Tips for Toddler Girls Summer Fashion
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3 Tips for Toddler Girl Summer Fashion

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From cute beach dresses to breezy tunics, there are tons of stylish toddler girl summer fashion choices for girls. When you’re purchasing new clothes for your little girls, try to keep comfort, affordability + fabrics in mind.

Use these tips for buying toddler girl summer fashion pieces to keep your little ones on trend while staying within your budget.

#1 Choose Breathable Fabrics for Toddler Girl Summer Fashion

Mulberry’s Garment Care recommends choosing breathable fabrics that are lightweight + easy to care for + it keeps your little ones from getting overheated. Natural fabrics, like cotton + linen, are much more breathable than synthetics, such as polyester.

Denim is generally too heavy for summer weather + silk is also low on breathability. If you can, look for outfits that include small openings in the sleeves or have cold-shoulder styles to increase the breathability of the outfit.

#2 Lighten Up on Layers

Layers may add too much bulk to your little girl’s outfit, which can make outfit changes harder + longer than you’d like. E&O Apparel points out that layering clothing can get expensive.

Instead of layers, opt for loose clothing that’s easy to take on + off quickly. For example, a lightweight tunic dress or a short-sleeve tee + leggings is much easier to deal with than layering sundresses with cardigans or wraps.

Too many layers in the summer can cause your toddler to overheat quickly. Capris, shorts, tank tops + dresses add versatility to your little girl’s wardrobe + keep her cool without breaking the bank.

#3 Opt for Durable Toddler Girl Summer Fashion Pieces

With trips to the swimming pool, beach days + outdoor playtime, the number of outfit changes your little girl makes means more clothes to wash. According to Quartz, choosing durable items that can survive both the washing machine + the wear + tear of your child’s activities can help you save money in the long term, giving you the possibility of reusing some outfits for the next summer season.

Cotton fabrics are much more durable than silk. You can also consider buying some activewear styles for your child, which typically lasts for multiple seasons. Capris + shorts generally last for a long time + shirts with reinforced seams or ribbing may provide longer wear than seamless tops. To increase the durability of the clothing, always follow washing instructions on the label.

Even if your toddler grows out of the clothing by the next summer season, her sisters can wear the clothes 🙂

By choosing durable, lightweight fabrics + loosening up on layers, you + your little girls can enjoy toddler girl summer fashion. You can look forward to fewer loads of laundry + outfit changes so you can instead focus on summer fun!

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