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Let me help you write your copy + content.

Work With Me for Writing Copy + Content

I’m Kristie. I’m a copy + content writer.

I help blog + business owners write copy + content for their website or blog — copy + content that drives more sales, gets more clicks + attracts more traffic.

I have three different ways you can work with me.

1. Write website copy.

You need copy on your website pages that attract the right peeps to you + then convince them to click on your affiliate link or buy the product or service you’re offering.

I write this copy for you. Yes, Kristie, write it for me + write it for me now.

$150 per website page (max of 1,000 words)

Write copy
Processing ...

2. Write blog post.

The blog posts you publish on your site serve many different purposes for your website, blog + business. Search engine rankings, attracting the right people + converting your traffic into money you can deposit into your bank account are probably the top three!

I write the blog post for you to help you accomplish all three of these.

$75 per 1,000-word blog post

Write a blog post
Processing ...

3. Edit existing copy or content.

You have existing copy or content so you don’t need me to write it from scratch but you do need help. I edit your existing content to help you rank in the search engines, attract the right people + convert traffic into cold-hard cash you can deposit into your bank account.

Editing is re-writing + restructuring so it goes beyond fixing typos + grammar.

$75 for up to 1,000 words

Edit copy or content
Processing ...

Pick which one (or more options) is right for you + book it.

Once you book me, you receive an extensive client questionnaire to complete so I can learn all about you, your business + your peeps. We might also have a quick phone chat to clarify any information you provide to me.

If you have any questions, please email me Otherwise, book your copy or content project. Book it now. Cross that off your to-do list today.

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