school bus safety tips to teach kids
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School Bus Safety Tips to Teach Your Kids

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As each new school year approaches, we as parents are once again filled with some anxiety. This anxiety often comes from the fact that we are entrusting others with the safety of our children for the majority of the day. Parents can lower this anxiety level by taking proactive measures to teach their children about safety, especially when they are being transported via a school bus.

Check out the best bus safety tips to teach your kids. 

Walk, Don’t Run

Although school bus accidents are relatively low across the country, the unfortunate fact is that most of the accidents that do happen occur outside the bus. Children are often eager to get to the bus + see the rest of their friends.

This can lead them to abandon all safety precautions when crossing the street. We highly recommend teaching your children to walk, not run, towards the bus while being aware of traffic going in both directions. 

Be Seen

Parents should instead teach their children to remain in view of the driver at all times. Studies show that 24% of accidents happen when kids are getting on or off the bus. Thus, parents should teach their children to remain at least 10 feet away from the bus + to never walk behind the bus or bend over to pick something up off the ground because the driver cannot see them there. 

Mind Your Distance

Unsafe drivers can put the children waiting at a bus stop or boarding a bus at risk. Children should stand 6 feet away from the curb at the bus stop. As the bus approaches, children should line up away from the street. Tell your children not to play, shove, push or horse around near the road.

The start of the school year can be filled with some anxiety about our children’s safety. However, by adhering to the recommendations listed above, we can ensure that our children can have a safe + happy day, from the minute they step on the bus to the minute they come back to us in the afternoon.

school bus safety tips to teach kids
school bus safety tips to tea
school bus safety tips to teach kids
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