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4 Ways to Prevent Your Teen from Texting + Driving

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If you spend any significant amount of time around a teenager, you know how important their phones are to them. You might even be able to count on one of your hands the number of hours your teen doesn’t have a phone in her hand. However, this preoccupation with a cell phone can be dangerous when your teen begins to drive.

Use these 3 ways to prevent your teen from texting + driving.

1. Read Them the Stats

Do not assume your teenager already understands that they should not text friends while driving a car. A good way to drive home the point is to familiarize them with the statistics regarding texting while driving.

One sobering stat to explain to your teen is that texting drivers are six times more likely to become involved in an accident than people who drink + drive. In fact, 1 in 4 automobile accidents is the result of driving while texting + 9 people a day are killed because of texting while driving. 

2. Establish Rules + Consequences

It is important that your teen understands driving is a privilege + not his or her right. Your teen should also know you will rescind this privilege if the rules you set are not followed. Talk to your child about the punishment you will assess if you catch them texting while driving.

This could be a suspension of driving privileges or something else. But whatever the punishment is, it should be clearly defined + strictly enforced. 

3. Lead by Example

Prevents Teens from Texting + Driving

No matter how much teens pretend to not listen to their parents, they are greatly influenced by whatever they see or hear their parents do. Because of this, it is important that you demonstrate the behavior you want to see from your teen.

One study conducted by Liberty Mutual Insurance Company + Students Against Drunk Driving found that 78% of teens polled admitted to texting while driving. Many of the respondents also reported watching their parents do the same. 

4. Use an App

There are apps that disable texting features on your teen’s phone once the car in which she is driving reaches a designated speed. The app determines the speed of the car by working with the car’s GPS system. You can program the app to respond to anyone who texts your teen after the designated speed is reached. 

The love affair teenagers have with their cell phones is stronger than most attachments. The dangers of using a cell phone to text while driving are not up for debate. Use these strategies to help discourage your teenager from texting while driving.

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