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A couple of months ago, I was perusing a thread in one of my Boss Mom groups on Facebook. There was quite a lengthy discussion on the topic of period underwear.

Coincidentally, I had been looking into the possibility of using period underwear myself.

So I scoured the comments + took in everything the other Boss Moms were posting about their period underwear.

I chose Thinx + this is my Thinx period underwear review.

What Is Thinx Period Underwear, Anyway?

Similar to how it sounds, period underwear is well…underwear that has a built-in blood capturing system.

It is sort of like a pad that is sewn into the crotch of the underwear but not anywhere near as bulky or uncomfortable as a real pad.

There are several different companies that offer period underwear. Each of the companies also offers different styles (hip huggers, boy shorts, even thongs).

I chose Thinx period underwear because of the raving reviews I read on that aforementioned FB post thread. So, I placed an order for five pairs of the hip hugger style.

How Does Thinx Period Underwear Work?

The way Thinx period underwear works is really simple.

You put them on like you would any other type of underwear. Then, you get dressed.

As you flow, the “pad” in the underwear absorbs it.

You can also choose different absorbency levels, depending on how light or heavy your flow is. You can change the underwear as needed like you would with a pad or tampon or cup.

How To Wash Thinx Period Underwear

One of the popular questions I hear is:

How do you wash period underwear?

I get into the shower wearing mine. I take them off + rinse them out while I am in the shower. Then, I wash them on the delicate cycle in the washing machine with some vinegar for good measure.

I do not dry them in the dryer but rather hang them or lay them flat to dry.

What Do I Think of Thinx?

Finding + using Thinx has been a game changer for me + my period.

It is so much easier, comfortable + cost-effective for me to use period underwear rather than pads + tampons.

As an added bonus: It is also environmentally friendly.

I have never had a leak, either. I highly, highly, highly recommend Thinx to anyone who is looking to invest in some period underwear.

My girls are still young so there may be something new invented by the time they get their periods, but I plan to introduce period underwear as an option to them when the time comes.

XOXO, Kristie

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