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The Rise of the Work-at-Home Mom + How To Do It

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It’s probably a question you’ve asked yourself: Do I want to stay at home + be the primary caregiver, or do I want to continue in my career?

Long gone are the days where moms have to choose between their children + their career. It is much more common now to be a work-at-home mom. Some work-at-home moms work for a company (maybe even the one they worked for prior to have kids) while others opt to work in direct sales with a direct marketing company, or start their own business, blog or website.

Modern Careers for Modern Moms

The Internet has been incredibly helpful for those who want to work from home, effectively making it more possible than ever. While not every job can be performed from home, many office positions can be.

Work Flexibility states that with roughly 4 million Americans working from home + 24 million working mothers, there’s bound to be some overlap between those two groups. Being a mother doesn’t mean someone’s passion for work disappears.

If you’re able to prove to your company that you’re willing to continue your work, it’s possible your boss is more than happy to allow you to work from home.

How Can You Be Work-From-Home Mom?

When a work-from-home mom reveals herself, people can be impressed and/or skeptical. Many will ask, “How can you do it all?” or “How do you find time in the day?” Some might even ask, “Can you teach me how to do that?”

Others might think that there’s no way anyone can pull that off without giving some things up. Let’s consider one woman who had to make a decision of whether or not she’d become a work-at-home mom. This woman used her gut instinct when choosing to work with doTERRA over other essential oil companies, when there were both pros + cons.

She saw the benefits of the network + support, which helped her make her choice. Your support network can have a significant impact on your decision to become a work-at-home mom. Anyone who discourages you outright from choosing this path might not have your best interests in mind.

Moms Know the Meaning of Responsibility

Not everyone is able to pull off being a work-from-home mom. It can be a lot of work + it often means you have to work more effectively + efficiently than ever before.

Sometimes that means your partner needs to have a more equal role in child care (which should be a given, but you know how it can be). Or making connections with other mothers, your family or other people to take care of children in crunch times or other difficult times.

Those who struggle can end up finding themselves quickly overwhelmed by the balancing of both responsibilities. If you’re able to tend to your baby + send emails without missing a beat, then the work-at-home mom life is for you. Reaching this point of confidence takes time.

This writer from Her Money discusses how being a work-from-home mom is like being part of a secret club. It takes a lot of work, but there are almost always others who are going through similar experiences + it’s nice to hear their stories. Try to solicit advice from work-at-home moms with plenty of experience.

A work-at-home mom should not be viewed with judgment from those who are primarily stay-at-home moms or those who commute to work. All of this also doesn’t mean that husbands or other partners can’t help out in the childcare process!

Parenting should be a shared responsibility, but we understand that sometimes not all partners are able to help out as much as primary caregivers would like. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing they can do! Try to actively support your partner help with the child care process.

Now, some don’t have a partner or someone to help. Being able to juggle both of these incredible responsibilities is worthy of applause. As a work-at-home mom, you’re showing that you’re capable of handling two jobs at once, including one that’s monetarily unpaid (but is paid with plenty of snuggles, hugs + kisses). This can be your path to becoming an even stronger woman.

The #1 lesson I learned running my business from home after having kids is that it all still gets done BUT in a much different way than it did before I had kids.

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