to cook and bake.


Now, meh, not so much. Don’t get me wrong. I still do it almost every night but the joy is gone 🙂

Seriously, though. Here is one of my fave go-to recipes because it is quick, easy and pretty healthy.


  • 1-2 boxes of premixed herb pasta (I use the Aldi one but you can use whatever one you want/like)
  • Fresh brussel sprouts (1 bag)
  • Fresh spinach leaves (1 bag)
  • Zucchini (1-2)
  • Yellow squash (1-2)
  • Yellow onion (medium)
  • Broccoli


  1. Prepare the herb noodles/pasta according to the directions on the box. The Aldi one takes about 5 minutes to prepare each box. I use two boxes so that I have enough for all 5 of us.
  2. Prepare the brussel sprouts. I steam them in the bag they come in (I use the fresh ones from Aldi that are in the bag). After I steam them in the microwave, cut the brussel sprouts in half. 
  3. Slice the zucchini and the yellow squash.
  4. Slice the onion.
  5. Chop the broccoli from the stems.
  6. Add all of the veggies to a pan and saute. Cook until veggies are to your desired tenderness.
  7. Add veggies to pasta.
  8. Enjoy!
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