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10 Best Things To Do During Summer With Kids

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Are you a mom who spends summers with your kids at home?

Working moms who have seasonal jobs, such as teachers, may look forward to having the summer off to spend quality time with the kids.

Moms who work from home or who are still working remote from COVID, may also switch off, spending some of their weekly hours at a computer or performing business-related tasks + other hours with the kids just taking it easy + having fun.

One thing is for sure, though. As fresh + new as summer may seem during the month of June…

by post-fourth-of-July you may already be hearing that dreaded phrase being uttered by your kids:

“Mom, I’m bored!……….”

Here are 10 best things to do during summer with kids when everyone needs a change of pace + an excuse to step away from screens for exciting new experiences, play, learning + fun times.

PLEASE NOTE: Many of these activities are starting to make a comeback post-COVID.

#1 Visit Nearby Farms

The summer season brings delights of all types from your local farm. Find a farm with a petting zoo. Or, head over to the nearest nursery or greenhouse to pick up plants + seeds that you can grow + care for with your kids.

Teach kids about the nutritional value of farm-fresh eggs from grass-fed chickens. Say hello to a friendly sow + her hungry piglets. Milk a cow if you can.

Observe a baby chick or duckling pecking its way out of his or her egg to greet the wonderful world.

Watch a farmer at work by touring a local working farm to see how farmers work from the time they wake up until the time they go to bed + how it brings food to our tables.

#2 Plan Weekly Outings With Friends

Gather your mom friends + their kids once a week for an outing.

Each week can be something different depending on the weather + the mood of the group.

Moms + kids can meet up for storytime, craft time, or special activities at the local library. One week can feature a picnic lunch by the creek.

An afternoon movie in someone’s air-conditioned living room on a rainy day can be just as fun as a trip to the multiplex.

#3 Swim Lessons

Join a local outdoor pool or pay a $5-7 per head daily rate so your family can visit a pool + spend the day in the water.

For an extra fee, sign your kids up for swim lessons to learn how to swim or to perfect their strokes.

#4 Read Through A Summer Book List

Create a summer reading list with your kids. Make it part of your summer bucket list or summer routine to read every book on your list.

Kids can greatly improve reading skills, spend valuable time learning new things + generally benefit from setting + achieving reading goals over the summer.

Call your local library to find out if the bookmobile is scheduled to visit your neighborhood this summer.

The thrill of climbing aboard this friendly, book-filled vehicle to select a brand-new story or series is something that your kids will remember fondly for the rest of their days.

#5 Create A Chore List

Make cleaning fun!

Create a chore list + give them a sticker or star for each chore your child completes. You can give them a reward or an allowance if you choose.

Chores can be age-appropriate but some ideas are:

  • Sorting, folding + putting away laundry
  • Sweeping + vacuuming
  • Dusting
  • Putting away dishes or loading the dishwasher
  • Cleaning their room

#6 Enroll In A Day Camp

Camps typically offer week-by-week enrollment + weekly themes. Find a camp that aligns with your child’s interest, such as:

  • Art Camp
  • Space Camp
  • Drama Camp
  • Skateboarding Camp
  • Arts + Crafts Camp
  • Tennis Camp
  • Basketball Camp

#7 Master A New Skill

Your son or daughter will feel a new sense of pride + accomplishment after reaching a summer goal such as learning to ride a bike without training wheels; becoming a stronger swimmer; mastering scooter skills, or learning to play tennis.

Imagine the pride your kids will feel after returning to school having advanced physically this way.

Sports + active play help kids develop strength, speed, coordination + stamina.

Learning to travel by wheels, throw + catch a ball, hit a ball with a bat or tennis racket, shoot hoops, or any other type of sports activity can help your children build confidence.

#8 Watch A Movie

Favorite kid movies are a popular option for moms + kids.

Many theaters offer $1 movies during the summer. Follow with a McDonald’s or Chik-Fil-A lunch + some time in the indoor play place at kid-friendly food establishments like these.

Some parks offer free outdoor movie nights. Pack your own goodies to picnic while you watch.

You can also head to your local drive-in for a family fun-filled night at the movies. Spring for a big tub of popcorn, drinks + candy.

#9 Coordinate Art Project Days

Ask a crafty mom or an art teacher who’s off for the summer to put together some easy + fun projects that kids can do. You can even have her make up a list of art supplies for parents to pick up.

Some art stores offer art kits so you can buy the ready-made kit + follow the instructions included.

YouTube is another great source for finding art projects kids can do over the summer — following along with the “live” instructor.

#10 Visit Local Museums + Art Galleries

Explore local history, art + more. Most towns + cities have a local history museum covering the history of the local area.

Local art galleries can feature local artists or artists that create art centered around the local area industry, culture, or more.

Trips to museums + galleries can pull double duty, where it is a fun excursion with a learning component built-in.

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