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The Kid Birthday Tradition I Do Every Year (For All 3 Girls)

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I am not HUGE on traditions but I am a bit nostalgic so as my oldest daughter was approaching her 1st birthday, I wanted to come up with a kid birthday tradition I could carry out for her from year to year.

Kid Birthday Tradition Letter

I picked something that is near + dear to my own heart, which is writing. I decided I would write her a letter each year on her birthday. I would share with her what she accomplished that particular year, what she was like, what she did, what was going on in her world.

After writing the letter (usually with tears streaming down my face), I put it in an envelope + write the birthday she is celebrating that year. So a big number 1 for her 1st birthday.

Kid Birthday Tradition Continues

She just turned five this last September, so she has five letters in five envelopes tucked away in my drawer. As my second + then third daughters arrived, I carried on the tradition with them.

(Well, not yet with my third because her first birthday is in a couple of weeks.)

As my second daughter joined the tradition, I started adding their names and the birthday they are celebrating to the envelopes so they each have their own set.

What to do with the Letters

I haven’t quite decided if it’ll be at 18 or 21 or 25 yet, but at some point, I will stop writing the letters, place the envelopes in a pretty box + gift them to each of my daughters.

I think they will enjoy reading their letters to see what they were like as they were growing up. Especially since it is through my eyes.

By the way, I handwrite each of the letters + envelopes.

I do this for a couple of reasons.

  1. The art of a handwritten notes/letters is lost
  2. I want my girls to see my handwriting
  3. A handwritten note/letter is so much more personal than a typed one

Do you have a birthday tradition for your littles? What is it?

XOXO, Kristie
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