why I stopped drinking Diet Coke
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Why I Stopped Drinking Diet Coke

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I am embarrassed to tell you that before I discovered that nourishing my body with food was important I ate like a teenager with a lifetime supply of ice cream. I washed down the ice cream with Diet Coke. That was the only calcium that would pass through my lips. 

When I was doubled over in pain + making emergency trips to the bathroom, I ran to various doctors who couldn’t find anything wrong with me. I was young, I was not overweight, but I felt terrible. My stomach was killing me + I had to have a colonoscopy at the age of 25.

I was frustrated + in pain because even with the colonoscopy, the doctor could not really diagnose what was causing my stomach problems. 

Something had to change…

I started by going off Diet Coke COLD TURKEY + Moosetracks ice cream for fruits.

Those two decisions made me feel better, but the real gift was the hope. If changing my diet just a little could make me feel so much better, what could a total diet overhaul do for me? (Answer: a lot as it turns out.)

But I didn’t stop with a diet overhaul. After I learned which foods nourished my body, I ditched toxic cleaning products + embraced natural skincare, too.

Becoming healthier has totally transformed my life. But despite my better health today, I still remember brain fog, low energy + constant emergency trips to the bathroom back in my Diet Coke + ice cream days.

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Truthfully, it’s the resource I wish I would have had years ago when I was at my lowest point. It would have made a world of difference. (And at a 98% discount, it’s super affordable for anyone!)

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why i stopped drinking diet coke
why i stopped drinking diet coke
why i stopped drinking diet coke
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  • Haeshah Davis

    Thank you for sharing this! This was truly helpful as I struggle with my weight loss/healthy eating habit journey! You are awesome, please keep it up and continue to remain healthy! ☕️

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